Games that you are anticipating

For me it is these two:


Looks like an amazing indie platformer

Max Payne 3

what games are you anticipating?

GRAW Future Solider. Can't wait to run through it with a buddy :)

GRAW Future Solider. Can't wait to run through it with a buddy :)

This, along with Max Payne 3, Far Cry 3, possibly Prey 2 and Metro Last Light.

Dragons Dogma and maybe Far Cry 3.

Thats about it.

Sniper Elite V2, Dishonoured, Resident Evil 6 (maybe), Assassins Creed 3, Dragons Dogma, and possibly most of all Far Cry 3

Baldurs gate enhanced edition ^^

Oh I cannot wait :3

Guild Wars 2.

Seriously, you have no idea just how psyched I am for that game. ><

Dishonored. I really enjoyed both of Arkane Studios' previous efforts (Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic), and now they have Harvey Smith (Deus Ex). Good things are coming.

Baldurs gate enhanced edition ^^

Oh I cannot wait :3

me too,good taste by the way. along with wasteland 2 and shadowrun returns ill be set for the next 5 years with rpg goodness :D

Wasteland 2. That's all Folks.

Banner Saga
Wasteland 2
Double Fine adventure

all in due time ofcourse

I looked at post and saw this at first.

"Looks like an amazing indie platformer

Max Payne 3"

Someone should do the Payne Bros. Both are called Max. One with hair the other bald and they jump in slowmotion. I also wait for MP3, the regular game.

I'm not really looking forward to much this year, Lollipop Chainsaw looks interesting but I have a feeling its going to be all flash and little substance. Resident Evil 6 if it gets good reviews, Tales of Grace F when it gets a release in the UK. And The Last of Us whenever it gets released.

Of course this good for me because it gives me chance to replay games from the last year that I played once and loved and because of other stuff coming out.

Guild Wars 2

I guess im looking forward to Dragons Dogma.

I wouldnt say im "anticipating" it, but i do want to give it a try. I was hoping for a game closer to Monster Hunter then Dark Souls, but i guess its all good either way.

For the past four years; Diablo III.
Only a month left!!!1

I think a new Sins Of A Solar Empire is coming out, so that should be amazing.

I'm looking forward to (in no particular order) Resident Evil 6, Dragon's Dogma, Max Payne 3, Guild Wars 2, Bioshock Infinite. Oh, and Aliens: Colonial Marines, too. Keep in mind that this doesn't include a number of Indie games that'll crop up over the course of the year and turn out to be fantastic.

Wasteland 2 and Legend of Grimrock. First games I've pre-ordered in quite a while. Also Mechwarrior Online, Aliens, and Borderlands 2.

Oh quite a few. Baldur's Gate EE, Fez (hoping for PC version), Botanicula and Bioshock Infinite. And Guild Wars 2, especially that. If it fails to please me then I'm done with MMOs.

Since my descent into cynicism, I don't look forward to upcoming games anymore.

Dragon's Crown from Vanillaware most of all. Also looking forward to Guild Wars 2, The Secret World and the Double Fine adventure game.

I was worried Bioshock: Infinite wouldn't be scary, since I expect a lot of it will be played in the bright outdoors.
Now I'm more excited for it than ever.

So excited for this. I've been waiting for a unique MMO such as this forever. Apart from the HUD, it's like no other MMO there has been. Also, no subscription. YAY!

Other games I'm less excited for but I'll still buy include:
Diablo 3,
Assassin's Creed 3,
Hitman: Absolution,
Borderlands 2 (Is that this year?).

The one game that I am anticipating...

XCOM:Enemy Unknown, from Firaxis.

I can not think of any other game that is upcoming that I would be willing to buy at launch.

Prototype 2, Future soldier, Metro: Last Light, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3...

That's pretty much it.

Goodbye money...

Many, many games that I am looking forward to:
Max Payne 3
Bioshock Infinite
Assassin's Creed 3
Farcry 3
Borderlands 2
Sleeping Dogs
Halo 4
Hitman: Absolution
Thief 4
Prey 2
Sniper Elite V2
TC Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Risen 2: Dark Water
Darksiders 2
TC Rainbow Six: Patriots

Yeah, I don't knwo that I'll get all of them, but I certainly won't have much cash by the end of this year.


Borderlands 2 (Is that this year?).

Yep. September.

Guild wars 2 and Diablo 3 mainly.

Not really excited for much about them though.

Recently Guild Wars 2 has really peaked my interest. Other wise there's Bioshock 2, Diablo 3, Legends of Grimlock, and the new Sins of a Solar Empire.

Guild Wars 2. Can't wait for the first beta event after pre-sale starts.

I've been waiting many years for another Mech Sim, so im going to give it to:

Mechwarrior Online


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