Prey 2 cancelled?

The reason I made this thread is partly because I don't really know that site, and how trustworthy it is, and partly because, well, it's news to me, and if it's true, I'm sorta disappointed. I was looking forward to Prey 2.


Eurogamer itself is fairly reliable. "Insider sources" less so. I'd put the odds at 50-50.

It better not be. A sci-fi, free roaming, bounty hunter FPS? That's pretty much the combination of elements for my perfect game. Hell, I've been looking forward to this more than Bioshock Infinite.

Found a few other sites reporting the same thing. Still just rumors, I suppose. Maybe this thread was a bit unnecessary until the rumors are verified. =S
Either way, I agree with scnj, I'd love to see this game happen.

Why would it be? It looked also and seem to have gotten quite a bit of hype.

I certainly hope not. Having seen it in video form at a couple of trade shows last year, I was kinda pumped for it. I shall just have to stroke my Prey 1 collector's edition instead =(

I hope not, that was looking like a great game. I was definatly going to buy it. Not sure why it would be cancelled, I was under the impression that it was going along pretty well.

Please don't be canceled! That game looks like the spiritual successor of Star Wars Bounty Hunters and I loved that game.

i haven't payed that much attention to this game

I saw this earlier today. It's a shame if it's true. The game really looked like it was shaping up to be something really stellar. There didn't seem to be any immediate reason why it should have been cancelled. Although I heard the game was supposed to be shown at GDC, but they pulled out a week before the show. That doesn't make things look promising.

I hope this isn't true. Prey 2 is one of the games I've been keeping an eye on.



That is really sad news. I was very much looking forward to it.

I played the first Prey a few years ago and thought it was an okay game(although I never got to see what the multiplayer was like) so I was a little interested when I heard about Prey 2. To be honest, however, I'd want to wait until after it's come out and others have had a chance to give an opinion on it before I would even consider buying it. Doesn't mean I wouldn't want to see it made, I just don't want to buy it as soon as it comes out if it does come out.

I have been think of getting a copy of Prey just to play through it again recently. I've got other games on my want list that I would buy fist given the money, but I've been thinking about it.

Hopefully it is just a delay at worst. All we can do is wait and see.

Better just be a dleay that game looked amazing and I was really looking forward to it.

Because fuck original and good ideas! Lets just create another call of duty clone! Seriously, wasnt the game nearly finished? I really hope this is just a rumour and if not, I hope it will meet the same faith as True Crime Hong Kong (now known as Sleeping Dogs). Where the developers get another publisher with a new chance to realise their project.

No. Please for the love of god NO.

That game looked really, really good. You're a bounty hunter, set in a sci-fi metropolis, with a Blade Runner aesthetic and Mirror's Edge-style free-roaming...

Please don't let it be cancelled :(

I sincerely hope not. It's one of the more exciting games in the pipeline, with lots of potential -- far more so than the first game.

Well, sod it all.

I was kinda looking forward to that. Sure, the aliens looked derpy, but I was impressed when the gameplay demo actually lived up to the pre-rendered trailer.

Ah well. It might only be a rumour. One can hope.

Lame, I thought this looked cool.

I didn't know they where making a sequel in the first place, hopefully the rumours about the cancellation are false because I would certainly buy it. The first game was great, it had a lot of original ideas in the story and gameplay and the environments where awesome.

Shame my copy doesn't work any more, it dislikes either my OS or one of drivers or hardware.

I hope that isn't the case, because it certainly looked good. That said, I haven't gotten so hyped about it as to shed tears over this news. It's still unconfirmed, so I say no reason to kick up a fuss. However, to those of you who ARE really hyped, now is a time to step back and ready yourselves should it be true.

I guess one could hold out hope that this is all some extremely premature April Fools joke.

They've been advertising that game for like two years. They already have gameplay trailers, and presented it at E3. It's more likely that they're going to take out a loan or cut anything that isn't done out.

Blast! I really liked the first one, and the sequel looked fun as hell! A human bounty hunter in an alien world?! That sounded awesome! Ah well...

Remember how people said that DOOM 4 was cancelled, and ID software continued to deny it, probably the same situation, it'll come out :)


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