Best FREE game you've ever received?

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I have been subscribed to Playstation Plus for about 6 months now, and in that time they have dished out a hell of a lot of "free" games - stuff like:

- Sly Raccoon 1 HD
- Plants vs. Zombies
- Tomb Raider Underworld
- Trine 2
- Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 [PS ONE]
- Final Fantasy V [PS ONE]
- Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3 and Crash Team Racing [PS ONE]

AND MANY MANY MORE. I know these aren't totally free but I paid about 30 for the year and have gotten about 30 games so far!

Also, after PSN went offline last year, they gave 2 free games as a petty compensation (I got Wipeout HD and Dead Nation. The DSi shop offered Legend of Zelda - 4 Swords for a while too - and that was great as a freebie!

So this got me thinking - what is the best game you have ever received for FREE?

And what exactly was it that made receiving this game for free so good?

That includes when you spend a small amount to get plenty of games available to download free from then on. Or perhaps when a friend got bored of a game and so passed it on to you?

Uhhh, the only one I can think of is Katawa Shoujo.

But I don't know if that counts because it is free.

The only other one I can think of is inFamous after PSN went offline.

Games I've gotten for free, huh? Well, the only ones I can think of (that aren't permanently free) are:

- Dawn of War 2 (got it as a prize during the Steam holiday sale)
- Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty (PSN downtime reward... I only redeemed one of the two free games)
- Empire Earth ( had it for free for a few days)
- Slipstream 5000 (came with a joystick I bought ~15 years ago)
- FIFA 08 (a friend gave it to me after deciding he was unlikely to ever play it again)

I haven't played Dawn of War 2 or Empire Earth yet (I'll get to them eventually). Quest for Booty was OK but far inferior to the other two R&C games I've got on the PS3 (I didn't get All 4 One). I think I've played FIFA 08 twice since it was passed on to me.

Slipstream 5000 however, I used to play that all the time with my cousin. Split-screen gaming on PC... wonderful. I got dozens of hours of entertainment from that game, so I'd say it wins at this point.

my Boyfriend gave me Super meat boy, Binding of issac and Killing floor

i love those games

but i suck at them ^_^

best free game i ever got would be mirrors edge off EA customer service due to a sims 3 expansion not comming with an advertised piece of furniture

The DS game Infinite Space. My brother gave it to me (don't ask me where he got it) but he had little time to play it since he had other games to played first. Since he know I was lacking some new games, he gave it to me instead of selling it and I love that games to bits.

Morrowind came with a video card as a freebie extra.

Lost the discs since. :(

Empire Earth was free over Christmas on, that's a really good game. Shame I suck at any RTS more complex than 1) Build Space Marines, 2) Kill everything.

For me, it's TF2, hands-down. It's fun as hell, and pretty hilarious too.

GTA: San Andreas. It just was in my PS2 after our school had this party thing years ago. Sadly the disk is scratched as hell and the game crashes after about 20 minutes of playing. I did get kinda far in it though. Great game.

I received Mount and Blade: Warband as a gift on Steam, very fun game, if not frustrating at times during multiplayer...and the singleplayer is fun as well.

If we count bday and xmas presents then most likely Skyward Sword.
For Free to Play I'm going for League of Legends, playing the shit out of that nowadays.

I suppose that would be Gary's mod. I won it during the steam Christmas event and granted I haven't played it yet I don't get a whole lot of free games.

morrowind. It was a freebie for a video card. Weird since I also got vietcong which sucked ballz

Killing Floor.
Love that little zombie shooter.
And the voice acting.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I spent just shy of 200 hours on there. It was a gift from a friend who keeps buying me games.

I bought nearly all of my games, so I would say...


Red Dead Redemption

The PSN games that you mentioned are not for free, you already said it yourself at the end of your post. Also something that has an expiration date, well if it's not mine to keep it for ever, I don't consider it as free game.
That goes for pc games too that are sold with magazines. Or offers at stores: buy one item and get another game for free, which is usually crap.

