If You Were a Boss In a Video Game What Would You Be?

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I'd be the main antagonist of the game and the Final Boss. In terms of characterization I'd be a sympathetic villain with virtuous goals (i.e. save the world, stop oppression, etc.) but very ruthless methods. I'd kill people, destroy towns and otherwise for the greater good, and I'd be the cynical villain while the heroes would be the idealists.

I'd be in a action RPG similar to Kingdom Hearts or the Tales series. I'd show up at least once prior to the end of the game in a near Hopeless Boss Fight that with enough leveling and skill the heroes can win, but the Cutscene power kicks in and the heroes lose anyway.

During the final battle, I'd face the heroes as before, but I'd also be a determinator, never giving up. I'd change into progressively stronger forms and fight the heroes a grand total of FIVE times in a row, but only 4 of them would be real battles. In the fifth battle, I'd change back to my normal form the main hero and I would go one on one, both of us torn up and barely able to stand, and we'd savagely duke it out in a unlosable (for the hero) battle with sad music as we both try to convince the other that we're right until I inevitably fall.

Even then, I don't give up, and attempt a "I'm taking you with me" in the next cutscene. After the heroic celebration and the credits roll, my theme plays and I'm seen looking over the celebration, and naturally say something to the effect of "This isn't over...", as the game cuts to black, setting up for a sequel.

The Fallout 2 Bridgekeeper.

I would be the Demi Fiend from Digital Devil Saga 1

A giant mechanized spider with machineguns and rocket launchers in it's legs and rocket venom spit. It would be building sized, so you'd have to climb up and inside of it, but the inside also has turret defenses that you'd have to shut down or destroy, until eventually you'd get to the brain which has electro shock turrets and a center which you'd shoot at until it overloads and shuts down and then you'd win.

Yeah, I'm not making this one easy.

My ultimate goal is to prepare the player for fighting the final threat to the world by any means necessary. I start out by doing something small (possibly close to unnoticable) to aid the player in a tough situation. (Meta Knight threw Kirby his first lollipop in the game.) When the good guy has finally gotten his bearings, I start by testing his combat skills with some of my minions, who are stronger than most of the basic enemies you fight but probably not as strong as the mini-bosses. I alternate between helping the player in subtle ways and sending my buddies to test you out until it gets close to the end of the game, when I finally confront you myself. Basically, in this regard, I'd be Meta Knight in Kirby's Adventure.

As for when you actually fight me, I carry a cane that I use as if it was a sword. I hit you with the cane in various ways, and I also can use it to rend and reassemble materials into a more suitable weapon, like stone, wood, and metal. When I've made a stronger weapon, I can attack with it for a while. You can destroy my stronger weapons by using elemental attacks on me (fire to burn wood, water to erode stone, and lightning to dispel metal). My second phase has me using the materials to build a very strong sword that can launch crescents of light to attack. My offensive powers are sharp at this point, but my defense is kind of frail, so come at me with physical blows at this point. The sword crescents can cut through elemental attacks now, but you can block them with your weapons or shadow magic.

I'd be that annoying fucking boss that makes a difficult level, seemingly impossible.
I would be really hard to kill. Your regular units/attacks would do minimal damage to me, so you'd have to focus me down with a fuckload of damage really quickly before I rape your shit. Even when you do kill me, I respawn in 5 minutes to do it all again!
The only way to ensure my final death, is to kill a structure that keeps spawning me. Unfortunately, that structure is in a very well fortified base...

TL;DR version: the Ultralisk hero Torrasque from Brood War.
There's a reason he's been my internet alias for 3 years :D

I'd be a tall, silent and faceless heavily armoured warrior you find standing alone on a mountain top in some action game. I just walk towards you slowly, not defending, as all your attacks just bounce off my ancient, fully encasing armour, not even making me flinch.

I'd probably carry a massive tower shield and a huge steel lance. I would be deceptively fast, drawing back and striking you within a split second, like a snake. You could only kill me by countering these attacks, quickly shoving me backwards and slashing at my neck that is only covered in cloth as I rear up.

At about 40% health I would raise my lance to the sky, gather the power of a thunderstrike in the blade and slam it into the ground. This would shatter my lance but it would make a shockwave attack capable of killing you instantly if you don't avoid it (this is a bullshit-hard game if you didn't realise).

