What game got you into gaming?

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Since I can remember I've just always been a gamer. No single game has gotten me into it.

It depends on your definition of "gaming."

Riven is what got me really interested in games in the first place. I'd always been more into books when I was a kid, because I thought video games were just violent, ugly-looking, and uninspiring "guy" stuff, like Mortal Kombat.

I was 11 when Riven came out. My dad picked it up, since he enjoyed Myst, and I became obsessed with watching him play it. I was too much of an idiot to be able to contribute to his playing, but I couldn't get enough of the world it was set in. It's the whole reason I started worldbuilding and conlanging, which have been favorite hobbies of mine ever since.

I didn't get into games in a serious way until early 2006, when some gamer friends convinced me to start playing Final Fantasy XI. Again, it was the world that I fell in love with. From that point on, encouraged at first by said gamer friends, I became more and more of a gamer myself, though I wouldn't have used that term to describe myself until about a year ago when I moved in with someone who owned an Xbox 360, a PS3, an enormous game library, and a nearly bottomless wallet when it came to Christmas/birthday gifts for me. At that point I could begin to experience a wider variety of games than I'd had access to previously and feel like I qualified as a "gamer."

So yeah, Riven in 1997 and then FFXI in 2006.

Of course, I'm still more into artsy, puzzle-y, exploration-based games than anything else, and generally on the PC just because it always seems to work out that way.

Some old Monsters. Inc game. I remember my older cousin playing it on his playstation and I more or less took it over and enjoyed the hell out of it. So I guess that would be the game that truly got me into gaming. However, I haven't touched a console properly in years, so for PC gaming it would be Powerslide. I played that game to death when I was younger.

I started gaming when I was 7 years old with Atari, Commodore 64 and TI-99/4A. Then later on with Nintendo, Sega Genesis. PC gaming started heavily around 1991 for me.

Another old fart here.


The very first video game I ever played was actually when I was about 5 maybe 6 and it was Mechwarrior 3 on my dads computer and I was surprisingly very good at it.


This motherfucker.

This was my primary source of entertainment for a long time. Hell, I had this and a few other handheld games long before I ever got a computer game or a console.


I was 11 when Riven came out. My dad picked it up, since he enjoyed Myst, and I became obsessed with watching him play it. I was too much of an idiot to be able to contribute to his playing, but I couldn't get enough of the world it was set in. It's the whole reason I started worldbuilding and conlanging, which have been favorite hobbies of mine ever since.

Basically this, but I was eight and it was the original a few years after it had come out. We would play it together since I usually didn't make much headway on the puzzles, they weren't really what I was there for after all. Some days I would fire it up on my own just to walk around the island, or go into the library and read all the journals, wasn't like anything I had seen before.

After that Metroid Prime came out and that's pretty much when everything exploded.

I honestly couldn't tell you. One of the earliest games I remember playing was Super Mario Brothers for the SNES.

But one game I would be utterly remiss if I didn't mention was Pokemon: Blue Version. I can honestly say I would probably be a very different person if Pokemon had never entered my life.

Jet Force Gemini. I remember playing co-op on it with my brother all the time, while struggling in the really flipping big single player mode XD




The first game I ever played was on my Dad's Turbografix, Bonk's Revenge. Also a few scrolling shooters that I can't remember the names of. One was Dead Moon.

The first game I owned and played myself was Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Closely followed by Super Mario 64, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Red/Blue, Banjo Kazooie/tooie, Super Smash Brothers, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Diddy Kong Racing, Ocarina of time... good times.

I can't remember the titles anymore, but watching friends play some games for NES and SNES probably helped. What I owned first myself though, was Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, Ridge Racer and ESPN Extreme Games for the PSX. From there my trip began and ever since I've just discovered more and more.

My cousin was the first person in my family to get a computer and my introduction was watching him play Quest for Glory and Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures on his IBM pc, those were also the two games I inherited from him when I got a PC of my own.

Well, I was a bit of a sheltered child, and, as such, my first experiences with gaming were educational computer games such as JumpStart and Cluefinders. However, the first proper video game I remember ever playing was Goldeneye 64.

Well, I was a bit of a sheltered child, and, as such, my first experiences with gaming were educational computer games such as JumpStart and Cluefinders. However, the first proper video game I remember ever playing was Goldeneye 64.

I think that's the first Golden Eye I've seen, forgot how awesome that game was. So, kudos to you, mate!

no seriously, yes I have been around that long

yea same here...the intellivision (played pitfall on there)...but then the Atari and pitfall 2?
that's when i did my first all night gaming experience and did not stop till it was done :) In retrospect it was fucked up to start in one spot in the game and after hours finish just the level below you at the begining :P




oh Rygar...so many hours we spent together (bastard)

International Karate + on the Amiga 500. Great, simple game. Great sound effects as well from memory.

Did have a C64 before that, but can't remember any specific games.

All the arcade machines of the early eighties. Gyruss, Defender, Ghosts'n'Goblins, that kind of thing. I spend so much time and so many twenty cent coins in arcades back then. My first real home game obsession was Elite, the Amiga version. And Laser Squad.

