Games you never finished?

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What are some games you started, but never actually finished? And I'm not talking 100%, just the story mode

Recently gave up on Kindoms of Amalur.

It's not a bad game exactly, just... utterly unstimulating.

Shame, the setting had some potential. Somewhere.

It would take too long, the list must be in the hundreds by now.

You aren't a gamer until your backlog is in triple figures and spans 3 generations or more. :D

legend of zelda link to the past (probably played most of it 5 times) Chrono Trigger (got quite far about 20 hours then got bored) Baldurs gate 2 (see last) Neverwinter Nights (again got bored after becoming ridiculously OP) Final Fantasy Tactics (40 hours played and it still failed to get draw me in) Last remnant (got to the second disc and it was still terrible so stopped).

Vagrant Story (memory card lost my save after about 30 hours so gave up) GTA3 (just terrible gave up after being bored solid for 16 hours) there are also many many more but these are the ones that spring to mind.

Oh and Battletoads because it was impossible.

The latest one was Skyrim, that game just didn't make me care in the least. I even got the Fluttershy mod thinking Fluttershy would make me care, one epic fail if Fluttershy can't make you feel anything.


I just stopped playing after the first dragon encounter.

Skyrim - The load time finally bored me too much.

Various Pre-PS2 games.

Most JRPGs I tend to not finish for one reason or another.

Skyrim, but only the main quest and College of Winterhold. I speny a good 78 hours on it.
Hopefully I'll finish it in a few months.

Dragon age comes to mind I got to the wizard tower or something and when fuck this the story might be alright this combat sucks.

Skyrim -- PC can't run it too well, I'm at the point where I can't fight half of the enemies without needing to dripfeed health and protect Lydia from dying
Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC -- just lost interest in Fallout 3 as a whole
Oblivion -- haven't really started it, plus the archery and magic aren't that good
Call of Cthulhu -- last stealth section with no guns is absolutely annoying
Dues Ex -- PC almost can't run it at all
Fable 3 -- second half, the 'ruler' half, is way too unexciting
Fallout New Vegas -- got sick of it because I was sick of the Fallout playstyle as a whole by then, probably still am
Half Life Blue Shift -- it was just more of Half-Life gameplay, and I had my expectations raised by the pants-jizzing beauty of Opposing Force
Mass Effect -- didn't feel like I was accomplishing much, game simply felt too... 'huge' I guess, and the playstyle wasn't for me

Skyrim.... not because it was bad, it was because I could not stop making new characters.

Recently it seems like Deadly Premonition will be this to me.
I might have to play it once a week for an hour to prevent my brains leaking out of my nose.

I barely got an hour into Alpha Protocol. Yes, I know it's supposed to be amazing, and I normally love Obsidian games. (I can't even begin to say how highly I rate NWN2:MotB, for example.) It was just... blah.

Still haven't finished Skyrim. Doubt I ever will.

skyrim's main quest because its so boring
after you finish the embassy quest you get to spend hours of your life doing a mix of quick traveling, loading, listening to horrible dialogue (with shitty voice acting) and if your lucky you get to walk slowly behind some old NPC while he gives you a history lesson.

skyrim. 66 hours played. Main quest was boring.

Had a few over the years. Mostly its not a matter of not finishing it, but just putting it on hold till I get around to finishing it. A good example was starting The Witcher in 2007 and finishing it in May of 2011.

However Ill point to a more unique case for me. Final fantasy 9. I simply cannot bring myself to finish it, Ive played to the last disc with likely about 4-5 hours left to go but I just cannot finish it, because I adore the game so much that I never want it to end for me. Ive replayed it several times, and I just can not bring myself to get past a certain point. Weird, I know.


just brought the thread down... sorry.

in truth, Amnesia Dark Descent... I was crapping my pant and then I stopped playing... I don't know why

FFXIII... that one I know why

uhhh... super meat boy, got bored

pft... Psychonaughts... I don't know... I just didn't like it (where's my flame shield at!?!)

that's all that comes to mind

Skyrim. There's no doubt that I'm gonna pick it up again and finally finish it, but for now, I'm taking a break. I think what turned me off for a while is the fact that there was too much content. Kinda felt intimidated and didn't really know what to do with my in game self.