Then I'd draw a shortsword and start lunging at you with lightning fast slashes and stabs, occasionally smashing you with my shield to stun you. I'd cover my neck extremely well in this form, forcing the player to find another way to beat me.

Occasionally I would make a move where I take my sword and shield in both hands and swing the combined weight down on you, bringing me to one knee. If you dodge to the side you can bring your sword down on the exposed part of the back of my knee, making me rear up again allowing you to cut my throat again, killing me.

A swift humanoid 'final exam' type boss, and a long one. My goal is to force players to master any abilities and techniques they've neglected to get at least decent with, along with new ways of using them to slip through my defences and neutralize my attacks. That fire attack you've got? You have yet to realize its true potential- the brief frames of invincibility it grants you when you jump. That barrier spell of yours isn't just a defensive move either. Once you've learned to counter all of my styles, I shall crank up the speed and switch between them rapidly.

Fail to learn my lessons in a timely manner and I shall mock you. A lot. I shall juggle my sword, laugh merrily and finger-waggle in your face because seriously, a warrior with such a hopelessly linear mind cannot hope to defeat the Ultimate Demon Lord in the evil castle just behind me.

Just to be mean I would have a ton of other enemies around me on infinite spawn, while I would follow you around the battlefield.

One of the ways to hit me would be using a sort of environmental stun (explosion, kicking a pillar on me, etc) and then my weak spot would expose for a few seconds, which if you don't keep an eye on the infinite spawned enemies will be fairly hard and annoying.

Throughout the whole battle if I hit you it'd be one of those, homerun hits that sends you halfway across the field.

The level leading up to me would contain a slew of hellish traps and tricks, as well as enemies that ambush you from the dark, but once you finally catch up to me, I would just be a breather boss that you can kill without much effort.

Just a massive set of stairs, littered with banana peels and stuff you have to avoid tripping on.

I told you about stairs, bro.

I approve of this necro.

Jokingly, or seriously?

Seriously, I'd be Baku from the beginning of Final Fantasy IX, complete with tripping and everything.

Jokingly, I'd be a secret extra boss that can only be unlocked and defeated after passing a grueling series of side-missions or trivial quests that give the player's party items that would be helpful against me. If all of the side-quests that grant items aren't completed, I'll be almost impossible (but not quite) to defeat, because the items remove immunities that I have and provide bonuses against some of my attacks, as well as negating any one-hit-kill moves that I possess.

If it's a turn-based RPG, I'll have three forms that are all progressively stronger than the last and which all look more demented and disturbing than the last until I finally go full Kefka on the party and look like some mutant demon angel, complete with spouting corrupted Bible verses in between attacks.

This would be my theme track:

I'm the stoic guy who gets a big build-up throughout the game and then loses his cool three-quarters in, shouting one-worders like "Burn!" and "Dominion!". Fun times!

I would be Sander Cohen, a boss you never actually have to fight one on one and one that you can choose to kill or let live.

I'd be a Kengo style boss. Waiting for you to approach at the end of a long line of my easily despatched retainers.

The Kyoto December breeze, like the caress of a jealous mistress, entices the long grass surrounding us to dance lithely and wanton. That same mistress whispers to us, indecently, in the musical flow of frigid water, the glowing throb of the afternoon's orange clouds; and the solitary crimson maple leaf that flutters like a butterfly between us.


The maple leaf, now bisected, falls to either side of your corpse, its colour lost amidst the pool of blood that likewise swallows the snow that has only now begun to fall. Such a shame you died before the snow.

It really is quite beautiful to be alive this afternoon.

A game with a combat system actually based on real styles of fighting, and the sudden fatal resolutions of combat. That's where you'd find me. Kengo bosses usually kill with one hit - mind you, they also die with one hit. It just depends who gets it in first, and who doesn't know the proper counter move.

That, coupled with the romance and pathos of samurai stories is what draws me.

I'd be an obstical in a point and click adventure. The solution would involve making me a cup of tea and fetching jammy dodgers.

