How has your gaming taste changed with age?

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So I was thinking today on just how different my taste in gaming is these days as opposed to my younger years, about how I loved video games with epic stories or ones I could simply get lost in. It's quite ironic how I used to play computer strategy games for hours and hours on end (old ones like warcraft 2 and lords of the realm 2 come to mind) and obsess over EVERY single jrpg I could get my hands on, even if it was lame as hell as secret of the stars. I was seriously obsessed with fantasy and its warfare. However, any game that was overly violent made me queasy. Action was not even close to my favorite genre.

Now? I freaking LOVE games with violence and literally cannot stand jrpg's as my disgust to the tales of graces trailer showed me. (not saying its a bad game) I love action games way more now, and can't get enough of the mindless ones like the dynasty warriors series. I think it came to a point where my imagination was not so over reactive anymore, and I crave the adrenaline a good challenging game can now give me and get bored to tears if I'm playing an overly easy rpg. What about you guys?

Edit : I realize I'm being hypocritical on jrpg's for being cartoony with a pony avatar, but um yeah I guess I am. Ponies just help to cheer me up.

My tolerance for grind has dropped like a rock over the years.

Recently I have just botten so damn bored of two things, "realistic" modern war shooters and survival modes. Games like MW3 and BF3 just bore the hell out of me now. I still like shooters, I play Tribes: Ascend regularly, but I cannot stand modern war shooters anymore because they are so goddamn boring.

Should probably also mention that I used to love COD4 and Battlefield: bad company but now I can't stand them. I've also gotten more into RTS games, over the years my interest would fade in and out but after discovering LoL, I have found myself really getting into it.

My tolerance for grind has dropped like a rock over the years.

Same here. I hate it when games waste my time. I can wait very patiently, but only if there's a point to it, not when it's just padding.

I used to love online multiplayer, now I dislike playing online with anyone but a few specific people. My favorite genres used to be FPS, RTS and jrpg. Now I'm more into wrpg, stealth games and various other types of action adventure games. I also learned to appreciate point&click adventures and puzzle games.

What hasn't changed is my love of platformers and my strong distaste of sports games.

*meh* Hasn't changed much at all...

Used to love strat games, FPS's & RPG's (so long as they have strong single-player modes)... still do... though add sandbox-actioners to the mix and that's my taste in games.

I've grown to hate grind too. Played mmorpgs for years, and ended up moving to Guild Wars and loving it for it's low level cap and the huge number of skills you can acquire.

Games I like right now seem to be about collecting things that you can experiment with and alter your playstyle with. For example, I like games with skill trees that offer tons of different kinds of skills.

Here's my favourite skill in Guild Wars.
It let me create all kinds of fun builds.

Not at all. I enjoy the same genres I liked, say, ten years ago. I actually replayed a few games I completed around that time just a short while back. And I'm pretty sure I would have liked the games I'm playing now back then.
I probably wouldn't have the patience to play through Contra now, though. And something like Boogerman doesn't hold much of an appeal now anymore.

I went from counter-strike, age of empires 2, maple story, warcraft and zoo tycoon to: S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Half Life 2, Portal, Fallout 1, New Vegas and Mass Effect 1.

Does that say enough about my change in gaming taste?

I went from anything to...

well...anything really.

It's changed a little, I now try and go for titles that may be a 'risk'. I seek out interesting games.

I still love my generic crap though.

My tolerance for grind has dropped like a rock over the years.

Add me to this. And add alse: My tolerance for grind was never particulary high. Can't play most jRPGs, MMOs or other games that basically throw in a bossfight in your face which you can't beat without grinding additional 5 levels.

I can't play a game without an engaging story now - I don't see the point otherwise any more.

It's matured as in playing more M-rated games, but honestly my tastes haven't changed that much. I still play tons of games from my childhood and some new ones that try to invoke that feeling.

It's hard to say because I grew up when computer gaming was so new and I have basically witnessed its entire evolution.

I played Space Invaders on a monochrome monitor.

I played NES games which were predominantly platformers.

I went through a very long phase of shooters starting with Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, Doom, Doom2, Quake, etc. I played Counter Strike when it was in beta 6.0, was a moderator on the official CS forums for years and received a free copy of Condition Zero from cliffe along with the other moderators. Over time I slowly moved away from competitive FPSers but I'm still pretty good at them after playing the life out of them for 10 years.

I used to love real time strategy, I was introduced to it in the original Warcraft. I tried the original Dune but wasn't a fan. I played a stack of Command and Conquers (the original), Warcraft II (to absolute death), and Starcraft. I generally just played them casually and I don't have the will to really get deep into them.

