Your Deus Ex Human Revolution playstyle?

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Aggressive Stealth, except for a few missions were it just wasn't worth going out of my way to beat the shit out of people. Some I just slipped by.

I used a mix of weapons, generally preferring nonlethals but absolutely fucking people up if I needed to.

I had planned to do a pacifist run, but then I met the guy who had planted the biobomb on that first mission. I had just spent the last hour being told how, because I had failed to stop that bomb, I made Hitler look like a carebear. Every character I met felt the need to remind me that every moment I spent not wrapping my mouth around a shotgun was a crime against humanity.

And now I had found the guy whose fault it was. And he was bragging about it. He was really, really proud of his gas bomb.

Good lord I killed the fuck out of him.

1st playthrough: stealthy until I killed everyone who tried to kill Malik

2nd playthrough: killed everyone who would've shot me on sight, unless a quest preferred that I leave them alive

Largely stealth, kind of a hybrid between hacking and face-punching.

Side-note: I love the takedowns, tapping a guy gently on the shoulder and punching his lights out when he turned around was infinitely satisfying.

I tried to go with the stealth and non-lethal approach most of the time which sometimes worked. I did end up setting off alarms sometimes and at those points, I switched to a lethal approach and shot everybody in sight.

Stealthy pacifist until I started catching up with the mercs. Then it was a total massacre.

Sneaky pew pew. I like sneaking by unseen, or attacking from the shadows with a humble tranq rifle or silenced pistol.

My Jenson uses his inside voice.

I was never one for stealth so I had absolutely no upgrades in stealth and just pooled everything into combat.

Fuck stealth.

I was beefed up. I went up behind people and beat the shit out of them. I used the machine gun and sprayed their intestines all over the wall.

I'm shit at stealth.

^This basically XD

Non-lethal stealth. Mostly hand-to-hand with a pistol. Twas pretty easy.

Generally tried stealth/non-lethal, but once the Mercs that attacked the lab came around, I whipped out the assault rifle.
Well, okay, the machine pistol. But that's only because the rifle got hardly any bloody ammo.

I played the game stealthy with a bunch of hacking augs. I found a way to get extra xp too. You knock a guy out and then shoot him in the head with a silenced pistol (or any other gun.) You still get the knockout XP but you don't have to worry about them getting up and shooting you in the back. The most fun part of the entire game for me was either realizing that I could shoot explosive revolver rounds, or the police station level. I don't kill cops so I hid all of the unconscious cops in the vents and thought of how scared they would be if they woke up and found themselves inside the vents.

Guerilla-style hit-and-run attacks. I wasn't too covert, but not too flashy either. Took out some guys without being noticed, quickly took down a group of guys, hid myself again, etc.

I liked watching them search in futility, only to find themselves suddenly outgunned moments later. Bit more...sadistic than proper stealth, but so rewarding.

Stealth and non lethal.

But when Belltower killed Faridah...when i found her body....

Oh they never did stand a chance. Combat rifle with the homing flachette, silencer and laser and a fully upgraded pistol with silencer, laser and armour piercing upgrade.

I sneaked, then when I got caught (usually immediately after taking down the first guy) I shoot everything with a handheld mechanism that propels shaped metal slugs at high velocities through people's bodies and inflict great harm.

I just headshoted everything that moved with a headshot.


For a while I was Non lethal stealthy. However, it became "No back-tracking whatsoever" or "Pray that the damn game unfreezes itself".

I bought this several months back and this still keeps happening. Anytime I back track to finish some secondary objective, the game crashes at several points.
Which is annoying because until then, the game is really fun.

I just hate having found out both my saves are before a recurring crashing point

Which playstyle? ALL OF THEM.

I did it all. Stealth, genocide, oddball, you name it.

Can't believe people actually had trouble vs bosses and/or guards on non-lethal playthroughs.

Stealth. Did the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement and Pacifist on my second playthrough. If I set off an alarm or something, and I don't really feel like reloading, I blow everything away with a silenced combat rifle or something, or if everyone's aware of me, a heavy rifle or a revolver with exploding rounds.

For bosses? Revolver with EXPLODING ROUNDS. I mean, seriously, that thing is so overpowered.

Murderer, no one lives to tell the story.

i played through stealthy and normally knocked out enemys because it was the quiet option but if i ever got caught id whip out my asault rifle and kill everything that moved. I enjoy that my jensen can adapt to any situation. It makes jensen one of my favorite rpg characters in a long time.

Ruthless and efficient. Take the guards out silently and execute them while they're unconscious.

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