What annoys you the most in modern gaming?

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I find the lack of many RTS in modern gaming to be terrible.


It has kept me entertained for awhile.

The dominance of first person shooters.

I never liked them, and now I'm really, really sick of them.

Video Game Content writers that do not understand that brevity is more important than filling space. In a lot of new RPGs games that I've played in the last few years, I was bored reading it. With some of the DLC for New Vegas, namely the Lonesome Road, I was sitting there thinking that this information could be told to me in a few paragraphs and not through a 15 minute dialog tree. I had the same reaction with Honest Hearts. If I'm sitting there telling the game to get to the fucking point and movie on. I do not need a 15 minute rambling speech about how I'm the evil person.

If it was a glorified text adventure, like Planescape, I could have accepted needless amounts of dialog.

The is where JRPGs are better. They tell a story first and provide an experience later.

For its many faults, the story in Final Fantasy 13 did not drag. It acted like it did not want you there, nor did it really need you beyond you being a ferryman for the main characters, but the story did not drag. Every cut scene in the game added a new piece of the story. Every bit of dialog was precise and necessary. Even the unnecessary background information was only as long as they needed to be to get the information across.

The customers. As if anything else, the product might have flaws, their might be issues worth of debate and protest, but the people will always be the most annoying factor, and unfortunately the one that you can't really "fix".

Oh, and more importantly, and I didn't mention this in my first posts because of scaredy-catness.

The decline of people's opinion of jRPGs and even Japanese games themselves.

I find the lack of many RTS in modern gaming to be terrible.


It has kept me entertained for awhile.

Yea, the lack of FPS really pisses me off too.

Dumbing down. Stop trying to get CODs fanbase!

People don't like tension in combat where every move that you do can be heavily punished.

You know what the most bad ass instance of tension involving health bars is? When you're playing Counter Strike, you're the last surviving member defending against several terrorists with 1 HP and you pull it out and win the match.

The press for realism, I play games to escape reality. I want a shiny rusty key so I can spot it across the room and not spend three hours looking for it in a pile of rust. I still laugh when I kill something in skyrim on a slope and it suddenly loses all traction and starts sliding downhill at 50mph. Sometimes it's annoying it you want to loot it but it's funny. Also exploration and sidequests, sure they're sandbox games that are built around that but what happened to the linear games where you can pause the story to go raise chocobos or find that super awesome weapon and just generally faff about.


Well, seeing as this is three pages long, im gonna assume you were already told there is no poll...

No I didn't know, I had gone to sleep and now I visited the site again. Damn, it seems that I messed it up. There was supposed to be a poll... It had four options: dlc, drm, obssesion with multi-player and something else that I don't remember right now. Maybe it's better this way. People already know very well what annoys them.

The sixty dollar price tags.

I know that may seem petty, but I just say that because I don't have many other complaints. I only buy a small handful of games a year, so I don't have any major complaints that applies to everything I play. (in fact really, most games I buy don't even have the 60 dollar price tag lol)

I agree 100%, but wasn't this always the problem in video games? I have kept the price tag of Final Fantasy VIII, a 1999 game: 23.800 Greek drachmas, with today's currency it would have been: 70 Euros. But the cost of life was much cheaper in 1999, so probably it would cost somewhere 90 Euros in real money.

The dominance of first person shooters.

I never liked them, and now I'm really, really sick of them.

Same here. I think eventually they will self-destruct like the electronic messages in the Mission Impossible series. lol

Regenerating health, hands-down. A game shouldn't fucking apologize for doing its goddamn job.

Excellently put.

lack of creativity and lack of color other than brown and blood red.

The only thing I hate is the stupid game holding my hand.

ie Arkham Asylum, you get in a boss fight and before you even get a chance to figure out for yourself how to win it the game tells you flat out what do. Screw off you stupid game, let me think for myself.

I HATE that.

Gears3 did the same bullshit "shoot at his rocket pack to kill him faster" when confronted with one of those behemoth enemies. I don't mind the game telling me that, but tell me in some dialogue from an NPC, not with some onscreen prompt.

Then I assume that you love Dark Souls/ Demon's Souls. :-) At least I do.

Mine would be a lot of the gamers on CoD cause almost every time I play, at some point, there's some guy just randomly cursing people and the game out either saying "Your such a f***ing noob, why are you even here", or "What the f***, you must have no life to be this good, go get a life".

pvp in every mmorpg
shop solutions (f2p p2win dlc etc)
steam (and similar)
consolification (also covering the lowest common denominator issue)
eastern style graphics
franchise games (from star wars to my little pony)
dumbing down (when was the last time a game challanged you?)

Honestly, the only thing thank annoys me about modern gaming are the people who play them. If the companies charged them for how much they whine instead of charging them for the game, they'd be making BILLIONS more than they do right now.

