What's your habit in games?

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Oh god, I do this so often. My favorite thing to do in Prototype was to find the nearest date-rape looking male, disguise myself as him, then grab the nearest female and bolt down the street or up a building screaming "RAAAAAAAPE."

I think I have issues.

Na-aw, it's all right. In a stealth game (I'm tempted to say Hitman but it could have been something else) I killed every single thing on the level and dragged the bodies to one room. That included enemies and innocent NPCs. All that without alerting anybody[1] then I finally went after my main target and made them go to the room (most probably by following me there. I can't exactly recall) because I wanted them to see my masterpiece...before shooting them. I wanted my target to suffer before putting him out of his misery. For no particular reason - it was just some random guy my character had to kill.

In Fable, I gathered all the men who loved me from Bowerstone and sacrificed them to Skorm. It might sound homophobic but it was because they were constantly dropping the crates they were carrying, as soon as they saw me. And that annoyed me. In Oakvale I made everybody follow me one by one to the small jetty where it was secluded and then I killed them. Until I depopulated the whole town. See, I wanted to buy some houses and earn rent from them.

In Oblivion I got into a guard building, then stealth killed all the guards (I had a mod to stop the psychic guards shenanigans, so I was able to assassinate them from the shadows), stripped them and arranged the bodies into pentagrams (or as close as possible). That, I hoped, would lead the investigation away from me.

In KoA's demo, in the first town there was a woman praying on top of a grave. I liked to imagine it was her child's grave. So I murdered her right there.

I just played Blood 2: The Chosen (BTW, it's half price on GOG as well as a bunch of other games) and there was an innocent NPC woman being scared after I killed some dudes. I was going to leave her alone but she shouted "Don't shoot me!". Well, I was holding a knife at the time. She got exactly what she asked for - I didn't shoot her. I cut her.

As you can see, what we're doing is perfectly normal! It just how games are meant to be played.

[1] Unless I was surprised by somebody while dragging a corpse, then I'd kill them, stash the remains and come back for them.

Frozen Fox:
Despite knowing what they are i always refer to Play station buttons as A,B,X,Y not Square, Circle, X, Triangle

Same here... which is one reason I can't seem to get used to Xbox controllers (aside from only rarely encountering unbroken Xboxes in the wild).

As for me, one of my biggest personal tropes happens mostly in single-player RPGs. I will use and abuse the hell out of any stealth system. I sneak constantly, even with characters that aren't built for it.

In Oakvale I made everybody follow me one by one to the small jetty where it was secluded and then I killed them. Until I depopulated the whole town. See, I wanted to buy some houses and earn rent from them.

I do this in every town if I'm about to buy their house and rent it out. It's just so cruel to make them homeless just for some money (Oh, so killing them is better?). No I'm not batshit crazy.. Okay perhaps slightly.

OT: Compulsive reloading. Not just boom, he's dead, got to reload. No, mine's worse. I fire until I think they're dead, not as in look at them and see if they're dead, but estimate how many bullets I need to kill them, fire that amount and then reload. Even if they're not dead. This has killed me a lot. Like, A LOT.

Also hoarding. Oh, a potion that increases damage for a short while. I've got to keep this. Just in case. Thing is, I don't even use potions, other than healing potions. Ever.

Constant reload.
Check over each room 3 times before leaving.
Never drop anything until you know it's rarity and purpose.
In Pokemon: make faces to the moves! Thunder: Look at pokemon, look above enemy, look down with evil grin!
Catchphrase: "Damn I should be a Hollywood director..."

And I also sometimes imitate noises. Such as creature-sounds or spell-noises.

Compulsive reloader. I always have to have a full clip, it pisses me off if I don't have one entire mag ready.


I definitely don't have the reloading problem. I go the complete other way, in which I run around with an empty clip and don't reload until I try to fire and nothing happens (or the reloading starts automatically).

My habit is actually self-restrictions. I almost never use magic in RPGs (unless you call it The Force. Don't ask me why). I used a spell exactly once in Skyrim: I had to cast that one to get into the Mages college. And I was only going there so I could question the librarian. It actually kind of pissed me off that the game made me cast a spell. It broke character.

Also in that same Skyrim playthrough, I made a point to periodically kill some wild animals, cook and eat their meat, and sell their hides. I was playing the character as a very survival-minded hunter, obviously. That game really needs a New Vegas-style hardcore mode (for consoles).

Speaking of New Vegas, I had a run in it where I only used food items to heal (no stimpaks). I also only used pistols or a mine trap to defend myself. I'll do something similar for most runs, at least with weapons. I find making a set of rules to operate within really elevates the experience for a lot of games.