Oblivion. I just didn't like it. There, I said it. I did not like Oblivion. Why? Beats the fuck out'a me, because I fucking loved Skyrim, but the fact of the matter remains that I did not like Oblivion.

Metroid Prime 2. I just don't know where my copy went. :P

Pokemon White because its just terrible
Every touhou game above 6. can't unlock extra mode in any of them its too damn hard. Plus I haven't beaten 8, 11, 12 and 13.

Skyrim and Mass Effect I really hated those games. Now where did I leave that flame shield.

El Thrusto:
Pokemon White because its just terrible
Every touhou game above 6. can't unlock extra mode in any of them its too damn hard. Plus I haven't beaten 8, 11, 12 and 13.

I'm actually curious as to what you hate so much about it. I prefer platinum myself, but found white to be quite good as far as pokemon games go. I doubt they will get much better. (do we even want them to?)

It would take too long, the list must be in the hundreds by now.

You aren't a gamer until your backlog is in triple figures and spans 3 generations or more. :D

This. Oh, god, this... I can't even count how many times "that one boss" or "that one stage" have halted my progress in a game, only for a new game to come out and monopolize my interest before I can rebuild my desire for the last...


It would take too long, the list must be in the hundreds by now.

You aren't a gamer until your backlog is in triple figures and spans 3 generations or more. :D

This. Oh, god, this... I can't even count how many times "that one boss" or "that one stage" have halted my progress in a game, only for a new game to come out and monopolize my interest before I can rebuild my desire for the last...

haha glad im not the only one

frozen synapse would be my latest one.. just had other things to play..

actually id be curious to see if a single human being has been able to finish the grand campaign in pride of nations 5-10 minutes a turn. 1680 turns

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: My motherboard got fried, I was close to the end, but I just don't want to dump like 20+ hours getting back there.
Fallout New Vegas: Just wasn't that interested in what was happening.
Skyrm: Had like 50 hours in the game, same problem as Deus Ex.
Kingdoms of Amalur: Got bored after the 3rd zone, don't want to play a single player style MMORPG.
Syndicate: So mediocre, lost interest.
Uncharted 1: Was 2nd chapter from last, ps3 crapped out.

*Dragon Age:origins. I only managed to get about 2 hours in, It was just really boring for me. The combat was boring (I only played a mage, that was probably the problem) and the story was not much better. At least for me.
*Grand theft Auto 4:The missions sucked, and they just kept getting worse.
*Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It's just too different from the previous two GS games for me to find it fun.

Overlord 1&2 - I always get stuck
Red Faction: Guerilla - I just never got back to it
Viva Pinata - Needless to say, its not for me =P
Fallout: NV - The story bored me to hell
And various other games that i cant remember

This happens pretty often for me when a combination of indifference towards a game and a good trade-in deal occurs. It's happened recently with Chrono Trigger and Hotel Dusk.

Very rarely do I give up on a game out of disgust, but it's happened twice recently, with LA Noire (repetitive gameplay and reality-shattering treatment of non-linear storytelling) and with Sakura Wars: So Long My Love (character driven game with horribly grating characters and the worst voice acting I've ever heard)

Too damn many. Least I finally got Bastion out of the way. Now for Human Revolution, Braid, Psychonauts, Amnesia, Assassin's Creed 2, Shank, Sonic Generations, Okami, Chrono Trigger, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Half-Life 2, Arkham Asylum, Twilight Princess, Xenoblade, and in a few days Radiant Historia will be added to the list. Well, I guess all I have to do is focus on one at a time...yeah, like that's ever going to work.

Brütal Legend - The shift to RTS was pretty dull. I'm not exactly a fan of the genre.
Yakuza 3 - Got sick of taking care of the orphans minor problems.
Jak 2 - Too damn unfair to the player with the lack of check points.
Jak 3 - A racing game? FUCK. THAT.

Too many to list. I probably got about 30 games I still need to finish. At the very least...

