Games that need a sequel the most?

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Advent Rising without a doubt. Psychonauts at least have some interest in it. Advent Rising doesn't have a chance in hell of having the sequel it needs. Especially given the cliffhanger ending it left off with.

What games do you guys think need a sequel the most? (Threequels etc included)

To start off, here are my picks:
The World Ends With You (DS)
Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
Excite Truck (Wii, Excite Bots doesn't count!)
Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS, I know it only just came out, but it's pretty awesome! ;) )

So what are your opinions?

Good Suggestions:
Mother 4
Beyond Good and Evil 2

Hot damn, the first post has the opinion I cannot express enough. A new Mother game? If I could find my soul, I'd sell it to make that happen. I know Shiggy said he won't make a new one, but he could just compile Mother 1, 2, and 3 and we'll be happy for a moment. Or, just have someone else make the game while he merely approves things like story and degree it's allowed to be odd.

The debate above about how many there have been is silly, though. There have been three Mother titles. Mother 2 was actually sent overseas as Earthbound, with some copyright changes and a renaming because of that weird convention the world had about American markets at the time, that still persists here and there. As a result the two games have the same plot, characters, and all that, but the minor differences have caused fans to call them separate versions. Call Mother 1 Earthbound Zero if you must, but get your filthy mitts off Mother 3 as "Earthbound 2". That just doesn't fly.

Star wars Star fighter since im not reaching my space combat quota

Civ Rev: proving RTS can work on consoles damn well needs a sequel

Beyond Good and Evil: by law i must mention this

KOTOR: also must mention this by law

2 pages and no one has brought up Jade Empire? For Shame!

Jade Empire
Mirror's Edge
Kameo (The world needs more awesome kick-A fairies)
Eternal Darkness

Also, while Mega Man Battle Network doesn't need another sequel, it DOES need a successor... one that actually preserves the gameplay and doesn't turn it into whatever the crap Star Force was.

Psychonauts, just Psychonauts


Also the remake of Prince of Persia but that will never happen because I seem to be one of the few people who want one.

Brink if it was free-to-play, had a different developer, and was in third-person.


Resident Evil: Outbreak
Fur Fighters
Jet Set Radio
Street Fighter
Road Rash
The Suffering
The Thing
Jet Force Gemini
Banjo Kazooie
Perfect Dark
Arx Fatalis
State of Emergency
Second Sight

Considering another CoD will outsell them all (if not combined)...

I vote CoD.

For more selfish reasons, I would have to pick another for the Disgaea series dood. As far as games that only had one shot... 'Jade Empire' and 'Beyond Good and Evil'.

Jet Set Radio Something 2. The HD version of it is awesome, but I want a sequel.

Umm... Folklore on the ps3.

Jade Empire

The Madman:

The Longest Journey *must* continue. I want to know what happened to April Ryan, to Crow and Zoe. I want to find out about the conspiracy and the alternate worlds! I want to explore those wonderful settings again, to see April visit New Venice and meeting with her old friends.

I want it so much.

This seems like an ideal Kickstarter candidate, given that a point-and-click adventure game shouldn't require the same budget as most modern games.

I've put off buying Dreamfall, even though I loved The Longest Journey, because I heard that it doesn't really have an ending and I don't want to subject myself to that.

Sober Thal:
Considering another CoD will outsell them all (if not combined)...

I vote CoD.

Cant tell if serious. These are games that need a sequel.

OT: There are a few games.

Kingdom Hearts 2

Dawn of War 2 (just wasnt as good as the first games)

Maybe a spin-off Mass Effect game

Dragon Age: Origins (I will deny any games in that series with a two on the end)


Sober Thal:
Considering another CoD will outsell them all (if not combined)...

I vote CoD.

Cant tell if serious. These are games that need a sequel.

The amount of people who buy and love the series speaks volumes. If any other game had such a fan base, then I would say they need a sequel as well.

Psychonauts. Presuming the same team made the sequel anyway.

Mirrors Edge and XIII.

Sober Thal:
The amount of people who buy and love the series speaks volumes. If any other game had such a fan base, then I would say they need a sequel as well.

I'm pretty sure cod is getting a sequel already. These I think are to do with ones that havent been confirmed yet. I said I think.

Not so much of a remake rather than a re release (because the PSP wasn't really optimal for it). Popolocrois. The only reason I have a PSP is because of this game. But the loading times on that game are just ridiculous.

