Is Playing EVE a Source for Viable Business Profit?

After hearing about all of the insane things that go on in the EVE universe, such as selling real things with in game currency and space ponzi schemes, I have to wonder wheater someone could set up a business the revolves entirely around playing EVE and converting in game money into real world profits.

Not as a gold farming business, but either converting the credits into real money (I do not know if you can do this) or by buying goods with in-game money and then selling those (if the practice we saw with the video cards became more prevalent)

Its out there, but it would be awesome were it feasible.

Unless you own EVE Online (as in the company) the only other way to make a steady profit is gold farming.
That whole video card deal was a rare cross promotion to keep the MMO alive, other then that they only let you pay off your monthly subscription (if they still have that).

Don't expect to be building your empire out of someone elses game, and on that note let me just burst your bubble with Diablo 3 as well.
You will haveto be extremely lucky to even pay off the game within a year, and by that time the auction house will be so spammed up noone will be earning anything.

This might be an inspirational story for you.

This[/url] might be an inspirational story for you.

Yeesh. I'm not sure if Captain gold farmer there should be an inspirational story for anyone.

Yes, you can


It depends on if EVE's TOS prohibits you from selling in-game things for real world cash

It also depends on how GTC/PLEX retailers get their stock (if its directly from CCP or if its purchased in-game somehow)

Worst comes to worst, you do what that Ebank guy did and sell your ISK anyway. And get banned.

But he got money for his billions...

-'Is Playing EVE a Source for Viable Business Profit?'-

Yes. It can be another 'job' to be 'played'. You have the chance to expand and profit at many different costs and levels of chance.

-'Not as a gold farming business,'-

Err, Uhm, well... it's just like gold farming, but sanctioned internally to keep the user based economy going. People with ideas and commitment make up the structure of EVE Online.

What are you on about?

You buy PLEX then sell them on the market, not the other way around.


If you want to make dought playing videogames going pro at PvP games or being a Diablo III farmer sound much more feasible than EVE

You could do that, but CCP are heavily against that sort of thing and would ban the accounts involved when they find out.

Cid SilverWing:
What are you on about?

You buy PLEX then sell them on the market, not the other way around.

If you're good enough at farming ISK, you can buy PLEX and sell it privately. Kind of like a gold farmer.

To make enough ISK in the game to turn this "scheme" into a profitable business would take insane amounts of time and expertise to set up and maintain. Well, mostly to set up really. Because then you could POTENTIALLY use bots and whatnot.

All in all, I'd say that you'd probably be better off just getting a proper job. Hell, for the amount of time you'd have to invest in EVE, you could get two jobs.

Hell, I just realized that you can sell a lot of stuff in the game. Ships, skills books, characters...People already trade characters actually, don't know exactly how that works though.

Maybe but you'll make yourself want to commit suicide. Go figure.


Its out there, but it would be awesome were it feasible.

You do realize if it was even remotely feasible, every kid out there would try, thinking that they have some idea that will make it work against hundreds of thousands of others who will also be trying.

And, also, I said in the D3 thread, even if it were feasible, I'd want to keep gaming as a hobby, not make it a job. Much less would I want to make one particular game a job.

Sure, folks would think "Awesome! I can make enough money to get by merely by playing something I enjoy!" Try it, I dare you. Try it and then tell me how much you enjoy it three months from now.

*ahem* That's my 0.02€


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