- I got bored of Borderlands, when I first owned it, by the third area. Then last year I bought it second hand to give it another shot with a friend on splitscreen (since I'd sold it). Gave up again in the 4/5th area (Not sure, there was a stupid bridge I had to lower for a deserted town). That game was bland as hell, bores the living daylights out of me. Just not my thing. Few (and I mean a few) funny quips though.

- Dead Island. I did the first few missions, got told to go somewhere but had no markers on the map, no labels on the terrain and no signposts pointing to it. I spent 1 hour and 40 minutes wandering around everywhere, including the hotels grounds, to see the same animated zombies respawn in the same spots in each pass. So I gave up. I had little patience for an over-hyped game.

- The Sims 3 (Xbox 360), bought it because I overplayed The Sims 1 & 2. The Sims 3 had too many loading screens, spent too long loading, had frame-rate stuttering if you fast-forward and was somehow really boring despite being not much different from The Sims 2. Sold it after a fortnight of only playing it 3 times.

- Pure, the most boring ATV racing game I have ever bought.

- NFS: Shift, was fun for the first 75 races, unwilling to do another 75 on top...

- Mercenaries 2 got boring half way, managed to push to 3/4 story completion with a friend... then we both got bored with the crappy ai protection missions and fucked off to play Halo 3.

- Endwar got tedious after a few hours. Good concept, slow practice.

- Modern Warfare 3. My brother bought it and since I had completed CoD 4/5/6/7 on 1000G gamerscore, I thought "what the hell, I hate the game but I should still give the SP a shot".
It sucked royal ass. The first CoD in years I haven't gained 1000G and I haven't even bothered selecting veteran. Never will. My worst game of the year for a multitude of reasons.

I re-tried its survival mode last night with a friend, who still likes CoD, to see if it could be more enjoyable. While that is true, we only played 3 games before we both got bored due to a lack of motivation and social stigma. Only 2 friends in a match? What is this, the freaking dark ages?

I do try to finish games I own so what follows is more like a list of shame.

There are quite a few old skol games I never finished (the TMNT snes game, original ninja gaiden, etc) so gonna discount those to focus on more modern titles.

Monster hunter for the psp. Basically had bought a bunch of games for psp that I was told was decent and this was one of them. As soon as I started to have to fight big monsters the game just became insanely tough and frustrating. I hear you do have to play this game coop so that might be a factor but either way this is one of the few modern games to make me confess defeat.

FFXII. First final fantasy game to bore me senseless and I just could not get immersed at all. Gave up on the game and the franchise.

Dead Space 1: People say dead space series ain't scary cos its all jump scares and monsters going ooga booga. Jump scares and monsters going ooga booga scare me just fine for personal reasons no one would care about so lets just leave at "it works on me". Couple that with the feeling of not being able to control my character how I wanted and we get a game that's been on my "to be continued.." list forever but which I've always managed to avoid.

Sims3: Most of the customization options I wanted for my characters were things you had to buy in the EA shop... As was most accesories and house items... When I bought sims3 I expected more options, not less (im dead serious about this. Maybe its my memory tricking me but I swear in sims2 you have way more character creation items and house items then you do in the sequel) so this money diming was a big deal breaker.

Silent Bomber: An awesome game that time forgot from the ps1 era. To my great shame I simply could not beat the final boss despite everything I tried... I have always intended to replay the game and this time picking up every powerup and upgrade on every level to be as ready for the boss as I possibly can.
Have yet to get around to doing this ><

I skip out on a lot of games. I have a tendency to play them for three or four hours, then just switch to something else.
Off the top of my head:

Mass Effect
Assassins Creed
Pokemon Colosseum
Dynasty Warriors Gundam
Super Mario Bros. 3
Animal Crossing
Harvest Moon(GCN)
Shining Soul
Bomberman Hero
Sonic Unleashed
LOZ Twilight Princess
LOZ A Link To The Past
Donkey Kong Country
Super Meatboy

The list could go on forever, but I'll cut it off there so I don't wast page space.

Well to name a couple that tend to stand out for me:

- Baldurs Gate
- Civilisation

Bought them, played a little, never bothered much after that.
Some time I'll get to them again, but for now and the foreseeable future.... meh.

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