Best games to Play Your Own Music To (and a League of Legends subtopic i suppose) XD

Ok then, pretty simple stuff. Which games do you feel are improved with the addition of your playlist of choice?

Personally, playing LoL with the Gurren Lagann soundtrack blaring through my headphones is fucking awesome, but it might have led to a couple of reckless charges because seriously, how can you not try to take on the the world solo with that epicness playing in the background?

Oh any tips for LoL would be nice, doing half decent with Morgana at the moment i'll probably main her, dropped Rammus pretty quick since I damn suck with him. Powerball is so good yet so bad at the same time... Plus the advice i was given for him solely consisted of Powerball into people, Defensive Curl, Ultimate (if possible) then hope to god that they don't dice you to pieces.

Died every single time. Dat team rage be risin' XD

Captcha: Million Dollars... Goddammnit Dante, can you leave me alone for one second?!

I usaully like to play LoL with the plentakill song for whatever champion im playing in the background. That's always fun, just got to be careful not to take gameplay tips from the song XD

Tips for LoL? If your morgana then level up the sticky ground ability quick. The one where she covers the ground in acid or something, at level 3 that can kill caster minions on it's own which makes it really easy for you to farm.
Get it to level 3, cast on the caster minions, fall back to stay out of enemy range, get free farm.

Also if you ever play Swain and kill someone, be sure to say in chat "An enemy has been Swain!"
This will increase your performance somehow.

Honestly, I haven't over-ridden an entire games' OST with my own music in a long time. Not since...I'd say Forza Motorsport 3.

Even when playing ME3's online, I generally just let the in-game music play. Which is good, as it plays some tracks from ME1, which basically gives me a nostalgia rush. For a game from 2007. >_> That I played 2 months ago.

And I don't really play anything on PC but the occasional bit of Morrowind, and I'd be stupid to play anything over a Jeremy Soule OST.

I stick music on whenever metro comes on in Battlefield 3. Can't hear anything over all the rockets & M320s anyway so I may aswell rock on & roll out. I only wish I could mod in a blaring visual cue for [Missile lock] and [Missile incoming] so that I could have it on in-flight but as it is I'd prefer to keep an ear out for the beeps.


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