Mount and Blade - Who are you?

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I have been replaying Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword again when it struck me about how... free, this game was. See, most people would first of all go for the "normal" build a big army, become a vassal then work your way up, but there is just so many ways to play this game!

I have all three Mount and Blade games (love 'em all) but I still think Fire and Sword is the best, I mean yeah, it may seem smaller compared to Warband (at least it did to me) but hell, nothing, I mean NOTHING, is more awesome than building an army and entering battle. As the battle starts, the enemies cavalry charges, a seemingly unstoppable wall of man and horse. Then your musket line fires, blowing holes through the charge. Anything that does make it to your line gets impaled on your pikes. Meanwhile, you sit back and laugh, maybe leasing a shot or two off out of your pistol. :)

So, to get to the point of the thread, in Mount and Blade (Normal, Warband or WFAS)...

Who are you?

I know a few different times I have played, I have always been someone different. Ages back in the original Mount and Blade, I was an outlaw, using a crack team of a few companions backed up by a few horse archers, ending up with about 10 merry men. I raided towns and caravans, villagers and even did hit and runs on tougher targets. It all involved circling the enemy, filling him with arrows then using my sword to finish him off.

Then there was the mercenary phase, in Warband, where my entire army was mercenary, just in it for the gold. By the end of that, I think every faction hated me because of how much taxes and items I had... borrowed. I had a similar army again in Warband, but I kept my mercs separate from my actual troops. Lets just say I had my troops in a nice formation, all safe, and I sent the mercs to do the... dirty work.

I also became a merchant in WFAS, trading completely legal, but I kept getting attack and raided, and with all my money spent on trade items, I had only very weak arms to defend myself, and the small party that was protecting me was soon slaughtered.

But now... a new age... at the moment I am a "mercenary". That is, I am acting like one. I have been a little more subtle this time. I built a small party, and I have been helping the Muscovite Tsardom and slowly gaining trust with them, gathering materials, money and men. Soon, I am going to attack the Kingdom of Sweden, capturing one of their towns up north and becoming a rebel faction. All shall know the power of Rimmy! Also, if you buy a house in my newly rebuilt home, you get free cookies! Don't worry people, the smell of burnt villagers will go away!

So, Escapabebumbles, who are you?

Wow. Every thread I start never gets replied to. Either its a prank and people are hiding my threads from everyone, or its me.

Forever Alone.

Every time I play Warband I usually end up doing the same thing. I give up kissing butt to all the kingdoms and ravage EVERYTHING with my army of 100 swadian knights and 20 crossbowmen.

I only have Warband and am not too experienced with it but currently I am a Nordic vassal, faithfully serving my King Ragnar as we pillage other nations. We have taken most of Swadia except for a single castle on the coast that we let them keep out of mercy. I own a city and a couple of villages all of which are prospering.
I am also friends with other influential nords and have even been elected marshall before, the king himself calls me his champion.

I do not carry as many troops as other armies instead focusing on quality over quantity. I usaully have little to do with cavalry and instead have a hard line of infantry, in sieges my troops are strong enough to defeat twice their own number.

I also am fully equipped in the finest armour with a mighty steed and am armed with the strongest weaponry, usaully a two handed sword or a morning star. I have enough wealth to do this thanks to my shady earlier history of capturing sea raiders and bandits to sell to nordic slave traders. I still have my old contacts who I will send captured prisoners to if they give me too much trouble.

Ah... slave trading. The way to earn that bit of extra money when you realise that your sword is too blunt and is also made out of wood. Slave trading was actually pretty fun and is a good idea, as it does net you a lot of money, but they slow you down so the number one rule is:

If behind enemy lines, relying on speed or attempting to run from a larger force, NEVER take slaves!

So many times when I was starting off I tried to TAKE ALL THE SLAVES!.... it always ended badly, usually with some smug ass lord coming up and saying, "Ha-ha, but I want to fight you!"

