Is Tera Online worth buying/playing?

Last few years theres been a boom in MMO's. all trying to get a piece of the
market that WoW owns, since theres been a trend on going free to play, rather than sub,
is Tera Online really worth trying? With GW2 coming soon and probably a new Blizzard MMO.

no wait for Blade and Soul!

Ha, you're not going to see a bilzz mmo see the light of day for another 2-3 years at least, and since GW2 is a one time purchase there shouldn't be any problem with committing a monthly sub to another mmo.

The action combat system looks cool, and the way the guild system operates is nifty enough to at least give the game a purchase for at least the first free month.

Pay $5 to pre-order, get access to the beta and give it a shot yourself.

It doesn't look too bad but people have said it's goes into extreme Korean grind around the 20's.

Blizzards Titan MMO hasn't even been given an actual name yet, nor any information so I doubt it'll come soon™.

Guild Wars 2 sure, but that's just a one shot $60 so that's not too bad.

The combat is really fun and the game looks quite gorgeous. Unfortunately, the story pretty much sucks and the quests couldn't be more run of the mill.
But yeah, if you're interested enough you can get the mini-preorder which will grant you access to three close beta weekends, an open beta week and another head-start week.

Nah their commercials really annoy me. So much so I couldn't bring myself to even go look at their website.

its really really grindy and the flashy moves get old real fast.

I made a thread about my impressions of the Beta here. It's worth trying, there's an option to pay like 5 euro for Beta access and one week game time. I like it, but I don't quite get why gear has such a large impact on a fight when the combat system requires skill. Any skilled player can still get their ass handed to them by an average player, all it requires is gear. In the Beta I had some green swords and I couldn't really kill anything in PvP, I had to focus on avoiding the opponents attacks and slowly working them down; it took like 5 minutes to win a duel. I then bought some blue swords and didn't even have to dodge, I could just stand still like a twat and mash everything off cooldown. I realise this is low level play, but that certainly doesn't fill me with hope for end-game. If it comes down to grinding gear and mashing everything off CD then it's going to suck.


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