Anyway, the one and only 100% free game that I have played, and still play, and it was not utter garbage, was Angry Birds for Android. In fact it was one of the top games that I played in 2011.

I got Killing Floor as a steam gift from someone I stopped talking to ages ago... That was a pretty odd freebie. It's not a terrible game, but I don't play it very much as opposed to TF2 or even L4D.

I've been borrowing LittleBigPlanet 2 almost permanently from my older sister, so I guess that counts. It's been really fun to play with my gf.

Probably little big planet or Infamous when PSn went down. Both were great amounts of fun and since I had never brought anything from PSN anyway, I had no fear from the whole issue.

Oh TF2 or League of Legends. Probably TF2 though, I fucking suck at LoL... Hardly a game goes by without some asshat going "report Morgana for feeding!" I'm at that frustrating level where I know what I should be doing but lack the skills to actually do it.

For example, i've noticed that the enemy team likes to go a certain way, so use that against them... How? Oh fuck 3 on 1! Fuck yooooouuuu!

It would be helpful if I knew which characters do what. Like if anyone has a bullshit teleport attack that I was totally prepared for...

I swear the community is terrible over there, someone on my team was AFK for literally 30 seconds at the start of a game and it was "REPORT FOR AFK!!!!111!" Seriously the Riot guys must have to sift through about 50 thousand false reports before actually getting to the legit ones...

Did feeding have a proper definition originally? It's like when anyone dies "OMG FAHKING FEEDING NOOBS!!!!" You keep using that word...

And TF2 seems to have regressed into 3 Spys on one team again... I swear people had grown out of this shit last time I played TF2. It only takes one enemy Pyro and those 3 Spys are just a liability.

My Uncle bought me Final Fantasy VII because my parents couldn't afford it.

Best. Uncle. Ever.


Imre Csete:
Morrowind came with a video card as a freebie extra.

Lost the discs since. :(

Ah man, i had yo re-read your comment a few times because i thought you meant that you bought morrowind and they packaged a video card with it.....

best. freebie. ever.

OT: It's a tossup between infamous (thanks to the PSN debacle) and tribes: ascend. Not sure whether T:A counts because it's actually a F2P though...

morrowind. It was a freebie for a video card.

EDIT: wrong poster sorry..

Imre Csete:
Morrowind came with a video card as a freebie extra.

Lost the discs since. :(

EDIT part 2:right poster
That is exactly what happend to me. Okay I still have the construction set but you know what I mean.

Anyway For me it would either be:
Dwarf Fortress
Unreal Tornament 2004 (dad gave it to me after he got bored of it)

It must be one of them.

Have had so much "fun" in them (especially in DF)

Well, I got Battlefield 1943 when I got Battlefield 3 for my PS3, and I really like it.
I also got Portal from a very nice guy on Twitter for free. I missed the free Portal event, and he had a copy.

Final Fantasy VII for PS1. My sister and I went to one of her friend's house on New Years eve while the adults all had a party at our house.
I sat upstairs playing Final Fantasy VII all night and when her parents got home, her mom said I could have it because she could never figure it out (it was the mom's game).

Persona 4 for Christmas last year!

Or League of Legends.

I got cod4 with a video card I bought awhile ago and ended up being really surprised by how much I enjoyed it and I got a ton of play out of the multi.

Mine have all been gifts from my boyfriend, and they're pretty much all my favourite games now. He knows me well.

-Mass Effect
-Mass Effect 2

Hell yeah!

I'm gonna have to go with TF2. What can I say? I've had great fun with it.

Portal and dirt 3 came with my card, can't think of anything else.

I got Dragon Age Origins as a birthday present.
Best friend ever!

I got Dead Nation and LBP from the PSN outage.

I got Caslevania: LOS from my Ex-GF.

I got a MK game from my best friend.

I was gifted Portal 2 for Christmas.

Yeah, that.

Before I was also given a code from somepony for the Humble Indie Bundles, but I don't enjoy those very much.

Amnesia before that. Beat it in 6 hours then never touched it again, so... yeah, Portal 2.

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