In Warband I was a Viking raider, with a huge army of axe-men. I would very quickly start my own kingdom that was essentially nomadic, as I didn't leave garrisons in the places I'd captured. Basically my army just ran from one town to the next, slept, then ran on to the next place.

Huh, I have never thought to play that way. A nomadic army... I dunno if I could deal with seeing my dearly loved and hard-won castles just be taken back by some prick from another faction....

How would you get funds to keep up a nomadic army? I would love to try that but im not sure how to go about it. Can you still support a large amount of them or are only a smaller amount possible? I suppose funds would be just from raiding villages?

I usually end up doing the same thing. Finding a faction that I don't hate and raiding every other village with a lance, a horse and 70 other assorted units. Then I sell off my crap, buy some better weapons and do it again.

Every so often I get beaten and have to build myself up from square one.

I usually am that guy who wanders around the woods, hitting bandits and mercenaries as often as possible, until I wind up alone because I'm the only one in the game who knows that being on a horse is the best way to not get shot/stabbed/eviscerated.
Once I end up alone, I amble on into a village and recruit volunteers, head into town for the mercenaries, and then head on out to do it again.

@Dandark That's the same kinda thing I was thinking... like, how would you keep the funds? Because, if you got your ass kicked and escaped with a few men or get captured, how do you rebuild your army? Your other castles and cites would have been taken back, so it's back to the start, like, completely back to the start....

@TUG Funny you say that, I do kinda the opposite. I choose one faction I hate, then raid the every living shit out of it whilst helping the other factions for money to support more attacks. Then, I take over a castle or city and then rule my own little state. I should be okay as I made good friends with the other factions before I started my own faction, so I now have a network of allies vs one screwed enemy...

@Malyc Heh, yeah, I do find it funny the way that you can stare at your cavalry as they sit in front of the enemy gun line, not moving as the swing their sword back and forth and then wondering why they keep getting blasted out of their seat...

@Rimmy: Aint that the truth? It truly seems like they have a legitimate deathwish...

Still don't know why they do it, every tiny bit of damage you can do is multiplied when you come flying in on a speeding horse and stab someone with it.

I recently restarted while playing as a woman who wants to prove herself to the men so she goes around killing bandits and helping her country (The orange one)

I generally play very badly.

Seriously, I suck at Mount & Blade.

Join Faction. Consecutively raid villages for unlimited money.
Upgrade forces enough to take a castle alone. Leave faction and take castle.
Continue raiding villages and stocking forces in garrison. Acquire ~400 forces.
Siege major city and stock with garrison.

Rinse and repeat until game won.

Not the most fun way of winning the game, but it works.. :)

The words "Mount" and "Blade" used in the correct order have convinced me to reinstall, create a Peasant who rises from a burnt village to raise an army that conqueror's the known world. Thanks, thanks a lot, I FINALLY found some free time.

Most of M&B experience is in Warband, where I have several characters all fighting for the Vaegir... they have a cool name, and I love love looooove their fancy armors. :P

Most of my saves are female characters (like the feeling of being an uber battle maiden, I guess), the only variation between them are skills... the one I've taken the farthest rides into battle with a bow and a two-handed weapon, I think... it's been awhile. >.>

Another thing they all have in common is army composition- numbers kinda fluctuate, but it's pretty much %25 archers and %75 calvary... ideally, anyway. A few die every now and again, naturally, so there's volunteers interspersed through my ranks that I'm training up to cavalrymen/archers. :|

Anyhoo, it's good fun. Whenever someone gets stupid enough to wage war on us, I get to be pretty ruthless; sacking villages and merchants as often as I can... because of this, I don't have many of the named people you find in taverns since most of them have bleeding hearts and hate sacking villages and the like. I generally do, too, but I'll be damned if I don't ride away with some choice trade goods more often than not. :S

I prefer Warband. I usually go with a male character, It feels more appropriate, and immediately go out to find 6 companions that don't get mad with eachother. Then I go on a quest to exterminate those filthy Nords. On my first playthrough I allied with some country and the Nords was the first faction I fought with. I've since always made sure to get rid of them first(I also do it because I'm Swedish and I find it funny).

