When do you know you've been playing a game for to long?

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I know I have been gaming too long when I hear the birds starting to make noise outside, and only then realize I meant to go to bed at least six hours ago...

This has happened far too many times >_>

Also those fun moments where you realize you are applying game-logic to real life subconsciously. The last time that really happened to me was last summer when I had just finished Assassin's Creed 1 & 2 and I started looking for ways to climb up every building I walked past...

We used to gather with a couple of friends (between 6 and 10 guys) in my basement, hook up our computers to a local area network and play Warcraft 3. This started at about 5pm and could go on to 9-10 am, so when people start playing in their sleep a mod called "slide ninja slide", that's when you know you've played for too long and had a few coffees too much.

When the "time played" reaches triple digits.

My eyes are bleeding.
My head is throbbing.
My hands are locked in position.
I can't remember when I last moved...
but just one more mission... I swear.


I'm walking to class and I can hear the twinkle in Assassin's Creed 2 that tells you when you found something constantly. I can't tell you how many times I've stopped to look around for small chests or feathers.

Heh, when I play to much Assassin's Creed I always find myself making the little hidden blade flicky wrist motions.

Also last year when it snowed I kept getting compulsions to put on a gas mask everytime I stepped out into the snow thanks to Metro 2033.

I have tf2 dreams. Not just TF2, but hyper-realistic TF2 dreams. Like, absolutely realistic in every single aspect unless otherwise stated by the gameplay. A soldier jumping a corner and barely defeating a heavy who unloads 80 rounds into his stomach walks away as if nothing happens cause he's still got a bit of hp left, even though he's been completely disemboweled and is dragging his intestines behind him. It's like... The gameplay of the actual tf2 is from the viewpoint of the completely delusional, psychotic characters who see the world in that cartoony, fictionalised version, and in my dreams I see it from the point of view of an outsider, watching as these completely psychotic mercinaries slaughter eachother for essentially no reason, their pulled, hedonistic grins betraying the sick, broken mind that drives them to continue gunning down, blowing up and beating to death the enemy team, even as they're lit on fire and slowly burn to death while missiles and grenades hollow out their chest cavity...

I'm not even fucking joking. I cannot function after going through that for what felt like days.
I have to call in sich from work or school, wrap myself up in a blanket, drink warm milk and watch the news in a dazed, detatched state until that sweet, sweet bioligical process that removes the memories of such pure, horrific madness takes effect.

EDIT: Anyway, that's how I know I play too much tf2. Over 3000 hours since the first pyro update, and still a regular player.

When I start fighting Vasari when it's still daylight and am still fighting over that one system when nighttime rolls around, and there are still six more systems on the map.

When you go on a 8 day trip to italy, just to revisit all the places from a specific videogame (seriously, this is happening, i'm typing this sitting in venice) and as you walk the streets, you judge every building on how "climbable" it is.

for those of you how didn't figure it out, we are goin to the cities featured Assassins Creed 2

When i get so good at the game, winning is just going through the motions.

I really don't remember any stories about myself, but back in the day of the old NES and Gameboy, my mom used to play Tetris on those systems practically every day. Several years ago, she told me that she remembered that during that time, she was seeing falling Tetris blocks in her sleep and during the day any time she closed her eyes.


Seriously though, I tend to take frequent breaks. Not because the game doesn't immerse me, I'm just too restless and I can't sit down for more than about two hours at a time without standing up. I don't even do anything, I just wander round my house and then come back.

When you try to open a door to go outside and realise you don't need to press X or, indeed, need a controller to go outside.

Unless the wife counts...

When you nod to a friend and say "Wrex" and he nods back and says "Shepard" as a form of greeting and neither of you realize you did something like that until you notice the strange looks your other friends are giving you.

playing the first splinter cell and looking at shadows and ways to infiltrate a hospital you are visiting not to mention trying to work out security guard patrol routes.

lately its been trying to plan new battle formations in shogun 2.

arent video game hallucinations fun :D

When you automatically do something from the game, only to realize that this is real life and is not as cool as videogames.

One time, a few days after buying Red Dead Redemption, i was talking to my friends when i saw a seagull flying overhead. My first reaction was to reach for my nonexistant revolver and shoot the bastard. But if i had a revolver i totally would have got him.

I once spent all night from 11pm to about 7am plying through Metro 2033. Put it this way, I went down to get a snack at about 4am. My cat decided to grab my ankles, so I nearly sent it flying across the room in abject terror.

when i head to the bathroom and the cat scares me half to death...............thats when i know ive been playing too long.