I have always played a lot of RPGs. From Faxanadu on the original NES to the Fallouts, Arcanum, NWN, etc. etc. All western RPGs. I've done a lot of MMO RPGs recently, generally a heap of PVP in those.

So yes, I guess it has changed, but so has the whole gaming scene. Platformers just aren't like what they used to be, and FPS's no longer hold my interest. I can't play them night and day like I used to on my 56kbps modem after high school. I will still play pretty much any genre except sports games which somehow are a blight to my gaming fun.

Growing up, I was never really into shooter games (1st or 3rd person) and usually stuck with RPGs and platformers. Nowadays I still like to play platformers regularly and to me it feels as if it's hard to find a damn good RPG anymore. Good ones pop up from time to time, but not as frequent as before.

Just this past year alone, I've found myself playing more shooting games, namely Team Fortress 2, Bioshock, the Mass Effects, the Portals (I know, technically not a shooter but still). That's caught me by surprise the most because I always thought I'd never get into those kinds of games AT ALL. Right now I'm not big into the war-games or CoD knock-offs, but who knows if that will change in the years to come.

Used to be all about the action and excitement.

Now I crave good writing and characters... which I can hardly ever find.

Also, thoroughly sick of shooters and fantasy RPGs. Can we make something else now? Please?

Now I'm older I can afford to buy more games. That's about it. I still play games like I used to when I was younger. Hell, I still play exactly the same games I used to, I love to crack on the Spyro or the Crash.

That's a tough question and I think the best way to answer is that my tastes have matured.Early on I had whatever non-gaming PC my family had and consoles such as NES,Sega Genesis, N64, and then GameCube. I loved pretty much any genre but never had access to many RPGs until I bought myself an Xbox. From there I fell in love with the KOTOR series and Jade Empire. Eventually as I got a little bit older and had my own source of income I started buying more and more RPGs. Now i pretty much enjoy any genre but specifically RPGs. So I wouldn't say I really changed at all but just developed with the times. My older consoles and crappy PC didn't really give me access to the deep and thought provoking or visually stunning, or what was thought to be at the time, games that I so readily play nowadays.

Not much, I've come to enjoy tactical or "realistic" FPS games a lot more. By realistic, I don't mean stuff like COD or Medal of Honor. More like ArmA and Operation Flashpoint (The original one, not the new ones, ugh...)

Also, I used to be the type of gamer who didn't care about the story at all. Just ran through the game, skipping every cutscene just so I could pewpew more. Not sure what game changed this, but nowadays, I focus on story a lot. I'm one of the guys who reads all the codex pages in ME and DA games.

I grew out of platformers somewhere in my early teens, but then their golden age ended around then anyway. I also don't like FPS anywhere near as much as I used to. I only play Battlefield 3 now.

I've definitely gotten much more into RPGs in the past 5 years. Games like Mass Effect and Fallout 3 played a big part there.

Some things have remained constant though. I still love Zelda, and turn based strategy.

I thought shootey actioney games were the bee's knees, beat 'em up wahey!

But there was a turning point, RE4, yes Resident Evil 4 turned me right around and introduced me to my favourite franchise. I played half an hour of a buddies copy, loved it, then we popped in the REmake. And I fell in love. I guess it was curiosity that got me hooked, I just wanted more. The gameplay sure was clunky, but hell I got past it and it blows my mind with how much fun I have.

So I guess as I got older, my tastes turned towards survival horror and actually pacing things, because it's not always a race.

Hardly changed at all really - still almost complete focus on FPS's and Sci-Fi RPG's, but slightly less of a focus on Racing Sims than before.

I don't think my interest changed due to age, but more to the types of games available. There aren't many triple A, light-hearted, action/adventure games anymore. Most are Indie (as far as I know) so I'll play a lot of Indie games or casual games these days. I've also shifted more to PC games rather than consoles mostly because they can be easier for me to get.

Well, now I guess I like a broader range of games, I am still not very fond of japanese games but now it's not because "ITS JAPANESE!!!", it's more because of some things that usually come along with it. I like Dark Souls and while that game is a mix of weastern and eastern influences it does have that "foreign" feel to it.

I now like that foreign feel, it usually doesnt hold my hand and it can suprise me with some clever things that I had never seen on a different game. I also liked Stalker and E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy because of this, although I didnt get to play E.Y.E. all that much. Boiling Point was fun too.

I'm still pretty much a fan of RPGs and sandbox games. That's about it.