Not reading the comments on any game-related news article helps. :)

People who bitch about regenerating health. I mean seriously, there really isn't any difference between the two(mind you that I am only taking into account single player and not multiplayer). I mean unless the game is a survival horror game, health packs are going to be abundant anyways. Currently I am playing through Half-Life 2 for the first time(default difficulty) and quite frankly I have been doing a lot of things that I wouldn't have done normally, like not actively trying to stay in cover and assess my surroundings. I mean, I can actively tank a lot of enemies without needing the aid of cover. Hell, I don't even worry about health half the time.

The attention afforded to graphics. It's like people think that unless games are the prettiest they can possibly be, no-one will enjoy them anymore. Which I think is wrong. We should be demanding good games first, pretty games second

The gaming community a lot of the time.

What annoys me most? People who ask what annoys me about modern gaming. People can't accept change and think they *actually* have a say in what goes on.

The lack of a console and/or macro/modding capabilities.
This is why i still love WoW, tho i have stopped playing.

Also, regenerating health should be banned.


-RPGs are losing detail and stats. Look at Deus Ex:HR and Skyrim compared to Deus Ex and Morrowind.

That applies to Diablo as well, sadly.

For me it's all the DLC being released... I don't like having to pay for extra stuff that 10 years ago I would've got for collecting secrets or something. I could understand if it was proper expansions packs, but I don't appreciate having to pay 8 for a few useless characters.

The lack of Micro Management. I have yet to come across a game other than Myth II on this level of intense micro and standard of detail. Total war games and Wargame European Escalation have been the two closest things to the scale.

Oh and lets not forget the 3d. I am sick of 3d animation with Bloom on everything. This is why Diablo 3 is going to suck because in diablo 1, the atmosphere was really dark and dismal with suspenseful music, not like diablo 3 which is going to look like something off rayman with extra angry faces.

not enough jiggle physics research.we haven't had a major breakthrough since DOA xtreame beach volley ball[/sarcasm]

on a more serious note, I personally am loving the move towards digital distribution especially as far as classic games are going.gog and dosbox are letting me run classics cheaper and better than ever before.

personally my least favourite thing(and this is probably only me) is the way pc and console gaming is one big thing now.i dislike the way that both platforms are loosing there individual identity in the process.i am probably talking bollocks here but to me pc gaming should be about complexity and console gaming should be about challenge.not both beig about graphics and multiplayer.


I find the lack of many RTS in modern gaming to be terrible.


It has kept me entertained for awhile.

Yea, the lack of FPS really pisses me off too.


pc gaming should be about complexity and console gaming should be about challenge.not both beig about graphics and multiplayer.

Well said! I like this explanation, because I had started myself to forget what makes a pc game, and what a console one. Today if a game can be played from Android and handhelds to consoles, PC and Facebook, it is considered perfectly normal.

On a side note can you name who is mainly responsible for this mess?

The dodgy hardware and software is all that really annoys me. I've replaced both my current gen consoles and I need to spend half an hour downloading patches and installing game data to play anything on the PS3.

I don't generally subscribe to the 'oh everything was better ten years ago' school of thought, but developers are constantly releasing broken games, now that they have the luxury of patching them three month's down the line, and it really bursts my head.

That applies to Diablo as well, sadly.

Yeah. In Diablo 3, every Witch Doctor will play the same, every Barbarian, Monk, etc. plays exactly the same at a certain level

Feels more like an elaborate Dawn of War 2 Last Stand mod than anything else. With the difficulty stripped down until you play for like 50 hours and actually reach decent difficulty

....That I can't play them in my sleep? Seriously I would enjoy sleeping so much more if I could play video games and sleep at the same time. We need to get working on that.

Other than that...hmmm...nothing really. Yes there are seriously sucky problems in the games industry, I know it, you know it, blah blah blah. But there will always be and things will get sorted with time just so new problems can arise. It's simply the nature of most things in the universe. Things go bad, things get better. This over here sucks and will continue to suck for another 10 years while this thing over there is improved upon and made better.

Honestly I think as modern gamers we have it pretty good. Amazing graphics, innovations in gameplay and story-telling, enviroments so large that it takes years to fully explor, games that often last at least 40 hours and can reach hundreds, at least SOME recognition of games as art-form, it's slowly becoming a more acceptable hobby, we're slowly starting to see some interest in reaching out to other demographics and representing them...come on guys, we've got it good.

"Modern Gaming", or at least this generation of it has to be the worst generation of video games I have ever lived through (I started at the tail end of the 2nd console generation, and really got hooked with the 3rd). Yes, the games are "prettier" but at the expense of nearly everything else. This maybe a bit disjointed, but the following are a collection of thoughts as to why this generation of gaming is terrible:

Anti-Consumer Practices
- DRM - There are many forms of this, and all of them bad. It is supposed to hurt pirates in theory, but in the end it only hurts the consumer.
- Online Passes/company specific sign-ups, Day 1 DLC, Pre-order "bonuses" - All of this is to prevent "used games" as if it were a problem.

