THE Game That Defined Your Childhood

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I suppose Mario 1 and 2, and the Mario on super Nintendo where Yoshi shows up occasionally.

It was Goldeneye followed closely by Perfect Dark and then Halo which solidified my need to play FPS games in multiplayer mode.

Forestia (kudos if you know the game!) and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

EDIT: Oh goodness me, how could I forget Pokémon Yellow, Red Alert, Age of Empires and Mario Bros.!? Those came later, however.

MegaMan X, I played the living shit out of that game.

Super Metroid. It is still to date one of the best games I have ever played and would be the game I would compare all others to in terms of how big of an impact thy had on me. The combat, the music, the atmosphere... it was all just so damn brilliant that I replayed untold number of times. It was also the first (in my mind at least) mature game I ever played and the first time I saw a dead human body in a video game. I could go on all day, but yeah, that was the game that began to shape me into the gamer I am today.

Also, when this theme started playing, enough bricks were shat to build a small castle.

I mostly grew up with child oriented point-and-click games. The games from 'Levande Böcker' come to mind.

Dungeon Siege. It was the first RPG I ever played and I still think it's the best. (fuck Diablo)

Kicking bikes into the side rails and into a river?

Totaling your bike a mere hundreds of feet away from the finish line and finishing the race on foot?

The first Crash Bandicoot.

Man that was awesome

I know I keep talking about it, but Total Annihilation :D

Fuck fuck fuck yes. Developed about a mile down the road from me; parents still live in the same house. Oh Cavedog...

Man, that game. During the time when game titles adequately defined what you were getting into. This game was it for me, at least on PC. It ran on almost any hardware and the graphics were jaw dropping. One of the most underrated games of all time.

The Pajama Sam adventure games

Not sure I can pick just one, so I'll go with a few that are all actually a little similar. Zelda 2, Castlevania 2, Bionic Commando, and Strider (all for the NES). All sidescrolling platformers with at least a touch of RPG, and all with a slightly more mature sensibility and a penchant for being really damn hard at times (though CV2 is more hard due to it's poor translation). They were easily the touchstone games of my childhood and tend to still inform a lot of the gaming choices I make today. I still like games that trend a little more mature, that mix action and RPG, and that can be a bit challenging.

Quake 2... what a great game, I'm gonna go play it again.

In my early child hood there were two games I remember playing the most:

The Ninja for the Sega Master System! My god was that a hard game! But hearing the music & the scroll bring it back! Still have it!

Also it would be Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers for NES! Me & My brother played that constantly!
The music was awesome aswell! Though listening back to the sound effects don't half give you a headache!

Not to mention Super Mario Bros. 3!

In my latter childhood it would have been Streets of Rage 2 for the Megadrive! I've actually lost times the amount of times I have completed it over the years!

Also I love how it says name THE game but nearly everyone can't keep it down to one game! That's brilliant!

Turok 2 Seeds of evil. Taught me to read from memorizing the cheat codes. It was my first FPS. I got to play as a velociraptor in multiplayer. It had a gun that sends a flying drill into the brain of your enemy. My second game with gore (first was Jet Force Gemini). You got to ride a triceratops with grenade and machineguns mounted on the saddle. There was a frisbee with blades on it that worked like a boomerang. I was 6, it was heaven.

Contra. The original Contra for NES. One of the few games from the system I can still stand to play countless times for no discernible reason.

Sonic 2, or Pokemon Blue.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow...that feel

mechwarrior 2,

clan jade falcon FTW!

It's gotta be Ratchet & Clank and/or Pokemon Silver. I adored those games.

This motherfucker, if I could get my hands on it now, you bet I would play the hell out of it again.

Due to the multiple transitions game development has been through, it's almost impossible to pick _one_.

Scorched Earth would probably be number one, i think. ^^

Final Fantasy VIII

I will forever remember that game as the one that...I will remember forever.

Nah though, I loved that game and still do. I will never love games again as much as I loved that when I was a kid.

Bad dudes for the NES/Arcade, at a later date Earthbound for the SNES

Played Mortal Kombat and its sequels religiously as a kid....yea I was pretty much obsessed with it. Spent just about all my time outside of school at the local arcade, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is easily one of my most played games ever.

I have two really... damn near impossible to choose.


And then:

I'm sure someone has already said it LOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG before I'm saying it here, but Pokemon Blue Version.

I'm honestly convinced that I would be a very different person today if Pokemon had never graced my life.

I learned a lot from that series, and I still am.

Is it bad that i Say Sonic 3 and knuckles and Blinx the time sweeper were my Defined childhood?

For me and my sis: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


The best games in the universe ever of all time.

All of the Spyro games on PS1. Ahhh the memories.......*eyes twinkle with nostalgia*

I'm super old school so for me it was Balders Gate or ShadowGate

Crash Bandicoot, Psi-ops and the last two Timesplitters got so much love. Tekken also played a nice roll from 12 onward. Oh yeah, and most Star Wars flying games. Rogue Squadron 2/3 was awesome.

EDIT: HOW COULD I FORGET POKEMON?! Sadly my Blue cartridge lost it's save battery thing a few years ago...:(

Final Fantasy VII. It was my very first RPG, the very first thing that moved me so much in life.

There four that spring to mind. The first Crash Bandicoot and first Spyro the Dragon games on the PS1 then Sonic the Hedgehog and Bonanza Bros on the Sega.

All four of these games are games I played religiously as a child.

Pokemon, Rayman, Diablo, Neverwinter Nights.

No, I don't have one favorite game.

Pokemon made me like Japanese RPGs, Rayman action games, Diablo hack'n'slash, NwN was my first "MMO-esque" game and a Western RPG. There was also Heroes of Might and Magic, Worms and many great games I still like to play sometimes.

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