What was the last ending of a game that was genuinely satisfying?

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Patrick Buck:
Portal 2,
Red dead remdemption I suppose too.

On a side note, I love the way the zombie DLC is ACTUALLY CANNON. Seriously, if you think about it, it slots in just after the farm secton. Not before the ending. Then the game carrys on as normal.... then back to the zombies.

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On topic: A truly satisfying ending for me would be the join-then-betray ending for Alpha Protocol. The entire game is great but that ending really sells it as it lists all the factions and people you've brought to your side throughout the game. The tagline for the game is 'your weapon is choice' and it shows in AP far more than in things like Mass Effect.

I was satisfied with these endings:

1: Dragon Age 2
2: Assassin's Creed: Revelations (satisfied with the ending, very unsatisfied with the game as a whole).
3: Portal 2
4: Arkham City (Kinda-sorta. Thought the game was too short and the play-area too small. Didn't like how they quite obviously left it open for a 3rd. Going with the demands of "bigger and better", what's next? Arkham World, as one soon-to-be-pounded inmate once suggested?)

Warhammer 40k Space Marine had a great ending cause it fit so well. Its a grim dark ending to a grim dark game in a grim dark universe. Plus it leaves room for a sequel but can also be a satisfying absolute end.

The last game I played with a satisfying ending was ME3's green ending. That was great for me.

I was going to say Persona 4, but Mass Effect 2 is more recent.
Ah, screw it. I'll just list all of the ones I remember, recent or not.

-Persona 4
-Persona 3
-Mirror's Edge (some might disagree, but I was satisfied)
-Mass Effect 2 (only if you manage to save your whole crew/team in my opinion)
-Mass Effect
-Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
-Portal 2

Crysis 2. It made me look forward to the next one and feel bada** at the same time. I enjoyed the MW series but the MW3 ending made me feel worn out from all the death and destruction.

I would include HL2 EP2 but than I remembered there was still EP3...

I can only think of Bioshock right now, the first time i finished it i almost immediately started my second playthrough because in my ending i turned out to be.. Well you know what.. Oh and portal 1/2, because its awesome.

Um, probably Arkham City?

Not that I thought the ending was awesome, but it was good, and I can't think of any games that I've beaten in a while that actually had decent endings.

I played the Assassins Creed games, but like someone else said, they were all crappy mind-fuck endings but without foreshadowing or direction.

Red Dead Redemption
Gears of War 3
Resistance 3
Heavy Rain(the apartment ending)

I really liked the ending to Bayonetta. I was ready to hate the ending for it - The bit with the credits caught me out, and I was already revving up to call bullshit and bad ending on it, but then it came back with more, and ended beautifully but left it open for a (Deserved) sequel. Awesome.

Katawa Shoujo, Lilly's good ending. After a long emotional route filled with feels and an extremely heart-wrenching scene before the end, the ending of Lilly's route actually left me genuinely satisfied since

Red Dead Redemption's ending was brilliant, and emotional. I admit it tugged at the right strings with me.

Fallout: New Vegas gave us closure to pretty much everything and everyone that mattered, and that's the way RPG's should end.

Modern Warfare 3's ending was a really satisfying one, on a personnal level.

And of course, inFAMOUS 2's ending was great and all, I really loved it, but I must point out, to all the people saying it ends the series without, question, well...

Chester Rabbit:
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis: Nothing more satisfying than finally putting an end to Nemesis and a Nuke to finally do away with Racoon City.

Batman Arkham City: To me, that was just a brilliant ending for Joker and Batman. Just perfect.

Say what you will about Resident Evil having terrible writing, but if there is one thing they do know how to do right, it is endings.

Fate/Stay Night, Fate ending and the trueend UBW ending, though I haven't gotten good-end UBW yet. If not counted because it's actually a visual novel, Bastion. The quality of that game never dropped.

There has to have been a more recent one but I was definitely satisfied with Super Mario RPG. I also really enjoyed the ending of singularity I was just a little disappointed that one contingency wasn't covered by an extra ending but that doesn't affect the quality of the actual ending

It probably wasn't the last one, but Bastion comes to mind.

Funnily enough, it actually did the last minute choose-your-ending thing, but it did it well.

EDIT: Ohh, ohh, and Journey of course. How the hell did I forget that?

It was well done because it actually made sense, it was led up to by the plot and hinted at.

But I agree with this post, Bastion was the last true great ending I've played, great game in general actually.

While it clearly is not the most recent ending I found satisfying, it is the [i]most[i/] satisfying ending to a game I have seen. I can't really remember the most recent, this just keeps popping up in my head instead.


They might not have been the last game I played, but all the Professor Layton games I've played (haven't yet gotten Last Specter) had very satisfying endings. All of them wrap up pretty much any questions one might have, and they're all very touching. Plus it's wrapped up in a way that it could end there, but leaves things open for another game.

Of course, the first three games also ended with a picture that said "To be continued," which is almost guaranteeing another game.

The last one I actually enjoyed was probably Fallout 3s ending. This was before the expansion and I was going good while I admit the game still ending if you went evil was retarded because you didn't still live after letting someone else do it. My character sacrificed his life to save the wasteland to make it a better place for all and I actually feel that the expansions sort of ruined that sacrifice by saying o you still live no matter what making it just retarded as of why it matters if you send someone else. I liked the expansions don't get me wrong but they ruined the ending a bit for me and replaced it with the ending to an action movie.