- Yes, it can sometimes be used for good, to "grow" a game, but rarely is it used as such. Mainly it is used as a vehicle to nickle-and-dime consumers into spending more on a game then the original asking price by cutting content from the original game. Yes, some is simply "superfluous" products, like costumes and such, but much is not. Rmemeber when things like that used to be included in the game you bought and you "unlocked" it through game-play, at no extra cost!
- It is being used to fuel Day 1 sales and preorders, again by cutting content from the original game, only to sell it to you when you buy the game, or to offer it as a "bonus" if you buy the game new to prevent re-selling.
- Being used to sell Collector's Editions.
- How about remembering games years down the road?

Digital Distribution
- Why does it cost as much if not more money to get my game without a "physical copy" as it does to go to the local shop and pick it up?
- This is being used as a form of control. What happens when the company goes belly up? Will I still be able to get the game? We have already seen examples of product that was already purchased being pulled from online "stores" so that you can't get them anymore.
- This is also tied closely with:

Online Connectivity
- I have to be online to play a single-player game?
- If their server pukes, I can't play the game!
- "Updating" the game no longer becomes an option, and particularly sucks if it removes features.
- Patches not being used to fix the game, but rather just to attempt to curb piracy

- I have no problem with multiplayer in general, just how it is being implemented in the current generation. Local multiplayer is almost dead (that of the split-screen or local hot-seat style of play), mainly being moved to the "Online multiplayer" option or the "Everybody needs to own a copy of the game so we can sell more of them" mentality, at the cost of the social aspect.
- Multiplayer being shoehorned into almost every game, when it has no need to be there, other than to "capture" an audience, and for what? For the servers to become a ghost town when the next big thing is released? Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Bioshock - all examples of games that did not need multiplayer and yet had it implemented in order to capture the "Call of Duty" crowd. If I wanted a multiplayer shooter I would play a game that was designed for such!
- On the flip side, not encouraging multiplayer of a different sort or offering options for gameplay. I want to play through campaigns with a partner both online or split screen. How about split screen actually being optimized for gameplay on these new-fangled high definition televisions that we all have now! Why does split screen still suck?!

- How come every new release is priced like a Ferrari? What I mean is why is every game priced at the highest end they can charge especially when most games are not worth it? Why do people buy used, or trade in games to get others? Because of the price!
- This is tied to the digital versions being out of whack with reality as well.
- Boxed games are coming with less and less content. I remember when games had manuals and stories within their cases, maps and such. Nowadays, those are being relegated to "Collector's Editions" with behind the scenes DVDs that are often short and vague, as well as some useless nick-nack that doesn't really add anything, like a crappily made figurine or a coin or some such. and then being sold for inflated prices.
- Games coming with less and less content only to sell it to you later as DLC, inflating the price of an already inflated game.

Unfinished Games
- Games are released before they are finished and "patched" later. Maybe. Dependant on sales.
- Games that aren't tested enough for bugs, or the bugs are ignored, deemed "not important".
- Content being withheld or "sketched out" only to "flesh-out" and sell later as DLC.
- Games being short story-wise, but the "padded" with "side quests" or "time sinks" just to lengthen it without having to add actual content.

Lowest Common Denominator
- Games being made for stupid people! Games are being designed as if the developers are afraid that someone will fail.
- Games being made for consoles when they are on the PC. Skyrim's UI is a perfect example of lazy good-for-nothing developers.
- Linearity being over-emphasized in almost everything.
- Little risk or innovation being taken by anyone.

I remember thinking that the advantages to being online could be huge, that companies could innovate and grow this industry into something amazing with it.

That sports titles need not release every year, that you could pay for a "roster update" and just download those stat changes for a token fee in whatever sport game you have. That these roster updates could be "selectable" so you could choose to play the "2012" version of the Jets, or the "1983" version.

That DLC could continue on for years on a title, keeping it alive for a long time rather than releasing more and more incremental sequels that don't change much. This DLC would be moderately priced and selectable, so you can get the thing with the parts you liked, or the whole shebang if you were so inclined, essentially replacing the need for expansion packs as well. Where are my new map packs for Resistance 1? Or how about new add-ons for Smackdown vs Raw 2008?

That games would continue to be tested before launch and bug fixed, but if on the off chance that something did make it through that bug could be caught and fixed right away, that there would be no more game-stopping bugs.

Boy was I wrong. This is why I hope that the "gaming industry" crashes and burns again. Maybe then they will learn, because it's obvious by their actions that they haven't yet.

Motion Controls...I'm done.

The massive push towards multiplayer and social. I love gaming but I have little enough time to pursue my hobby as it is. So every time a company produces a game I would have wanted play and crams it all into the multiplayer or forces me to use their social network it annoys the crap out of me. For example, Diablo 3 comes out next month but Blizzard has thrown in with the social/multiplayergroup by forcing me to use Battle.net if I want to play the game at all. For me the Diablo series has always been a solo offline experience. I don't begrudge those that want to play online the ability to do so but I want to be able to enjoy the game by myself offline. They at least left us the option of offline play in Starcraft II but are completely removing that functionality from Diablo III.

half assed ports of games whether its games that are made unplayable when on one console or a UI thats hard to use on a pc because its designed for a console.

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