I never go trading in M&B. To me the game is all about taking a two-handed axe, mount a horse and ride around the battlefield breaking shields and faces.

I usually go Horse Archer/slave trader guy. It takes some time to get the skills you need to be an effective horse archer but in the end it's worth it.

For my whole fighting strategy I just recruit loads of the purple guys and keep most of them in second tier(they're really expensive once they get their horses), that way you'll have a large force of maybe 40-70 men, still moving at 5-6 speed. To combat the heavier units I use a small force of maybe 10 lancer guys. This way I can just move around and raid convoys, villages etc while running away from stronger forces.

Sieges are a bitch to fight though.

I just reinstalled windows and I fear I may not have backed up M&B. I was a vassal of the kingdom of Vaegeris, with a kill-count a few thousand strong.

The bastards still wouldn't take my advice...

I started off riding from town to town, winning tournaments and building up my company. After a while, during a tournament, i ended up fighting the king in a one on one duel for the championship. I won, and he was rather decent about it, offering me a a position as a mercenary commander for his little war.

Frankly, after meeting the way we did i just couldn't imagine not working for him and rising up to become his right hand man. It would break too many awesome cliches.

So that is exactly what i did. Eventually becoming his most prominent vassal. After destroying a neighbouring kingdom and getting to work on the other one, i grew tired of the king profiting so much when i was winning castle after castle, just making him stronger, so i renounced my oath and went off to start carving out my own kingdom, starting with the Nords, the people we had been warring against. I took most of their remaining territory, but it wasn't long before my former king grew jealous, and declared war on me.

I had almost tripled his lands while serving him, and now i must face down the beast i created. They have so many men, so many lords, so much territory.......

But i took it once, i can take it again.

I'm usually a lone wanderer who preys on bandits in the countryside, a troubleshooter-for-hire who'll let his moral compass choose what lord he'll take jobs from, and who'll only accept followers with reluctance, knowing that they can be necessary.

...I think I'll load Warband back up. I started playing all three a while ago, but they weren't quite the game I was wanting to play at the time. I did like them, though.

Female archer, in light leather armor, with the fastest, most nimble horse money can buy, and a light, fast sword. I always start by leading an army of vagabonds and rogues, which turns into a small mercenary army, which eventually backs a pretender of choice and starts a peasant revolution against her kingdom of choice, which it always suits me to view as grim and oppressive.

Sort of like a Robin Hood story. Only with more estrogen.

I've never played Mount and Blade. This thread makes me want to pick it up...

I like the whole small group thing.

Gather all the companions, raid caravans and bandits. Ill take on any of the main factions except the Rhodoks (I stick everyone on Chargers and Warhorses, Rhodoks eat those).

Once that gets boring, resort to the usual method (mass amounts of money by this point), build a large army and take over this particular castle, dont remember the name, begins with a G iirc. Its in the pass between the Swadian lands (Uxhal? Or summat like that) and Velucia, has a nice narrow and steep access path, makes defending easy with a good mix of bow/crossbow and Nord infantry.

Just finished putting Lethwin on the throne of the nords, one hell of a journey as the nords were doing really well. I go for the heavy Cavalier setup, as do all of my companions. They dual spec as a skill specialist and cavalry fighter. For example, Ymira is a cavalier and my dedicated engineer.

So far it has worked out really well. My army is compromised of mostly Swadians, nords and a few vaegirs.

Wow. Every thread I start never gets replied to. Either its a prank and people are hiding my threads from everyone, or its me.

Forever Alone.

HAH! welcome to my/most non-extraordinarily popular escapist members worlds!
OT yes, i do like this game...though i tend to go as a psychopathic army captain who murders people on whim.

I'm the guy who rides into battle at the head of my troops and generally does pretty decent. As for my character, I'm a noble knight type, with a high honour rating.

In Mount and Blade, I'm a Khergit, body and soul. I pledge my cause to the mega-lulz of riding around with an army composed of 90 Lancers, running circles around the enemy with bow and arrow, then finishing them off by couche-lance whoring.