Nexus:TJI...very challenge game and for it's time the graphics were amazing (even throu the kickstart failed :( )

Hegemonia: Legions of Iron...story was okay but the gameplay was interesting

Homeworld 2.....ahhh, you people already know what I'm going to say but I'll say it anyway, I want you homeworld 3 <3

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

- Dragon Age 2. (Except made with Da1/2's good bits)
- Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning. (It could be a bit more...ugh, like Dragon Age, the lore was amazing but needed better conversations and a more in depth game world.)
- Jak 3. (Not counting Jak X even though I loved it)
- Devil May Cry 4. (Maybe still)
- Saints Row: The Third. (We all need this. come on!)
- Fallout 3. (New Vegas isn't the next in the series)
- Dead Space 2. (Make it more unique!)
- Crackdown 2. (With splitscreen!!!)
- Mass Effect 3??? (Maybe, I wouldn't know how it would work when Bioware fixes the ending and all...hehaha *Crazy laughter*)
- Fable 4. (Done by a different studio...or replace Peter)
- Mirror's Edge. (Could work)
- Killing Floor. (Killing Floor except with a story, better graphics, more weapons and more awesome slow down thingys)
- Half Life 3. (I don't need to explain this...right?)
- Left 4 Dead 2. (Add a story this time)
- Super Smash Bros Brawl. (The only reason I need a WII for Zelda)
- Soul Caliber 4. (I don't count five since it SUCKED!)

Wow, I got quite a lot down, now only if they came true. ;D

Dreamfall:The Longest Journey (as others have mentioned)

The Witcher 2 - yeah its pretty recent and coming out for 360 soon, still want a sequel rallllly bad

Winter Voices - more of finishing the series than a sequel but I guess im in the minority on this one.. not enough people liked them for them to finish without the company going under :(

Amnesia - I know they are doing a "sequel", and very happy to hear it



Squids. That game ended on an amazing cliffhanger, and I dunno if The Game Bakers plans on just adding more content to the existing game or making Squids 2, but even if they do the latter...I'll buy it. I just wanna know what happens (and I'd love to see some new Squids join the fight)

Also I'd love to see a third Raidou game to round out the Devil Summoner trilogy (yes I know there were technically 2 Devil Summoner games before the first Raidou one, but I just want Raidou 3...which would technically be Devil Summoner 5)

As others have said, i think Kingdoms of amalur needs a sequel, if only because of the interesting lore and opportunities for many different stories.

Banjo Tooie. I was sooo excited to hear about nuts & bolts but my dreams got dashed. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU RARE!? Also Kingdom Hearts 3 needs to happen

Freespace II (Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make a sequel to this. <3)

Breath of Fire IV (No, no, Breath of Fire V was absolute garbage)

Pokemon Trading Card Game (The one for the Gameboy Color was fun. <3)

Turok (The most recent one was also garbage. Ugh...)



Hmm...those're the only ones I can think of right now.


Civ Rev: proving RTS can work on consoles damn well needs a sequel

Erm...while I get the point you're trying to make here, Civilization is turn based, not real time. Halo Wars (while I don't know if it's any good) is an rts.

Dark Souls/Demon's Souls
Excellent story that doesn't throw itself in your face. I'd love to see what happened after the events of Dark Souls.

Also, Half Life 2 Episode 3. Still waiting...

Mirrors Edge

Arkham City

We've gotta have Banjo-Threeie, Conker's Other Bad Day: Going Medieval (or "Getting Medieval), Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 3, Rayman 4: Raving Rabbids (it was cancelled and replaced with a party game), Frogger 3 (continuing from Swampy's Revenge) and perhaps Sonic Adventure 3. If only Sega could get their act together. Not making games that feel like an insulting kick to the face in terms of Sonic...

I want a new sequel Chrono Trigger/Cross but I'm kind of afraid of what Squeenix would do to it, I'm not liking their new games these days.


Breath of Fire IV (No, no, Breath of Fire V was absolute garbage)

Last one I played was Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, was that the 5th one? I hated it either way, I don't like my RPGs to have time limits. I used the dragon power too often and too early in the game so I couldn't get passed the final parts of the game because of it.

hitman blood money.and actual hitman blood money sequel rather than the new splinter cell game.

rayman origins.needs to be goofier,harder,happier and more colourful(if that is physically possible).

duke 3D.a non linear hardcore 1000 weapons ass kicking simulator like forever failed to be.

deadrising.combine the mechanics of the second game and the mall settiong of the first game +1.

bionic commando nes.imagine bionic commando but in 3d.yes they already did that but do it right with wacky fun and hitler murdering.

The lack of Company of Heroes 2 is disturbing. Relic, this has been your strongest game for a while. It had great back and forth gameplay, really delivered in visuals and map design, and now it seems like you've completely forgotten how to make RTS's and started making DotA-lite. I'm still waiting for Relic to make an awesome Eastern Front RTS, epic scale and all.

I know the mod exists for the original and also Men of War or whatever its called features the Soviets already, but I think a new game is overdue.

Well, as mentioned before, Jade Empire and Republic Commando.

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

It's one of my all time favourite RPGs... it has a unique setting, a non-linear questdesign that's actually pretty similar to Deus Ex, fantastic Dialogue and even moments where it was a suprisingly effective horrorgame. I really wish they made a sequel. I mean, isn't it based on some Pen and Paper RPG or something? You'd think there'd be a very rich lore with a lot of potential for a good RPG.

i'd like to see a sequel to splinter cell conviction, but i think the ones that are needed most are Star Wars Republic Commando and Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Oh, and Eternal Darkness 2. Dear god Eternal Darkness needs to be expanded on...

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