Anybody looking forward to Dragon's Dogma?

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For me this game came completely out of nowhere. It looks like if Dark Souls and Elder Scrolls had a baby. I especially like the "Don't go out at night!" aspect of the game.

(I have no idea how to embed videos)

I have been looking forward to it. It has a lot of promise. Kind of reminds me of the monster hunter series. I dont know if its a first day pick up for me though.

I'm interested, and I have it pre-ordered (not something I do often). It looks like they really took some chances with the hybrid design, and I can respect that. It will undoubtedly have some rough edges, but I'm more than willing to give it a chance after having a good long look at all of the customization and gameplay vids that Capcom and others have posted.

I would probably be more interested in it if it didn't practically kill the chance of Monster Hunter in the west.

Initially yes then no and now yes again it looks like something I may enjoy but I am not going to decide whether to buy it until I get a lot more information on it. I doubt it will be a day one purchase but will most likely be put on the to get list with Skyrim,Darksouls,FFXIII-2,ME3 and Planescape torment.

It would have been a day one buy for me if it had multiplayer co-op, this pawn bulls**t is stupid. I'll still keep an eye on it because the gameplay looks good.

Hmm I am interested again will definatly give it a try.

Sneaky Paladin:
I would probably be more interested in it if it didn't practically kill the chance of Monster Hunter in the west.

I don't think MH ever had much of a chance to be more than a niche game in the West. The lack of story elements and the mix of earnestness and whimsy seems to put off or at least confuse quite a few people. Dragon's Dogma might be different enough to overcome that.

The game looks pretty awesome to me. I plan to get it, but I'm waiting for reviews first. So far people seem to be saying it's really good though.

I've been looking forward to it since I first heard about it.

Isn't this the game capcom thinks will sell 10 million copies and is WAY confident it will.
Me, I'm not interested.

I've been interested in this since the day Capcom announced it would sell 10 million.

I laughed.

It's on my radar. I'm still waiting for more info.

I'm interested, if only for the writing...

It looks kinda generic, but I have been watching it.

Hopefully it has something unique to set it apart from other 3rd Person RPGs.

It doesn't look too original, but Capcom might do a good job with it. Either way, it's right up my alley as far as games are concerned, so I'll probably take a look.

"Rough around the edges"? Capcom has proven that outside of its fighters it's only once in a blue moon that their hamfisted programmers can make anything that isn't a poorly controlled, poorly voiced, poorly written pile of horse shit.

Speaking of shitty writing, notice how the writing wasn't mentioned AT ALL. Capcom can't write to begin with, let alone if you introduce western themes.

You're probably thinking "That video made it sound fantastic!". Look at the source of the video. It was fucking "officialxboxmag", you think they're going to dump on Capcom's biggest game of all time, regardless of whether it's any good or not?

To round things off let us end this rant by mentioning how this is Capcom and how in two months we can expect to see the seventh version of the game with a total of 3 new quests to kill rats and 11 funny hats that are for vanity purposes only. Not available for download, physical purchase necessary.

That video got me excited, officialxboxmag or not.

I'll wait a couple weeks post release to see what critical reception looks like.


It looks interesting in some ways, but woefully unpolished. The voice acting in particular is painfully dumb.

Also, it's thematically about as generic and unremarkable as they come. Fantasy RPGs are just one step below CoD-clones.

I'm very interested in it.

But it has to compete with Diablo 3 and Max payne 3 in may, so I will propably pick it up later. (Much later, if D3 is as good as I hope, judgeing by my experiences with D1 and D2)

I was interested at first but it seems I get less and less excited the more I see of it.

I've been kinda ignoring it, because lolcapcom, but the video makes it look pretty awesome. Magic looks fun, which is something a lot of games fail at, and the pawn system seems interesting. Things being dangerous at night is a nice addition too. Game is now on my radar.

Yea, I keep forgetting about it though, then someone makes a thread like this and its another few months closer to release!

I've been interested in this title for a while now, probably since i first heard about it several months ago, but the problem is i dont actualy own a console that could play it, so i'd have to wait for a pc port and who knows if that is even going to happen.

I'm keeping a casual eye on this game, but I severely doubt it'll be a Day One for me unless a lot of critics get their hands on it prior to release. This genre is my bread and butter.

It's too much in the dark for me to take a punt, but from what I've seen unless something is vastly wrong behind the scenes I'll obtain it fairly soon.

If only it weren't Capcom doing the game...

It look pretty generic to me, so I'm not really that interested.

Monster Hunter next-gen version.. :D

Im pretty excited but after all the shit Capcom has pulled im gonna wait until its been out and iv seen some reviews before i give them my money.

I'm intrigued by it but its not a day one buy. Im gonna wait to see wait comes out of reviews and more info on it.

Hmm, i like this kind of fantasy setting and the monster climbing. I`ll wait what others have to say about it and read a few reviews. If the game is worth having i`m going to


wait for the final edition with all DLC included and i`m going to buy it for a few bucks. This is Capcom after all and i bet they included the DLC on the disc anyway.
F... Y.. Capcom, Muhahahahahaha...

Gorilla Gunk:
For me this game came completely out of nowhere. It looks like if Dark Souls and Elder Scrolls had a baby. I especially like the "Don't go out at night!" aspect of the game.

(I have no idea how to embed videos)

The first time I saw a video of this game I figured I'd have to give it a try. Not a day-one purchase, but I'll rent it or something.

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this one has been on my radar for a while now but I'm not going to run out and pick this up day one.

I was, but then i saw a few videos of it.
While i dont think it looks bad or anything, quite the opposite, it looks good, but.... Its not what i was hoping for.

The combat, its a little more.... Dark Souls'ish then Monster Hunter. Dont get me wrong, i liked Dark Souls. But its not really what i was looking for.

Was originally going to say NO in a pooh poohing fashion like most people seem to be, but after watching that video I'm intrigued (even if it's OXM).

Certainly going to be keeping an eye on it.

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