Kingdom hearts 10th anniversary. Let us talk about it

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So today or yesterday or tomorrow wherever you live is kingdom hearts 10 anniversary so why not talk about it and what memiores and share some pictures

It was the first game I completed on my PS2 way back then. Even bought the japanese Final Mix version just for the extra Unknown boss. Good times.

The first game I played in the series was Chain of Memories on the GBA back when I didn't have a PS2. Since then, I've gotten every game and played through them multiple times each. The Chain of Memories Remake is one of my favorite games of all time.

Boring series that once again showed SE doesn't know WTF they're doing and weeaboos will buy garbage in droves.

Boring? Are you kidding me? The last thing Kingdom Hearts is is boring.

Boring series that once again showed SE doesn't know WTF they're doing and weeaboos will buy garbage in droves.

Is it really neccesary to come into a thread where people are trying to discuss a game for the sole purpose of hurling unsubstantiated criticism and thinly veiled insults?

It's mean spirited and childish.

For me, Kingdom Hearts was the game that got me into video games. I had played them before as a child, but KH was really the first console game I picked up all on my own, without my older brother's input or previous interest. I had played the Pokemon games when I was even younger, but after playing those I hadn't expressed interest in other games. After KH, though, I began to wonder about those other games. I wondered, who are Cloud and Yuffie? Where did they come from? What about Squall? And over time I accumulated the other Final Fantasy games, and it became my major hobby.

I've only played the first one, got pretty far into 2 (got bored eventually), and beat the shit out of Birth By Sleep (by far my favorite of the ones I've played)

I really wish SE would announce an HD collection for the PS3 or adding them to the PS2 Classic section in the PSN
and I'm really hopeful for Dream Drop Distance aka 3D, still no Aqua might put me off a little bit but my love for Disney will see me trough the game.

I do wish more worlds from the TV shows would be used though stuff like: Kim Possible, The Avengers, Wizards of Waverly Place, Phineas and Ferb, Ultimate Spider-Man, BoBoiBoy, and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and why the hell does it have to be strictly Disney, why don't we ever travel to Final Fantasy worlds?

KH was ten years ago?

Good lord I'm old.

I kept on doing the Hades Cup over and over again until I got to level 100 and got the Ultima Weapon before I took a serious shot at beating Sephiroth... dear love him, he didnt have a chance ;)

Absolutely awesome series =D

KH was ten years ago?

Good lord I'm old.

I know right, I freaked out. I still remember playing it every day after primary school with my best mates. Now I'm half way through uni and still waiting on number 3.

It's lost its way a little as a franchise recently, but it's still my favorite Squeenix series ever. And yeah, it was a "gateway game" for me- one of the first things I got for my PS2 that showed me what amazing stories and challenges gaming had in store for me.

I am hoping that the Final Mix versions will be available for other countries due to the extra content, still waiting on KH3 and the 3D KH game
Still missing the GBA KH:CoM and the psp game

I remember hearing about this game for the first time... Shit, I think I was in 7th grade at the time. Me and my friends were talking about how lame the idea seemed, and our budding manly egos were too gung-ho to stoop to playing Disney games.

But, I got to try the game anyway soon after it came out, and it really impressed the hell out of me. Definitely not what I expected, and it was way better than my expectations too. I became an instant fan of the title. I loved KH2 as well.

However, my problem with the series is that it seemed to have just jumped onto handhelds. I don't do handhelds, so I have not played a single KH game on them.

According to wiki, out of 10 games, only 2 of them were actually on consoles. I thought "Eh I'll just skip the handhelds and see what KH3 will be like."

And... nothing. Just more goddamned handheld titles instead. Now I feel like the handheld titles have extended the story pretty far beyond what I last remember it being.

It disappoints me, because I loved KH 1 and 2, and have zero interest in playing the handheld ones. I just hope that if and when KH3 comes out, I won't be lost over everything I've missed.

Huh, 10 years already? Damn, how time flies.

I still remember playing it, for some reason I could never beat the some of the optional bosses like the Ice Titan, the phantom who flies around the Clocktower, and that overrated douchebag Sephiroth.

I know i have a copy of it somewhere in my house but i think it gone missing got the second one though and i really want a kh game on the ps3.....

Couldn't stand the first one. Can't really describe it. Everything just felt wrong.

Loved the second. The Organization boss fights are some of my favorite ever.

Never got into anything else really.

It was like one of the dumbest premises I'd ever heard for a game yet still somehow turned out to be one of the best games I've ever played.

I'm picking up a 3DS next week, super psyched for Dream Drop Distance. Just wish it had a US release date already.

My story is a lot like the rest here. I had just turned 10 or 11 I think when I got it, and it was the game that got me into gaming. I have tried to keep up, but didn't own the appropriate handhelds, so I am currently catching up on the PC. Illeeeegallyyyyyyy.

I wish they got the fuck done with FF vs XIII so they can get the fuck on with KH3

I can say that I have never played any of them. However, I can say I remember that I kinda wanted it, back in fourth grade, because all I saw, was a game which looked serious and had Donald Duck in it. Except for that, I have no memories of the game.

But ten years anniversary? Seems I timed it right. A friend has bugged me into playing the game for a while, and now, I've actually managed to borrow a copy from somebody else, so as soon the easter vacation kick in, I'm going to start my journey with Kingdom Hearts II. "DARKNESS WILL NEVER TAKE OVER OUR HEARTS". Ugh, I have no idea what I've just signed up for, do I?

It's been 10 years? It feels like just yesterday. I've gotten A LOOOT of people into Kingdom Hearts. Oh, good times.
Okay, I'll be "this" person. Where the hell is KH3?!

I honestly don't even remember the plot anymore, give us KH3 already! Stupid SE, don't you want our money? or would you rather keep failing with FF...

