Recent gaming bargains you've had?

Today I got a great deal at JB, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Enslaved or 40 bucks. Played a bit of Enslaved and am now installing Deus Ex. I've been keen on both games and I couldn't pass the deal up.
What about you guys?

I bought Red Faction: Guerilla for 1.99 good but I'm finding it a little hard to get into it. Oh and Vanquish for 7.98. Well, I bought Metro 2033 for 7.98 a few months ago so not as recent well worth it.

A couple months ago I got Rome: Total War Omnibus for a fiver = good deal.

On the flip side CoD:MW2 (finally) for fifteen quid and even then it felt like a rip-off.

Two weeks ago I got Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $10

Thank you Steam (LOVE)

Trine for 1.40. I love Steam. <3

Hey all, first post on the website! Ok, so these are some I feel I've had in the last 6 months - please note I got R3, TM and DkS at these prices within 3 months of release.

Wii with Mario Kart and wheel complete boxed and shiny as new 60

No More Heroes 1 and 2 about 8 for both (3/5)

Super Smash Bros Brawl 12

Resistance 3 w/unused codes 9.99

Dark Souls (Xbox 360) 10, due to a pricing error - I play it on PS3 but bought this for my friend's birthday

Twisted Metal w/unused codes 19.99

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II Complete Edition 8

Diablo III 27.91 new boxed edition

Got the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age(all DLC) used for 15 bucks.

Pre-owned Fallout: New Vegas (PS3) for 10 bucks. Hell Yeah.

I got the Borderlands GOTYE for 2.50 last year

I gotta say Dear Esther and the first Half Life on steam for about $15 total. Both easily worth the money (though I mostly use Half Life for mods and such)

captka; Easy as Cake. (is a lie?)

Fallout: New Vegas for $5 on Steam. Best $5 I have ever spent (or rather, that my friend spent - I bought her a gift copy and she bought a gift copy for me in return).

Dungeon Defenders for a fiver on Steam has also been an excellent purchase.

I think the recent Humble Bundle has also been a serious bargain - my bundle donation was $15 and for that I picked up Bastion, Psychonauts, Limbo, Amnesia and Sword and Sorcery.

In terms of games I bought new that have been a bargain given how long I've been playing them (ie, not recent!) that would be Transport Tycoon (still playing, since 1998) and Quake III Arena.

A couple days ago I got Lollipop Chainsaw for $40 at Best Buy.

Yesterday I got Skyrim at Gamestop for free.

Not a bad week so far!

Deus Ex 1 and Invisible War on steam now for 20$
sadly I am still not sure if I should buy them because well I am not sure my 2010 computer can run them...
But still that seems like a pretty good deal to me!


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