That last bit pretty obvious though, from his dialogue and the end of SI. Though as a TES fan, I would be really interested to know about the Talos thingy - I haven't heard of that before.

Long story shrt Tiber Septim, Ysmir wulfharth, and Zurin arctus were all avatars of Lorkhan andi n Tiber Septim's acts in making the 3rd Empire he also reenacted the same events that led to the creation of Mundus.

Repeating that act caused the three people to fuse and become Talos a god that takes the place of the missing god Lorkhan.

Many games I have in my mind really. But most of them of course are the old games I used to play when I was younger.
Right now the game I have in my mind is Diablo 2. It was a very terrifying ending to say the least....

But for something different I want to say also the three endings of Saya No Uta.....
One word for each ending: tragedy.

I think Mass Effect 3's ending was the universe balancing itself out. We got one of the worst endings of all time this year because we also got the best ending to a video game ever with Portal 2.

I liked the 2nd ending to Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. I (and by "I" I mean the hero) get the Princess, yaay!

The ending had a bit of deja-vu, and it certainly helped with the music. Gruntilda wanted to suck the essence out of Tooty, but, what she got was being crushed under a rock for two months, getting out for a few hours, and then being stuck under there for another 22 months.

You thought everything was so innocent, but GLaDOS wanted Chell dead for a little experiment. her oppressor is now dead, of all the irony. Now, she can just walk out of the laboratory and live a normal life.

Sonic Adventure 2
Never has a Sonic game had so much closure or ever attempted the tearjerker route. We end up finding both the heroes and villains not at each others' throats, but actually coming together in this rare peace, reflecting on the one who is no longer among them.

Zapper: One Wicked Cricket
Not only is Maggie the Magpie defeated and fried, but she's literally dropped off to the cops. How many videogame villains actually get that? Then, the game completely ends with a bit of super deja-vu as we're back in Zapper's house with a re-do on the dispute that started the game in the first place with that little brother you spent all the time rescuing now being used as a satellite dish.

Conker's Bad Fur Day
After you've had this zany adventure that didn't seem to get you anywhere all day long, a sudden dark moment is dropped upon Conker and after the entire game had been bright, cheery and goofy, the best deus ex machina in history comes in and ends up making things worse in the long run, completely topping every horrid thing the little guy had been put through, as you're left with a deep, philosophical message. This is the best way to get one across.

Wrapping up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney felt way more satisfying than I could ever imagine. I'm really hooked.

I agree with that. I haven't finished 3 yet, but as far as 2 goes, even though most cases in it aren't as good as in 1, the last one is AMAZING.

I mean, fuck, a moral choice in Phoenix Wright. And not just that, a really good choice. Who'd have thunk it?

That would be Journey's ending. A really beautiful and breath-taking ending sequence that was.


Adam Jensen:
Mass Effect 2. It was one of the most satisfying endings to a video game.

Oh hell yeah. I don't even care about the end boss-fight. The ending CUTSCENE was EPIIIIIIIIC on AT LEAST this scale:

And unlike in mass effect 3, your actions during the game were a VERY big determining factor on how it would play out.

I've said this before: Modern Warfare 3.

I was SO pleased by that ending, it was fucking beautiful. After three games and all these years, FINALLY I get to suit up as a Juggernaut and go after that bastard Markov myself, and then you fucking kill him in the most gruesome--deservedly gruesome I may add--way possible.

It was wonderful. At first I felt so pumped I could have put my fist through a wall, then I felt kind of slowed down and I realized that was how it feels to finally let the tension built up across the whole game, the whole series even, to finally let it go and realize you have not just completed the mission but done it in the most gratifying and ostentatious way possible.

As I said in another thread, I really hope they stop the Modern Warfare series after this. Don't get me wrong, I love the Modern Warfare series...but that's WHY I hope that was the final game in the series. It was so satisfying, so complete, so fucking brilliant and offered so much closure and was such a perfect capstone for the whole series nothing that follows could ever top that.

Unless the next game gives out blowjobs for free, brings my grandmother back to life and the box unfolds into a lifesize Megan Fox sex-droid then nothing that follows in the Modern Warfare universe could ever beat how fucking jazzed I was after that ending.


If taking to a literary or artistic standpoint (and although amazingly poignant and tear-jerking) Red Dead Redemption had a great ending. Not saying that I wasn't crying my face off or swearing at the TV or anything, but it really was a thrilling and ironic end to the entire story (again, taken from a literary/artistic standpoint).

Also, Morrowind.

Heavenly Sword

So few seem to remember this game, I mean it had a final boss fight against Andy Serkis!

And the main heroine dies and the end. But she had damn good run!

Metro 2033 and Zelda:OoT, still ;)

boy that one made me feel good

Maybe it's a stupid question, but is Cryostasis worth playing then?...
I own it, but I got it when my pc was to weak to play it >.<

ot: Binding Of Isaac, I like the endings however I'm sure I can think of something better in the middle of the night when I don't want to.

Infamous 2 it ends appropriately and guarantees no sequels to ruin it Bravo Sucker Punch

I hate to say this yet again, but didn't ANYONE see the damn lightning bolt strike the coffin?

OT: Uncharted 2 was pretty great.

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