In warband, I'm a free spirit, going around seducing fair maidens, picking fights with nobles, all that good stuff.

In Fire and Sword, I just try to make a New Model Army, with halberdiers 2 meters infront of a line of musketeers. 45 of each. I make them hold their ground, break any charge, and walk around my line with my personnal companion guard. They die fast, but I gave them spiffy armor, and they divert attention away from me.
My pass time in the game is amassing the largest possible garnisson in a castle, with some 900 soldiers, then pissing off the Russians and watch their armies try to take my castle.

Every week or so, over 7 full armies attack my castle, and I drive them back. I'm pretty sure that by now, I could reforge the Collosus of Rhodes with just the lead bullets that have been fired.
Too bad that after suffering a humilitating defeat where they lost a thousand men, and I only about 100, they made peace with my kingdom.

I'm using the Last days of the Third Age mod for the original Mount and Blade and I am a Dunedain Ranger! If you haven't tried this mod I HIGHLY recommend it, completely awesome!

This is so weird, I just started playing Warband again today. My first character just did the usual stuff, counter-raid bandits, build up an army, do some quests, become a vassal (Nords for my first playhtrough) and then go forth into glorious battle. Lately I haven't been playing that game because tactical genius my King is not. We're at war with the remaining four nations (wiped out the Vaegirs), at the same time, after an extended battle with the Rhodoks (to be fair, not much of a threat anymore) so the army is rather low on manpower. I'm commanding obviously.

So, that was frustrating, and lately I've been working on becoming my own nation. Decided not to ally myself with other nations, for the hell of it, which leaves me free to take the taxes missions (go here, collect a few thousand, you can keep a fifth) and just bail. Good times. Still not very strong there though, army of about 50.

I only play the Brytenwalda mod (set in Dark Ages England after the fall of Rome) and I really suck at it. My only reasonably successful playthrough was as an Irish Merchant who travled the lands selling various legitimate goods. After a while I was forced to hire a shield wall as bodyguard since I was getting attacked by Picts whenever I travled into the north. In my travels I fell in with the Brytenwalda kingdom and was eventually offered a village as a fiefdom. It was a ploy on their part however to rope me into their war with... well everyone. Taking the fief effectivly ended my run as a merchant and I was forced into banditry in order to keep my men paid and fed. The neighbouring lords I was at war with didn't approve and some geezer in full plate and 150 man strong army turned up at my village and showed me just how far I and my paltry 30 men had to go before we could contend. My army (lol) was shattered, my village was raised, the kingdom began to crumble and I gave up my lands and fled back to Ireland, where I was promptly captured by bandits and totted around as a slave.

A small raiding band of mamelukes and horse archers is what I prefer. And for my own character, a bow and a good scimitar or executioner axe, usually.

I like the Merchant Prince turned King.

First off do a few odd jobs to get some capital and invest it in a small bodyguard.
I tend to prefer the Nords for bodyguards as they have thrown weapons and form an effective shield wall. They are not the best but they are the jack of all trades with two feet.

With this guard I do some jobs for Nobles, Guild Masters but mostly I go around kicking the shit out of Bandits.

When I have a chunck of cash I start trading goods and then investing in permiment infrastructure. Once I have cash and a good flow of it I invest in a full time fighting force. I take out a Merc contract with... some nation who has wars galore in order to train my bulk of troops.

Once the contract ends... become King. Pick a Faction and with the army I have built up, take my first city, garrison it and then recuit a second force. Fight on the defensive until the enemy is worn out from pathetically trying to scale my walls.

Continue. Win game.

I've never played Mount and Blade. This thread makes me want to pick it up...

Go on steam. Download the Demo. Get to level 8........................ give in to your urge to buy the game :)

I played the first one. I started the game, someone kidnapped me or something, and then I quit. Never went back.

But I really need to. Im sure I can get into it, im pretty good and figuring stuff out in games, I just lacked the motivation back then. This thread has given me that motivation though.

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