Fallout 1 is Free on GOG now

there's not much else to say here, fallout is free and I'm not sure how long this is going to last. Enjoy

Thanks, downloading it now.

Their facebook says for the next 48 hours.


I almost bought myself last eek 2, but went for 2 instead :P Right call! Now i have both!

Kickass dude thanks for that. Gonna be great to play that one again get all nostalgy

i was thinking about trying it and since its free i don't have a excuse not to

damn flood why now of all times

Wow that announcement killed GoG website for a while.

My original copy is buggered, so this is welcome.

Sweet, another game to play this holiday. I was going to get it some time in the future but this is perfect. Thanks OP!

GOG is the website that proves that DRM free, all included digital distribution is the right way to go.

All hail GOG.

Awesome, only played the third one, so i'll the first one a try, see what it's like.


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