If you play it, I used to play a game with my friends in Borderlands. Every time a weapon drops, you gotta switch it out with your current weapon and you had to use that weapon until it ran out of ammo or a new weapon popped up. Pretty amusing since I was a shot gun, sniper loving guys [odd combo, I know.] And when I was given SMGs or a Rocket Launcher oddly enough I looked like a retarded mercenary with ADHD running in, shooting randomly and killing nearly nothing while shouting the Tick's battle cry of the glorious spoon. Yeah...not really threatening.

I only played Borderlands for an hour or two, but that sounds really fun. You could probably do that in other games as well. I'd like to try it in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It would be chaos.

hmmm in games like mmos and rpgs, i focus on haveing a "set" of gear for my character, a uniform set, and in shooter, I tend to melee as often as possible, face gets caved in!

-Sometimes when I'm in an intense moment in a game, whenever I do something my hands vibrate with the controller in my hand rapidly. I guess I'm that way due to all of the rumble my dual shock controller used to give me; it's become instinctive for my controller to shake during certain actions.

-In almost all PC based FPS games whenever I was low on health, I would hit the E button (The button to call for a Medic in Tf2). I hit the button almost constantly during my play through of Half life.

A medic never came. :C

-I over analyze EVERYTHING. In a game like the Legend of Zelda, I'll constantly be looking for the slightest detail that might hint to how I am supposed to move forward, just to realize that it was the simplest, smallest thing that I completely missed.

-I am another person that loves being a support character. I guess I just enjoy the companionship I get with certain other players when me and him have been working closely together. Playing support has also made me very protective of my team mates; within reason anyways.

for some reason I randomly shake the mouse and then tap it on the mouse pad. it irritates me because it means I might be caught in a situation with my mouse off the damn desk, but its a habit.

In RPGs, I always have to check dead ends. Every time. Even if I'm on the brink of death, I just have to check if there's anything back there. I always have to be a stealth character, as well, at least partly for lock picking skills.

In FPSs, I do the constant reload thing, and if I get a head shot with a sniper rifle, I yell out "wanker." In Battlefield games, when I see someone with their back to me, I yell out "you are getting knifed, my son!" Shortly followed with a whisper of "got your tags." That was started in BC2 when a friend with a severe hatred for snipers decided to do something about it.

In every first person game, in general, I have a habit of walking in diagonal directions. Probably started with the game Perfect Dark where you walked a lot faster if you walked diagonally.

Uhh, hi. My name is Blade and I am a compulsive reloader... One of my favorite games is Half-Life, and I think that is because it let me reload the pistol when it was already loaded. Walking down hallways led to me reloading a gun with full ammo just because I could.

Not only that, I also do an extreme amount of quicksaves which I blame on Max Payne. Just try to beat that without quicksaving after every kill. Now I quicksave whenever I've killed someone and aren't being shot at, as well as immediately before (and after) and loading screen, even though they generally auto-save at that point.

Other than that, whenever possible I always play stealth or an archer / mage, whichever works best. Though that is a little weird since I don't use the sniper rifle (or shotgun) in FPS's, I quite detest them, always stick with the assault rifles and pistols.

The only one that is really a problem is in multiplayer games I never seem to shut up. I'm always yelling at someone or pointing out information everyone already knows. In Team Fortress 2 I don't put on my mic since I know I won't stop talking if I do and I'm too lazy to type out everything I would say. Although whenever I play Left 4 Dead you're kind of stuck with my ranting, I figure the annoyance is still better than no mic whatsoever. On a related note I have a tendency to repeat things exactly 3 times, particularly in L4D. "Hunter, hunter, hunter!" Even though he was killed after the first time I said it...

If a game encourages exploration and doesn't allow the player to go back to areas after a certain point, I have a compulsion to do everything before I move on. The best examples of games that have this sort of system (that I can think of) is the Deus Ex series; I literally spent about 1-3 hours in every area of Deus Ex simply because I needed to find everything.

I can't help but melee in most every game I've ever played no matter the class. A guild in WoW once kicked me out because I would always run up and draw aggro with my shitty hunter daggers. This presents a very big problem in games where I don't have that ability.

The other thing is I stop using words when I get too ragey. The latest example was when I yelled 'rargl monster' after a heated game of LIFE with my cousin and his little brother.

-Compulsively jumping around like an idiot in games where I can jump.

-Or, when I'm not jumping, I always try to play the game as cinematic as possible, and I try to perform actions as close to how the character would in real life (outside of mindless tics, like the jumping). Sort of like I'm trying to do Freeman's Mind or something.

-Compulsive reloading. Even if I only shot one bullet in a 40-round clip, I'll reload as soon as the danger's over.

-Ammo conservation. Any chance the game presents me to conserve ammo, I take it. It usually gets to the point where I'll have way more ammo than I could ever need and I still try to kill enemies in the most ammo-conservative manner possible. It actually sometimes pays off when I get to boss fights, though, since by then I'll usually be sitting on a stack of ammo so big it'd make Burt Gummer (from Tremors) accuse me of overkill.

