which MW3 point- streaks do you recommend

ive been playing allot of MW3 recently and was wondering what the good point-streaks were, ive been using the (5)predator missile, (7)attack chopper and (9)reaper but i do very badly with it, the predator missile is great to get an extra kill or two on my steak but the chopper hardly gets any kills (sometimes none) and the reaper although its cool to use fires rockets so damn slow that whenever i use it the whole enemy team camps in buildings and i hardly get any kills

can anyone recommend me any good point streak rewards to use, i tend to aim for the 10 point-streaks as im not to good at MW3 yet (i dont know the spawn points which is huge in the game)

P.S my point-streak advice to any noobs from my experience as being one until a week or so ago is to use these set ups
1. UAV, care package (you might get somthing good if not use it as bait) predator
2. just spam UAV's (and counters if you use support)
3. any combination of UAV, counter UAV, advanced UAV, sam turret and ballistic vest is good

I'd recommend:

Support (use a stinger to shoot down UAV's will pad this total if you can't get many kills):
-Advanced UAV (or Airdrop trap - and yes people still occasionally fall for it)
-Stealth Bomber (good for 2-3 kills, wait until UAV is up)
-Escort Airdrop

Assault (on mostly outdoor maps):
-Care Package (it only requires 4 kills, can give you good strike rewards, and doesn't pull that ammo BS from black ops)
-Airstrike (wait until someone on your team has a UAV)
-Helicopter (it can be really good or really useless depending on if the other team is using blind eye or not)

Assault (on mostly indoor maps):
-IMS or Automatic gun turret
-Assault Drone

Start with silenced Assault Rifle/SMAW/Flash/Semtex or Sniper/FMG9/Motion tracker/Throwing knife with:
-Sleight of Hand
-Stalker (or marksman for sniping)
and set the rewards to
4-Blind Eye


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