Scariest Moment in Gaming?

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The Wykydtron:
The damn Giant Ants in Fallout 3... That scuttling sound that they make really scares me. Yes they're low level but they are fucking scary when you don't know where they are.

That one dungeon near Megaton, the school that has a nest of them underneath it. I fucking had to leg it out of there in a blind panic just because I couldn't find the last few ants that were making that infernal noise.

Probably because they just made the noise continue anyway after all the ants are dead just to freak you out. It was an entire nest of them after all.

Also Mirelurks, fucking scary bastards. Yet I oddly enjoyed the mission where you have to sneak into a lair to plant a beacon amongst their eggs without killing any of them. Y'know a Mirelurk hater's worst nightmare. Funny that.

I think good scary sections in non-horror games are worse than the scares in actual horror games. Like you don't expect it to just go bam! Scary section activate! At least in horror games you know what you're getting yourself into.

Oh I...mmm....those damn ants...I....*shakes head.* I just recently seriously got into Fallout 3 and those fuckers piss me off so much. The sound they make drives me crazy. Have you been to grayditch? I won't say anymore in case you haven't, but that section...I had more jump scares because of those...and I died SO many times.

As for scariest moment...I have to agree with the OP because that's as far as my scary gaming goes, the dark cave in Fable 3. I just can't stand playing horror and scary games. I tried playing Bioshock because it did seem really cool...and quit within about ten minutes because it was putting me too much on edge. But I can watch playthroughs with little to no upset.

Hey I heard you don't like Giant Ants. Let's ease those fears by giving them flamethrowers and set the quest in a dark fuck off metro station! DX

They always have more range than I think they do. That quest is the only time I use grenades, given the chance I would nuke the damn place from orbit. It's the only way to be sure...

There have been many moments in Video games that have flat out terrified me, hell given me nightmares for a month, and made me have to turn on a light and stop playing
Like Diablo or Resident Evil or even the Crypt in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance and the new one especially (fucking screamer)Or that creepy Hotel in Fallout New Vegas props to the sound guys.
But you are asking for the scariest. So okay here we go.

Resident Evil 3: In the Police station knowing that the Nemesis could easily break down any door and get in at any time really had me tense, and wouldn't you know it he picks a window instead.

And after your encounter with him in the restraunt or office building. God those streets were creepy and that music really got you on the edge of your seat paranoid.
Might I also mention that The Nemesis was my hero for a whole year lol.


Silent Hill, Monkey thing that manically laughs as it chases you. I don't know why but that is a legit fear of mine. Something shorter than I running at me any which way it can while maniacally laughing because it just knows it's going to catch me and it is amused by your running away in terror.

And 3rd... Almost all of Silent Hill 3 well as far as I got which was right past the train station and was wandering all these little corridors, went into a little wrecked up room and heard this creepy little giggle and stopped dead in my tracks and said screw this I am turning on a light and leaving this house.

Edit: Oh! and even though it's not really a gaming moment I still feel the need to mention something that has pretty much traumatised me since my discovering it.
The Water World music from DK3!!

Jebus christ that theme is some of the creepiest stuff to come out of a 2-D platformer. And yes it and the escort level have affected me in real life when it comes to swimming in lakes.

The haunted hotel in VtM:B. Whoever did the sound design for that section is a master

Ahhhh I remember seeing LittleKuriboh's playthrough of that section. I still crapped myself in a couple of moments. Not even Marik making a screaming confession that he's actually gay made that scene less terrifying; funnier but still as frightening.

OT: My personal piece of horror at the moment was one of the Mass Effect 3 missions.

every single time i encounter a new reaper abomination. i piss myself a little more everytime i see one.

either that or playing horde mode and seeing literally forty formers come around a corner and the only thing between me and them is a piece of razor wire

I tend to lean more towards fight than flight, when it's optional. More fun to strike back at the thing using your friends' bones as a toothpick, glowing red eyes now fixed solely on you, even through walls, than to run away knowing it'll just keep coming until one of you is dead.

That said, the creepiest moment I can think of

THAT moment in System Shock 2. I literally just sat in front of my monitor paralyzed.

And Silent Cathedral in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. That music, haunting atmosphere, and weird vampiric spiders really freaked me out. I was so relived when I finally left that hellhole.

Captcha: blood type, hmm

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