-Checking all the containers because I need to loot all the things, which ties right into...

-Hoarding. Whether it's just a unique or neat-looking item, or a weapon that's too awesome to use, I keep it. Forever. Makes the most sense in Skyrim, since the protagonist is Dragonborn, and dragons like to hoard. One of my characters actually has a pile of gems at the foot of his bed so big that the game lags if I move them even a little bit, never mind what happens if I Fus Ro Dah the whole pile (the shower of bling is apparently too awesome for that game).

I was a compulsive reloader... and then I found LMG's in CoD... that quickly snaps you out of that habit! :P

I am one of those people who you do NOT want to watch play, or play with, due to the fact I like to look in every nook and cranny in the game... seriously! I am horrifyingly slow when playing Skyrim, and will not stop until I have looked behing every wardrobe, and in every drawer, and under every bed...!

I also play with an extremely gormless expression... something I noticed recently with a bad placed mirror!

Patrick Buck:
Compulsive reloader. I always have to have a full clip, it pisses me off if I don't have one entire mag ready.

The best way to get out of that is to play competitively.

I used to be a compulsive reloader, then played competitive CSS and CoD4 where constant reloading was akin to painting a target on your ass and a "i'm useless" sign on your back.

Now that I don't play competitively anymore, i'm back to compulsive reloading. Hell, I even reloaded in the ME3 ending a number of times.


Hmmm...I have a few of these.

In games with guns, I use a LOT of unarmed/melee attacks, unless it's obviously a suicide mission to get in close. The chainsaw in Vice and SA was my best friend.

If there is a hockeymask article of clothing, I put it on. Same with most masks, actually. If multiple masks are available, I will have a collection.

In Oblivion, my main character was a Dark Elf Vampire Battlemage, because I like originality and non-cliches. Anyway, at one point I became a Gladiator, but as I got higher up, I decided I'd play up my role. I had a Lightning spell(Finger of the Mountain), that before walking all the way up the stairs, I'd fire on either side of the gate, so that it shot up in the air. In this way, I created pyros for myself. I did this a few times until my magic bar depleted, like twice in a row. After that I'd walk up, get my introduction, then the fight would start.

After the fight ends, that's when I'd celebrate in the ring for a bit. Equipping my Telekinesis spell, I'd fling the opponent's shield and weapon into the audience, they always like souvenirs, y'know? And then, re-equip Finger of the Mountain, and blast the body for a bit. For those who don't know, Finger of the Mountain does horrible damage, but it knocks bodies and items all over the place, so it's well worth getting despite being horrible. I'd usually try to make their body land in some humiliating position, OR in the firepits. After that, then I'd leave, get healed, and rest up. And the best part about the Gladiator pit, is they won't attack or shun you, even if you're at the very last stage of Vampirism, so you don't have to do anything else but fight. Totally ruled.

I have termed a catch phrase of sorts. It came to me after besting a particularly difficult opponent in a match of Gears of War I rushed over ready to finish the kill with the trusty heel of my boot. As my character's boot made contact with the enemy skull I shouted, "That's it! You've just lost your head privilege!" Since then it's be my phrase to say anytime decapitations are involved.

Count up another compulsive reloader, after every firefight, I reload. This has gotten me killed numerous times.

I also have CLD, or Compulsive Looting Disorder. If I'm playing something like DDO, all the barrels must be broken and all the chests must be opened! I've almost fainted a time or two while playing my barbarian, he can't pick locks to get to more chests :(

In games that have no voice acting, I often read the lines out loud how I think the character would say it. I try to make my character look good, even when it wastes a lot of time. I also usually play priest/saint characters in RPGs when hey're available for some reason.

-Racers: Perfectionist. If it doesn't end with me in first place, I'ma restart from the top no matter how many hours I've spent on it so far until I get it right.

-Sandboxes/big open RPGs: Unless there is a time limit that forces me to quit piddling with the side quests, I'll keep piddling with the side quests.

-Fighters: I will pick out the craziest mofo in terms of physical appearance (Rufus, Necro, Faust, stuff like that) and dominate the opposition. Until I get to final arcade mode boss fight. Then expect controller-shaped dents in the drywall.

-First person shooters: Every clip must be topped up whenever there is a spare moment. Sadly, I define "spare moment" as "after every kill", which is a problem in gang shootouts.

-Multiplayer shooters: If my connection wants to behave, I'll go for a sniper-type build. When my ping gets a little high (frequent occurence), I'll switch to bullet hoses.

-Diablo-like loot grinds (including Borderlands for the sake of argument): One third of my inventory will be devoted to alternate loadouts. Yes, this means more trips to sell gear, but hell if I'ma lose out on flexibility for convenience sake.