Uh.... First game I ever played, so...

My first memory of gaming is playing Twisted metal 3 with my brother when a friend of ours gave us his PS1 for a few weeks for reasons I can't remember. Fuck that thing was fun. From there, it went on to our Nintendo 64 with Super Smash bros (which is still the greatest fighting game I've ever played).

I watched my father play Legend of Zelda: Ocraina of Time, and was immediatly enticed by it.Another world than the one I lived in I can explore, filled aplenty with puzzles and imaginative monsters? There was not a reason I shouldn't be interested, especially since I was around 5-6 years old. I later went to play Conker's Bad Fur Day at around 7, and although I did not understand the comedy or allusions/parodies, I enjoyed it immensly as a kid. In fact, it stands as my favorite game to this day,nostalgia included.

Myst. It grabbed my attention, puzzled me, angered me, awed me, and scared the ever-loving poo out of me.

Myst games tend to do that... They're all puzzles and exploration with two or three bits of pants-wrecking trauma.

Interestingly, all the other Myst games also had their own honors in my life as well...

Riven was the first game that made me cry, as well as the first game to make me shout with excitement.

Exile was the first game to make me scream (Brad Dourif, you evil evil man), and the first adventure game I completed without getting hints.

Revelations was the first game to make me upgrade my computer, as well as the game that solidified my status as a graphics whore. It looked REALLY good, OK?

Uru is my favorite MMO and my go-to game for how to design a level.

And End of Ages was the first game to make me actually wet myself.

I've played Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, and Eversion, but it only took a crazy old man scratching a rock with a stick while laughing to put me on edge enough to physically leak. To be fair, THAT LAUGH WAS FROM THE DEEPEST DEPTHS OF HELL.

Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt made me in love with gaming, but Donkey Kong Country 2, and Pokemon red/blue/yellow solidified my life long love.

The first game I remember loving was the first Kirby's Dream Land for the Gameboy back when I was about 6 or so. I remember the first time I somehow managed to beat Lololo and Lalala at the end of the second level, it felt like the greatest achievement that any person could ever achieve ever (ignoring the fact that there were three more levels)

The original Spyro

Ahh memories of amazing platforming, colourful maps, and interesting characters, and then Spyro 2 beating that game 100%.

So many memories of good platformers.

It is unfortunate all Spyro has become now is just a marketing stunt to exploit children. I'm looking at you Skylanders.

Dune II. I must have been around 4-5 years old when I was introduced to it. It really opened my mind to the possibilities of video games, and it's been a solid hobby ever since. Hopefully it'll be a career one day too(once I finish my course).

My Brother
Due to him i was also "born" into gaming. compared to the other escapists here im quite young i was born in 97' but my bro made sure that i know all the classics and all the noteworthy games that i missed.

but the first game i played myself start to finish with no help what so ever was the original KOTOR.

Best bro i could have ever hoped for

Adums Family for the SNES.

Starfox 64 probably snagged me the hardest, although I was playing computer games since Doom came out.

Galaga and to this day it remains my favorite. Purchased For Game Boy. PS1 and Xbox 360.

I don't even know it's name anymore...

It was some Marvel fighting game, that's all I know. But that laid the ground work for me I think. You had to collect all these coloured gems or something like that.
It was awesome as a kid to just be able to control Wolverine and Spiderman.
Only had it on a rented console.
Funny enough, I don't even like fighting games now...

After that, I only got more serious in my gaming once I got my hands on the original Playstation. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and the Rugrat games were my childhood.
I think I got 100% on Crash 3, and that was a first for me.
Could never beat Spyro (still haven't caught Nasty Norg to this day...)

Shadow of the Colossus was the first game that really hit me in an emotional way.
(THAT is how you deliver a bittersweet ending my friends!)

Mass Effect 1 got me into RPGs after it blew me away with it's 3rd act, and that pretty much set me on the path of PC gaming.

Really need to get my console fixed so I can play Dragon's Dogma though...

Arcade machines, ever since I became tall enough to play on them. But mostly the first Prince of Persia, I believe. Also Super Mario, though I had to go to other kids' houses to play it, never had any consoles myself. Even today I only play games for PC.

Double Dragon on the old Sega. Was my first ever game that I can re-call. I remember spending hours playing with my brother, trying to get past this level which I think we never ended up finishing

Video game crash of 1983-4.

I know that it was a dark time for the hobby because it almost killed it in the United States. When you are a kid who did not know sh-t about f--k about how the world worked however, it was the best time. Games that were previously 40-50 dollars a piece were now 2-5 dollars, some even less than that. My mom did not see a point in paying 40 dollars a game back then, but she was willing to splurge every payday and got my brother and I 5-7 games a piece for one summer. That got me into gaming and I'e been gaming eversince.

I was given my Xbox when I was 10. It was about 2006 and I got into playing Halo 2. My cousin showed me Arby N the chief, I got interested in Halo and I got Halo 3 with a 360 in 2008. After that, well, I never really got much variety of games up till 2011 since I was still in that fanboy phase. But now, I'm ready to get into PC gaming and play me some Skyrim or Human Revolution by the time my exams are over!

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