I wouldn't say changed just broadened.When I first started gaming I loved platformers,action adventures and hack n slash/beat em ups and I still enjoy those genres but I also enjoy other genres as well

I've started to put a lot more emphasis on story and a single-player experience rather than a multiplayer experience.

I don't think my tastes have changed much, if at all, over the years. The industry has changed however. This has narrowed the amount of games I find enjoyable down considerably.

I grew up with PS2 and for me that was the ONLY console that existed. I played games intended for young people, I played whatever was thrown at me, never did I check on the internet or anything if it was any good. I hammered games like Ratchet and Clank 2 and Simpsons Hit and Run, and many others games intended for that age group, and I played for fun and completion.

Then the first mature game I ever played, when I was about 9, Metal Gear Solid 2. Didn't understand shit, couldn't even play it without a walkthrough, the first walkthrough I ever used. But I loved it and finished it. I subsequently bought MGS3 about a year later and it's since been my favourite game of all time.

Unfortunately, when I got to secondary school, I found out about all these other games that people were now playing. I bought a PS3 and for a couple of years bogged myself down with mindless FPS's and other new releases. I don't regret getting a PS3 because I've enjoyed a lot of games, like Fallout and Portal, but it's the peer pressure I faced which caused me to play stupid games which changed my perception of games in general. In a way, I think I was fairly closed-minded about gaming then and with the introduction of multiplayer, wasted so many hours.

In the last year or two, when I took an itnerest in retro gaming, I actively looked up games from all different consoles, NES, SNES, N64, PS1, PC, PS2 and PS3 - some bought, many emulated. I've been much more open minded about series I'd never played before, most notably Legend of Zelda, and also expanded upon series I already knew by finding more games in their series. I don't really bend towards new releases, unless I personally want the game that badly, and I hold no prejudice against graphics, release dates or reputation. I also mostly disconnect my personal gaming from the attitudes of others around me, although thankfully I have some friends who hold similar views as me and we share game discoveries and tastes frequently.

I also lost a lot of interest in multiplayer, unless it was mandatory like TF2 or a really good splitscreen. I'd come back to prefer playing by myself and a lot of games I have are outdated anyway.

Just like when I was younger, I'll try absolutely anything, but with the internet and a little less naivety I just know of more games than I did back then. Shows what a difference in taste peers can make you have, but I'm past that now.

The only "major" taste changes I can think of are ...

I was introduced to WarCraft III, and discovered that I could play online to fight other players. This was when I started to become a fan of PVP.

After playing WoW for a few years, I utterly ground myself out, and I no longer have any taste for MMOs or grinding in general.

I can't play a game without an engaging story now - I don't see the point otherwise any more.

This. Also a game need to be involving and complex to grab my attention. Much like tactical shooters, strategies and even open world WRPGs. I can still play MMOs, Battlefield 3 & Halo's multiplayer (thanks to scale and complexity), but I cannot tolerate CoD or much more of ME3's multiplayer due to a lack of complexity and challenge.

not really, i still enjoy the same general style of games i always have

When I was younger I would only play FPS's. That eventually changed to a mixture mainly consisting of RTS games and now it has changed to any genre except sports, I mainly play RPG's now.

No idea why it changed so drastically but then again most FPS now are just generic "get into cover and shoot at the other guy in cover" or just run around like a headless chicken I suppose.

At first I just used to buy whatever, but now I am more into RPGs (thanks to Oblivion).

Oh and I mostly play PC-games (because of WC3)

As a kid, I loved beat-em-ups, racing games, platformers and, certain sports games (Like Super Tennis or, Blades of Steel). As a slightly older kid, I loved the free-roaming, 3D platformers like Conker's Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong 64, etc. As a teen I got into RPGs both J and western. As an older teen and pre-20 something, it was all about the shooters. Now I'm 24 and I'm getting back together with old style games, actively rebuilding my NES/SNES collections and, with plans to build the Genesis and Mega Drive collections I never had.

Top 5 games when I was a kid (no particular order):

* Turtles in Time
* Biker Mice from Mars
* Donkey Kong Country
* Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
* Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Top 5 games when I was a teen (npo):

* Duke Nukem 64/3D
* Conker Live and Reloaded/ Bad Fur Day
* Final Fantasy IX
* Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
* Super Mario World 2/ Yoshi's Island

Top 5 games now (npo):

* Zelda 2: Adventures of Link
* Dragon Warrior
* Donkey Kong Country Returns
* New Super Mario Brothers Wii
* Saint's Row 2

I used to play a ton of WoW and first person shooters, now I prefer games like Skyrim, fallout, mass effect. I care a lot more about the story in the game than I used to.

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