Mass Effect, your favourite crew member or character.

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I'm not just talking about Mass Effect 3 but all of them. My favourite character was Tali, (the one with the mask if you're not a remembering name person). I liked her because of her race, Quarian and her personality.

I'm Garrus Vakarian and I'm VulpeAqua's favorite character in the Mass Effect series!

I'm Garrus Vakarian and I'm BloatedGuppy's favorite character in the Mass Effect series!

I'm Garrus Vakarian and I'm Cranky's favorite character in the Mass Effect universe!

Captcha: know thyself. Indeed, Garrus.

I have a few, but I guess if I had to pick a 'best two' (boys and girls) it would have to be Ashley and Garrus. Wrex would be a close second but since he's only an actual crewmember in one game, it goes to Garrus.
As for Ashley, well, she's my girl. I waited two years to see the romance resolved so I'm gonna have to say she's my favorite.
Them, combined with Shepard, are my ideal dream trio. Which is why I want more then ever to see those Play Arts Kai figures get made...

Tough choice, I like EDI in the third game but I haven't finished it so she could turn boring. Think it comes to either Tali or Mordin.

Garrus. Beautifully defined character who basically becomes Shepard's best friend. Plus, he has one of the most fleshed-out character arcs.

Kasumi, she has a love for ramen, she can go invisible, she steals a lot of stuff......and shes stolen my heart.

Excuse me, I'm going to have to make some calibrations.

Katsumi is great too. Also Mordin and Leigion and Tank-Grown Krogan and Ursk the Varren


I remember that first game, where you kinda think he's just a "Warrior race" dumb muscle ... then you talk to him and he goes on about how there won't be a cure to genophage because Krogan would rather fight....and he doesn't say it proudly, more just resigned to it.

He became my favorite character then.

Seeing what he did by the time you meet him in the 2nd game.
Well let's just say he made damn sure he kept that spot.

Also remember, he's the ONLY character from the first game who's reaction to seeing Shepard alive.... is PURE JOY his friend is alive. :)

Garrus, Kasumi or Thane.

Garrus just reeks coolness, and Kasumi and Thane...thief and assassin = instant win.
Oh, and Legion is pretty cool too.

EDI, she is just awesome, and she has gone from sex toy to sex bot. :)

Garrus, first and foremost.

After the 3rd game, I'm almost surprised to say Jack as my runner up. I thought she was pretty well fleshed out in the second game, but it was really nice to see her maturing as she found a home for herself at the academy.

She probably ties with EDI, who (sort of spoilers?) has a much larger role in the 3rd game. She brings up several tough questions for Shep to answer, and still has that biting "eh, only the organics would suffer" humor that she picked up late in ME 2.

Garrus, the baddest motherfu***r in the entire galaxy.

Zaeed Massani. "I was born cool. Infact I am so cool Players would have to pay extra just to have me in the goddamn game.

has to be wrex

I'm Garrus Vakarian and I'm FelixG's favorite character in the Mass Effect series!

Followed closely by Tali

I am the very model of a Mordin Solus Fanboy

"And I was the only man to walk away from that mission"

Zaeed, purely for being a walking 80's action movie cliche.

I'm Garrus Vakarian and-

I'm Garrus Vakarian and I'm VulpeAqua's favorite character in the Mass Effect series!

I'm Garrus Vakarian and I'm BloatedGuppy's favorite character in the Mass Effect series!

I'm Garrus Vakarian and I'm Cranky's favorite character in the Mass Effect universe!

I'm Garrus Vakarian and everyone in this thread is a fucking ninja.

I have to go with Garrus. Hes just such a great character. Sure, he cares more about calibrations then having a friendly chat most of the time, but that doesnt make him a bad person.

I'm gonna go with Mordin. I enjoyed his quirky personality and his loyalty mission was one my favorite levels from all three games.

Also, he is the very model of a scientist salarian.

Consensus Achieved: Legion has been perceived as unit RJ 17's favorite Mass Effect character.

Seriously, I understand that Garrus has the most fanboys of the series with Tali as a close runner-up, but how am I the first one to call out Legion? :P

More or less impossible choice.

I always liked Tali, her story, her personality, her voice and visual design and the story of her people.

But ME3 really made me open my eyes to the full awesomeness that is Garrus.

Wrex is cool, as is Thane and Mordin.

Legion and EDI are also very interesting characters, but I think my favorite one might still be Joker. Man I love Joker.

Mordin is really fun, and exceptionnally badass, when you think about it.
Legion is pretty awesome, I just love it when he says "Shepard commander" and his robot face animates.
But Garrus.....I mean, motherfucking Garrus. There's just no competing with him.

If there was a spinoff, it would be about him stomping everyone's shit on Omega as a vigilante.

In ME2 it was Mordin Sollus, the lovable wacko, but ME3 changed that. I still like Mordin a lot, but now Garrus is undoubtedly my favorite. People can complain about the endings all they want, but whoever wrote Garrus' character for that game deserves a promotion.

You know, Legion would probably be my favorite... if wasn't for the fact that he's only available for about the last 2 or 3 hours of ME2. I've always been a sucker for the robotic characters. Haven't gotten around to playing ME3 yet, but it'll probably be a toss up between Tali and Garrus, since they're the only characters that are squad members in all 3 games they have a pretty strong advantage over everybody else.

Wrex is an interesting character, as was Saren. But I can't think of any other characters written well.

Shepard. Hey, he's a a character, and he's the only proper Vanguard in the game, sooooooo..... yeah.

I'd have to go with Mordin just because I had the most fun talking with that character and related with him the most.

Diana Allers, best by far

For females, definitely Tali. Not only one of my favorite ME characters, but one of the most developed female characters I've seen in gaming period.

For males, Garrus is just pure awesome.

I really Like EDI, not because of ALL DAT PLOT, but because she loved fucking around with everyone's heads, it was like HK47 all over again.

Either Garrus or Ashley, I really loved both of them. Both in ME1 and ME3 they were my go to squad and their conversations were always really interesting to me. Though in the end I guess I'll have to go with Garrus just because of how much he reminds me of many of my friends and how we act with each other.

I'm Garrus Vakarian and I'm Adam Jensen's favorite character in Mass Effect and every other game, movie, book, comic book etc. ever created.

I'm Kasumi Goto and I'm Adam Jensen's second favorite character in Mass Effect. He's also a bit pissed off I wasn't able as a romance option.

Also The Illusive Man. I just love every interaction with him. Every word that comes out of his mouth is pure awesomeness. Has to be when Martin fuckin' Sheen is his voice. He's a great villain. Saren was a good villain too when I think about it. Not as elegant as TIM, but a badass and very interesting nonetheless. They were both ruthless, but still believed what they did was for the greater good. Especially Saren. TIM was more interested in the good of Yumanity, Saren was more global.

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