-SSX: I do multiple sessions on the same run. Gold medal attempts come first, next is several messaround runs collecting and hiding geotags.


-Fighters: I will pick out the craziest mofo in terms of physical appearance (Rufus, Necro, Faust, stuff like that) and dominate the opposition. Until I get to final arcade mode boss fight. Then expect controller-shaped dents in the drywall.

Ohhh yeah, this is me. Also, I prefer big, slow bruisers, and especially grapplers, that might be evident by my name. King and Armor King, Zangief, Hugo, Astaroth, if I could play as Bane in AA or AC, I'd play as him in a heartbeat. MK games in which I can be Goro, I am a real happy camper. If I can't, then I'm a sad human being, as there's really no real "grapplers" in the game at all. Oh, some of them have used 'Wrestling' as a martial arts style, but that doesn't count with MK's usual mechanics. It's hard to explain.

I games with multiple outfits, my character always has their armor, a casual outfit and a dressier outfit

Hoarding. Lately it seems like I spend more time fighting crappy inventory systems (Deus Ex HR) than anything else in games.

Even in stealth games, I kill/incapacitate pretty much every enemy I see (Splinter Cell, Metal Gear, Deus Ex, even Silent Hill...) Partly because of this, I mostly play games on easy. I also get very involved in most games' storylines, so I tend to skip many sidequests when they don't seem to have much bearing on the overarching plot. Once the story is done, I'll replay it and get lost in the sidequests more.

- Hoarder: If it drops I pick it up
- Skimpy: Hell noes, I'm not using that potion, i'll rather wait 2mins for it to regen
- 'slow': huh? i leveled? when? wow, I got 28 points to redistribute, I'll do it later.
- Child killer: at any sign of disrespect a very late abortion shall ensue
- I can't go there, I haven't finished all the side quests
- armchair healer: click..................................................click

In games like Skyrim or Fallout New Vegas I am an enormous pack-rat. I could literally supply an army with all the crap I collect. I usually tend to blow off the main story in exchange for exploring every other nook and cranny in order to find the best stuff I can (this goes for other RPGs as well) and doing the occasional side quest or two. I also have a tendency in Skyrim to stop and look at the structures and terrain of an area and think how it would work defensively if I had an army stationed there and it were attacked. I don't know why I do it but I enjoy doing so.

In shooters I tend to reload a lot because it's my belief that it's better to have a full clip now than wish you had it later. Unfortunately, occasional poor timing has caused me to get screwed over more times that I can count.(this is especially true when using weapons with slow reload time like LMGs)

compulsive reloading a,looking in every nook and cranny and playing a female character.


- Child killer: at any sign of disrespect a very late abortion shall ensue

isn't that called "post-natal abortion"?

I reload after every skirmish. I don't want to charge in against 4 guys and have 2 bullets. The majority of my deaths are because I get caught reloading and can't do a reload cancel fast enough.

Also, I don't panic knife. I come from an era of no insta-kill knife attacks, so I'm more prone to backing up and shooting if I turn a corner and slam into an enemy.

In any RPG, I save before doing basically anything. Though I'm forcing myself to break that habit. I want to start living with the consequences of my actions. Which means that in games like UFC3, where I'd save before each fight in case I took a loss in my career, I just take the loss.

Compulsive Reloader. I like to start every room with a full clip. Nothing worse than seeing a wave of enemies and switching to my heavy weapon only to find it empty. Becomes even more important in games with huge body counts, like Painkiller.

Compulsive Box Opener / Corner Checker. Games like Skyrim suck the life out of me because after amassing a personal fortune of 50,000 septims I still have to check every burial urn in case there's another 3 or 4 in there.

I Smack-Talk anything that kills me, starting small ("Yeah...yeah, about that....") but working up to spittle-flecked sermons of rage if I can't get past the boss / cliffjump / whatever after 50 attempts.

Easily Bored. I always have 4-6 games in progress at any given time. It's not about needing to finish one game, it's about which game I feel like playing tonight.

Plays Chicks. In RPGs I often make female characters. Not "because I like staring at their asses" but just because I like to mix things up. I've already decided all my Diablo III characters will be opposite to the default -- female Barbarian, male Sorcerer, etc.

....Also, when did the Captchas become commercials?

My team has to be the same level or within one level of each other during RPGs and pokemon games.

I corner sweep. Even in RPGs, my exploration method is really just an extension of corner sweepeing. That's about it.

as a rule I am always a mage luckily in Dao I was an arcane warrior so I could actually experience melee also Im so used to the stereotypical mage spec points (willpower,magic)that its all I am used to, I can't grasp the concept of needing armour as a skill

Compulsive reloader over here as well. I can really screw myself over when I use an lmg in a game where you can't cancel reloads.

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