As a rule of thumb- when you close your eyes and still see the game, you've probably been playing it too long.
My main offenders- any of the Exile games from Spiderweb Software (I'd go to bed at night and still be looking at the graphics) and DDR (again, bedtime, closed eyes, and I could see the scrolling arrows).

I tried to imagine a tree the other day, and was shocked when it looked like it was made of cubes....

When the sun comes up.

Ever hear of the Tetris Effect? When that happens.

Heh, currently when I was walking through a supermarket and found myself viewing every medium sized object (such as one of the map boards) as cover in case I needed it.
Too much me3 I guess. :P

I know I've been playing too long when the game turns into a goddamn time machine and pulls me to 3Am in the morning.

For me it was playing 48 hours straight of Project Reality, a mod for BF2 with this one guy I met in the U.S who sounded like Jack Black.

For 4 hours after, before I spoke I pressed my fingers down looking for the B (push to talk) key, and was shocked to not see it! :D

When in game behaviors start translating into the real world.

True Story.

I had been playing Oblivion extensively. Like everyday for a 3+ hours. I was walking back to my apartment from class. There was a fallen log on the lawn near one of the buildings on campus. Some shelf mushrooms were growing on the log. What do you do in oblivion when going from point A to point B but you see a mushroom growing just off your path. You divert to get near enough the mushroom to harvest it. I almost got to the mushroom before I realized what I was doing. I don't know how I would have tried to harvest the thing. But I certainly was diverting my course slightly to get to it.

Simple operant conditioning at work here. I see a stimulus (mushrooms), I perform a behavior (divert course), and I get a reward (alchemy ingredients). Not surprising that it carried over to the real world.

"I'll just finish this last thing then it's time for be-...I should really do this thing first though and I can't complete that without doing this thing...It'll be fine it'll only take 15 minutes at the most."
Repeat after 4 hours. Lose sleep pattern. Be upset with self. Do it again anyway. Food/Bathroom breaks aren't important either.

When you can't remember the time when you WEREN'T playing the game.
Or if you look at the clock, go back to playing and the next time you look at the clock it's the next morning.

When you know the lyrics of every song on Radio Los Santos by heart. Also when you know the entire world map by heart (still San Andreas).

Or when you start looking for places where you could climb up to the top of tall buildings.

when you have completed the game, are searching for things to do and end up "spawn mosnter" shoot, repeat till you run out of bullets, then trade in monster stuff, and repeat the whole process again, for 200 hours. Thats me in fallout 3.

You know you play the game too long when tomorrow you have an exam, you have to choose whether to stop the game and study or not, and the only thing running though your mind is "meh ill have time for exam later".

Combine Rustler:
When you know the lyrics of every song on Radio Los Santos by heart. Also when you know the entire world map by heart (still San Andreas).

Or when you start looking for places where you could climb up to the top of tall buildings.

thats actually awesome if you play online.

I wake up way before the alarm clock, play until it's way past my bed time...
Not always but then;
I dream of playing that game.

after playing a long marathon of Halo 3 i was really depressed how i couldnt jump very high

also after long marathons of skyrim i watch the skies for dragons.

also also after playing games like 2-3 days without going outside and without the lights on in a dark room/house with all the curtains closed, then going outside and realising your eyes are actually really really hurting and have to keep sunglasses for about 2 days

After every agonizing session of Dark Souls, in the night I had nightmares, or ideas how to beat a boss I was stuck in. I played the game for fourty consecutive days... I knew I had to stop, so I did.

A while ago I was really intensly playing both of th bioshocks, when I had to go outside for some reason. And evrytime I turned my vision to look at someone or I blinked, for a moment there would appear a healthbar above his/her head. And the best part is, when I got home, I went upstairs to talk to my then sick brother, and his bar was partially drained!

Ah, good times.

When I start planning out where I'm going to place portals in every day life. Then when I catch myself doing that and am sad because life would be so much more awesome if I had an actual portal gun.

When my wife goes up to bed and I say "i'll be up in a minute, just finishing this quest/zone/shootout"....

Next thing I know she's coming down in the morning ready for work and i'm still playing.

That's happened 4 times now.

This one, mostly.

But I remember one time my friends and I beat Double Dash in a single sitting. Like, never played it before, rented it for the first time, and sat in his basement getting every gold trophy for every track on every "difficulty." And the reverse tracks (I think... those were in Double Dash, right? It was like 8 years ago so it's kind of hard to remember). I went home that nigh- uh, morning, laid down in bed, closed my eyes, and there it was: the faint outline of a kart race going on inside of my eyelids. No color, no sound, but definitely some kart racing going on in there.

I am not a well person.

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