I would be the main boss in an adventure game, I would be a six foot male with long white hair and a black silk feathered cape jacket with silk feathered trousers, and black soul-less eyes with pointy ears, and I would be able to throw glowing black fireballs from my hands and Id also be able to summon undead warriors to come help me in battle. I would have more health than anything in the game. And my only weakness would be a magical blade that you have to get from a magical chest that can only be opened if you find four or more magical keys that are guarded by the Elements a.k.a Fire, Water, Stone & Air.
And when you beat me I'd only be banished to somewhere like the Underworld for a hundred or so years!

I would be the main boss in an adventure game, I would be a six foot male with long white hair and a black silk feathered cape jacket with silk feathered trousers, and black soul-less eyes with pointy ears, and I would be able to throw glowing black fireballs from my hands and Id also be able to summon undead warriors to come help me in battle. I would have more health than anything in the game. And my only weakness would be a magical blade that you have to get from a magical chest that can only be opened if you find four or more magical keys that are guarded by the Elements a.k.a Fire, Water, Stone & Air.
And when you beat me I'd only be banished to somewhere like the Underworld for a hundred or so years!

Or I'd be Vergil from Devil May Cry!

I'd be the boss that typed every word in a sentence with a capital letter.

Oh look, it's another necro'd thread. Ah well, I'll post anyway.

I'd be the hardest boss in existence:

I imagine that I'd be a swear-y, lady Glass Joe.

Not necessarily a fighting game boss, but, well, weak and twiggy.

I guess I'd want to be a fighting game boss in the vein of Seth, Jinpachi or Nightmare. (Or that new bitch in Soul Calibur 5, Elysium or something)

I'm the idiot with a personal grudge against the hero.

I'm likely a minor minion, probably the first boss of the game, and predictably I get my ass kicked. Normally the big bad would send out a stronger minion in my place. But I don't quit so easily. And even though I have no interest in the big bad's world-ending schemes, that defeat bruised my ego something fierce.

And so I keep coming back for more. Again and again. And I lose every time.

I switch up my tactics. I upgrade my weapons. I learn to use magic. I pick up a sidekick to even the scores against all those morons that follow the hero around (are they his personal slaves or something?).

And still I keep losing.

The losses take a heavy toll on my body. I resort to dark magic, cybernetics, to keep me going (and the power boost dosen't hurt either. The hero doesn't seem pleased to keep running into me. Seems he's busy with something involving crystals, princesses and the end of the world, but I don't care about any of that. I've staked everything on beating him, my body is useless for anything else now. The big bad's other minions also want to kill the hero. They can get in line; he is MINE.

And again and again, I lose to him.

I throw all rules of honourable combat to the winds. I crash my airship into his and fight him on the burning deck. I mind-control his friends and turn them against him. I jump him as he leaves a dungeon. I fight him on collapsing buildings, on speeding trains, on frigid mountain peaks.

Nothing works. Victory still eludes me.

Time slips away, the hours and days between fighting HIM a meaningless blur. The sky has turned red. The dead walk the land. The ancients have returned. People are screaming in the streets. I don't care. I track HIM to a vast floating fortress, created in ancient days, walls straining to contain the arcane power within. The big bad is here, upon bis throne, his dreams of conquest almost manifest. I still don't care. I don't recall how I got there, nor how I defeated the abominations that walk the halls. I catch up with HIM just before the throne room, at a courtyard lit by a baleful moon.


It is over far too soon. Even with every ounce of strength, striking with attacks poweful enough to fell armies, it is not enough. My body crumples to the floor again. I expect perhaps a moment of kinship between us; after all, we have fought so many times now. But, it does not happen. He and his friend step over by body and enter the throne room. I hear them talking with the big bad inside. Something about good, evil, fate, power; I understand nothing of it. I understand that I have barely clashed with the hero; I may have tested him in combat, but I cannot say I know him. What was it all for. I don't know. I fade away long before the hero vanqusihes the big bad, completes his journey and saves the world, still desperately trying to figure it out.

I am the mid-boss. Pity me.

If there was a game where you'd play as the Reapers, I'd be just me.

No squad, no Normandy, Final Destination, just you and me, player, let's go.

This cat submarine from Parodius. I'd like to be a boss that people take seriously but, as in real life, I'm stuck with an endearing expression and a pirate hat.


Less QQ more Mew Mew.

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