Boring series that once again showed SE doesn't know WTF they're doing and weeaboos will buy garbage in droves.

OH, PISSING OFF FANBOYS! I want to join in on this.

Samus is a whiny bitch, every Mario games is about a obese plumber stalking a princess and her reptile boyfriend, Skyrim and every other Elder Scrolls game was all a big boring grind, Assasins Creed is the mentally retarded kid in the back of the room who can only do the same thing repeatedly and every RPG is the same boring quest after boring quest. Oh I'm sorry, did you like any of those, well if you did then I will happily hop onto any thread meant to talk about those games and celebrate them for giving us hours of enjoyment and wreck the party.

Do you see how childish it sounds coming from someone else. Its like celebrating Employee of the Month and you show up and smack talk the dude because you don't like them, it makes you look like a drunken asshole.


Kingdom Hearts one and Two along with the 558/2 days one was OK. But I can't believe that there exist 10 and I haven't heard of more then four, shit be crazy.

Has it really been ten years? Holy shit.

That was a great game in my opinion. It was literally one of the only things my friends and I would talk about back in elementary school. We loved it to the point of pretending we were all Sora, Donald, Goofy, and a bunch of heartless fighting each other during recess.

I've never actually beaten the first game by myself though. One of my friends had to help me with the final boss. I was able to beat the second game on my own at least.

I'll also say that the games inspired me to play some of the Final Fantasy games. Starting with VII, then IX, (My absolute favorite as you can tell by my avatar), X, IV for the DS, and XIII.

Oh, so it's Kingdom Hearts birthday? That means presents!

I propose Kingdom Hearts 3

I confess I haven't been as excited about the game as I used to be. But when I first got into the series I admit I was a pretty big fan. It combined my favorite game with many of my favorite movies when I was young. In my own words it was 'Legend of Legaia meets Disney!'(Kingdom Hearts was my first exposure to Final Fantasy y'see.) Kingdom Hearts II is the first(and right now only) game I was excited enough to look up information about and count down on the calendar till it's release. And I very much still love the game. Is it perfect? No, but I enjoyed it and I have fun playing it still.

Birth By Sleep I have to say is my favorite so far, because I feel like it many things right that the previous ones did not(not to say the others were bad, BBS just seemed to have improved what I already liked). I loved the battle system in that game, melded the relatively simple but fun combat of the two console games with the customization available in the nintendo handhelds(confessedly the only thing I really liked about their combat systems). I'm not entirely excited for dream drop distance, partially due to the fact that the nintendo handheld games tend to screw with the combat, I'm still hoping I can scrounge up the extra cash to play it. =)

10 years?...damn, time flies.

I am crazy excited to KH Dream Drop Distance and the inevitable KH3, It's one of the few series that has me buying all titles without delay. From Japanese reviews and gameplay footage so far, it's looking to be the best. July 27th...Y U NO COME SOONER?!?!

Never Played the series to be honest , i am a collector or jrpgs so i do own them , but i could never get around the cutesey disney aspect of the game. Don't get me wrong, i don't think it's childish per-se , but i couldn't get into it . I was about 13 or 14 when it came out . Although to be honest , if the third game came out and it ended with say the whole universe getting destroyed a la mass effect 3 , i do think it would be awsome .

Kingdom Hearts, forever and always. May we see another 10 years of happiness and light.

Is anyone getting the 10th Anniversary celebration pack?


10th anniversary?

We need a Kingdom Hearts HD Re-mix that features both Final Mix versions of 1, 2 and Birth by Sleep (along with RE: Chain of Memories) and some pretty groovy art and sound stuff. Then maybe next year we get Kingdom Hearts 3

Yeahhhh I support this.

Anyway Happy Birthday Kingdom Hearts, I have enjoyed your franchise so far.

I love the KH series. Some of the best games ever. Also each game changes things up just enough that it feels fresh. I mean Chain of Memories plays totally different from KHII which plays a lot smoother than the KHI. I can't really speak for the handhelds as Ive never played them. However, I am seriously considering buying a 3ds for Dream Drop Distance. It looks off the hook.

What it means to me personally is a game series I will not ever play due to its ties to a corporation that supported the nazis and has had its hands in exceedingly sinister things ever since.

IF it was your first JRPG, I get the love.
But if it wasn't, well..

There's a reason why 'old people' like me who started with FF1 through FF3(6) laugh at the praise given to FF7.
It happens every generation, I guess.

Try the MegaTen series.

Great story, good combat, amazing OST, good art, and none of that QTE crap.

Wearing the Organization XIII Coat, as I Type this! I can't believe it's been that long since the series began. It's remained one of my favorite series of games since I played it. Started with Chain of Memories for the GBA and started my fandom. As soon as I saw the commercial, I fell in love with this series (Plus Simple and Clean was very catchy) and do not regret playing the games, even buying the handheld system for 1 game.

My opinion on the series to date:
Kingdom Hearts -- Not that great a game. The platforming just didn't work, and it didn't play especially well.
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories -- Utter crap. Nothing redeeming about it.
Kingdom Hearts II -- Holy crap was this awesome. The point at which I'd say the franchise found its legs.
Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories -- Slight improvement over the original, but still not that fun.
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days -- A lot of people hated this one, but I enjoyed it. One of the most heart-wrenching endings I've ever seen in a video game.
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep -- I don't care what anyone says; this is the best game in the series by far.
Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded -- Good but not great. Really just too short.
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance -- I can't wait for this one.

What I really love is how every game uses the same basic engine, but mixes up the systems a bit: 358/2 had the panel system, Birth by Sleep had the command board, Coded had the programming grid...
Also, I like the plot. A lot of people say it's overly-convoluted and makes no sense; I can follow it perfectly, but then my brain is weird like that. Can't wait to see where it will go next.

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