Are you able to pick games back up?

What I mean is, say you start up a game but at some point you get sidetracked and end up putting the game on the back burner for several months or more.

Are you able to go back and pick up where you left off, or do you have to start a fresh game?

Sometimes, but rarely. Usually when I stop a game half way through it's because it's become boring, so I'd rather move on to something new and exciting. But occasionally a game can be good enough to be worth coming back to. Usually when I come back to an older game it's one I've already finished. It's one that I really loved and played a lot of, but haven't played in ages and I want to play through again.

Depends on the game and how far in I am. When I first played New Vegas I made it all the way to the end (with a lot of sidequests done) with something like, 26 hours. I stopped for some reason, went back several months later and just started again. However with GTAIV, I can just hop back in.

I don't often drop a game until it's fully complete - I like having games in my collection that I know are done and dusted. I'm not just talking about obtaining all the trophies, I'm talking of having everything there is to be seen, seen.

Even goes so far as a game like The Saboteur, which is my current game - making sure I complete it with no deaths also. I obsess over statistics a little too much.

In the instances where I do switch games, it'll be to complete another and I'll return to the one on pause after the distraction is done with.

Yes I can, there was almost a whole year between starting Red Dead Redemption and finishing it because I got bored halfway through.

Having said that I tried several times to restart Wind Waker several times and failed due to boredom.

Usually I have to start a fresh game. I just feel like I have to because if it's been months I probably won't remember much of what's going on and I definetely won't remember what my current objective is.

Plus it just feels better to go back to the beginning because then I can remember my motivation. Why am I doing this? Who am I angry with? What am I fighting for?

Depends on where I left off, if I just finished a quest/plot point I can pick it back up but if I'm in the middle of something it's a lot harder. Also the closer I am at the beginning the easier it is to pick back up since things haven't gotten serious. I rarely start completely over since that would take ~20 hours.

Pretty much always start over instead. Only game I can recall keeping going on was Darksiders, when I had beat half the game and taken a break for half a year or something. Couldn't be arsed with the first boss again.

usually I just pick it back up things tend to come back to me quite fast and if I started every game over after I left it for a few months I would not finish a lot.

The exception is if I stupidly left it on a difficult bit and I cant remember the controls or gameplay well enough to overcome the part I left it on.

I do it all the time with Total War, I get frustrated with losing ground or money and leave the campaign for a while. When I do go back to it again at a later date I then realize why I stopped, but grind on anyway.

I'm better about it now than I used to be. Due to Steam I have quite the backlog of games. It's not terribly uncommon for me to drop a game for a while and then pick it up where I left off. Just last night I finished Portal 2 after a 2 month hiatus. Got stuck on a puzzle at the end of chapter...8 I think and put it down for a few days so I could get a fresh perspective (disgusting how if you just walk away from a difficult puzzle for a bit the answer suddenly becomes obvious. Anyway, a couple of days stretched into a couple of months until I realized "Huh, still need to wrap that one up".

Once a game is finished I usually have a debate with myself whether or not it's worth pursuing the trophies. Sometimes yes, usually no. Typically once I walk away from a game after it's beaten, the trophies never get finished.

Now 10 years ago, I'd restart every time if it was more than a couple of weeks off. Back then I had a lot more time to do so, however.

Portal and Bioshock 2 are my prime examples. Ditched them for months, came back and finished them off.

If it's a game like Fallout: NV I just create a new character most of the time. Any other games i'll just play them on and off no problem.

My backlog kinda demands that I actually devote some time to actually finishing one or two of these games for once DX. I keep putting it off and just keep playing UMVC3 and/or League of Legends. Why are these games so addictive when they can create so much rage?

I'm sure i'm just before the final boss in Catherine as well. I hate when I do this, the build up to the final boss (I think, it's hard to tell how final "final bosses" are when it comes to Atlus) was really good... So I dropped it for a few months.


At least Skyrim had the good graces to give me a reason to drop it completely!

Around the time Skyrim came out, I lost interest in Dark Souls.
Recently, however, I picked it up again because I got the urge.
The patch changed the game to the degree that I felt a bit inexperienced again (as inexperienced you can be with a Lvl 149 NG+++ character under your belt)
So I started a new character build and won, and then started another character build.
I'm still having fun.

Other than that, if I stop playing half-way through, I'll either never look at it again (rarely happens) or I'll forget about it for a protracted period of time and then pick it up again, and I'll usually start a new game to get back into practise.

Depends on the game, but mostly I can pick it up. Skyrim for example, I've stopped playing it several times, but often found that I could get back into my char after a little bit. (Still havent done the main story).

Only if the game is good or has replayability like Dragon Age Origins or Skyrim.

Considering how I buy games (I buy one or two, beat them, perhaps platinum them, than buy one or two more). I usually don't have to. The only games I have that I haven't beaten and have no plan to pick back up are:

Shadows of the Damned
3D Dot Game Heroes
Dead Rising 2

Mostly due to glitches, or they felt like they were missing something. Vanquish, on paper, sounds like the best game ever, but for some reason I couldn't get into it at all. Beat the first boss and never picked it up since. Hell, most of those games I really wanted to like, but I don't

PC games I will come back to every now and then. Steam and it's sales are hard to beat. And my NES/SNES library has laid unbeaten for years. (I haven't played them after the N64 came out), and I hooked both back up about 2 years ago. Beat several of them, but most don't interest me anymore.

I'm able to pick it up where I left off.

Just recently I started up Yakuza 3 again and noticed my save file was from 2010. Other than familiarizing myself with the controls again, I haven't had any trouble following the story.

Depends on the game, really. I feel pretty confident that I could pick up Dead Space 2 right now, a game I haven't touched in about five months, and rock hardcore mode. But if I were to try playing Blazblue right now, a game I haven't touched in about five months as well, I don't think I'd have the same success.

Though funny story, I took a three month or so break from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and not only was I instantly better than I was when I was playing nonstop, but I could suddenly play Nova, a character I was shit with before my hiatus. Weirded me out, but I ran with it. He's a great partner for my point Thor.

Depends on the difficulty of the game and if remember the plot.

Nope. Even if I remember every bit that I've already played, I have to start over from the beginning or it feels like I'm playing someone else's save.

Yup. I recently picked Resonance of Fate back up. I stopped playing it when I overhauled my living room and didn't have my PS3 hooked up for a few weeks... then I forgot about it for a year or so... Still haven't finished it, but I take it in smallish doses.

There are also games that I finish, then go back for another playthrough making different choices. I've put down Fallout: New Vegas five times now. Most recently, I finally bothered to grab the DLC, so I'm going through that slowly with my old characters.

I sometimes do, but most of the time I end up starting over. FFXII is an excellent example of this... I played about 5 different playthroughs of that game, mainly because I got stuck, quit playing, and then didn't want to jump in when I didn't remember any of the details and mechanics of the game.

Yeah I ALWAYS start fresh at the beginning. This has caused many problems as I have a bad habit of never finishing games. Uhg.

Let's see if I can get through Red Dead this time. I've started it 4 times, finished it 0.


I have a tendency to play "whatever I feel like" at the moment. So that means I'm always "in progress" for several games. The really big open world games kinda depend on this mindset. If I play too much of any one game, I get bored of it and go on a several weeks hiatus, then come back and finish it when I feel like it.

Some particular examples:
Red Dead Redemption
Dragon Age: Origins
Assassin's Creed


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