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Are you thinking complicated aerial plane battles or vicious animals biting at each other? I'm not sure how to take your tone.

The latter. I've worked in greyhound rescue for 16 years, so I hear "dog fights" and my mind tends to go in... specific directions.

Anyway, this is a good list to start with. Some of these titles look like they could have been in the Extra Credits "Games You May Not Have Tried" episodes. If there are more suggestions, keep 'em coming. I'm going to set aside some time tomorrow to dig through the suggestions I don't already have and see what I can work with.

Oh, another one, it costs more than your budget, but it goes on sale pretty often on Steam for under 10 bucks, Mount & Blade: Warband.

-snip- -snap-

A Tactical First Person Shooter called Star Wars Republic Commando.
I found it for 8€ which makes something like 6-7$, The story isn't too long if I remember correctly but it was an enjoyable play, and even if you're not into Star Wars this basically has nothing to do with it, just a clone commander with his elite trained team of 3 other people which you command to do stuff to get the tactical advantage in battles.

I'd recommend buying all the indie bundles that are going on sale. Seems easiest to me.


Deus Ex is $9.99 on GOG.

I challenge anyone else to top this.

New Wing Commander game! And it's free! Woooooooooo!

Now use that $10 to buy some junk food and Mountain Dew.

Edit: These types of games have come a long way since the dawn of Newgrounds. And here's a bonus

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