The Axis of Gaming Evil - Say something nice

So, here we have the commonly accepted Axis of Gaming Evil, known as EA, Ubisoft and Activision. Activision because of their relentless milking of every franchise they can get a hold of, Ubisoft because of DRm approaching 1984 levels, and EA because of every single decison they've made in the past few years.

Now, in general, I agree with this. Those companies are dicks. But have you had a good experaice with them? If you have, and at some point you probably have, then say it hear. Cheer people up, as well as any employees of the Axis that may be reading.

For example, I was wandering around the Activision-Blizzard site a while back. And I discovered that you can apparently download their games if you've lost it. Bollocks, I thought, but I looked into it anyway. And lo, by entering the barcode number of my age-old copies of Warcraft 3 and it's expansion wit the disks long since lost, I could redownload the full games. And on the first day I did so, and I saw that it was good.

Whats your happy story?

EDIT: Try not to put down games by them you enjoyed. All of them make games I bought and enjoyed, but this thread is about when they do something above the normal.

Ubisoft can be huge dicks but I like several games they make. Lost planet, Prince of Persia and Assassins creed are all series I like. The PS2 Prince of Persia games based around the sands of time were some of my favorite games of the time.

I've yet to have a problem with any of these companies that couldn't be solved with a couple minutes half-hearted Internet searching. That's a good thing, right?

Lost planet

Wasn't Lost Planet made by Capcom?

OT:Can't say much other than I enjoyed plenty of games published by those companies over the years

Da Orky Man:
So, here we have the commonly accepted Axis of Gaming Evil, known as Activision, Ubisoft and Activision.

1. Activision - I liked Jedi Outcast
2. Ubisoft - I liked the Prince of Persia trilogy
3. Activision - Again? Well, they didn't screw over Mass Effect 1.

Da Orky Man:
So, here we have the commonly accepted Axis of Gaming Evil, known as Activision, Ubisoft and Activision.

Activision is so big it actually takes two places?

Well, I generally like Ubisoft games. More than that of other big publishers, like Activision and Activision, I suppose. Their biggest flaw is the DRM which stems from Ubi distrusting (to put it mildly) the PC gamers.

ITT: OP makes a Freudian slip telling us how much he hates Activision.

I like Ubisoft because their smaller studios pay attention to fans, eg Assassin's Creed 2.

You want more diversity in missions? Done.
You want a better main character? Done.
You want more outside-of-the-animus stuff? Done.
You want better combat (RT+X in every fight was absurdly powerful)? Done.

I heard (but don't care quite enough to look it up) that the developers who worked on AC1 and AC2 were different than the ones who worked on Brotherhood and Revelations. While the story is getting ridiculous, I am very excited for AC3 and its tree climban and lobsterback huntan and cinematic multikillan.


Lost planet

Wasn't Lost Planet made by Capcom?

OT:Can't say much other than I enjoyed plenty of games published by those companies over the years

Oh yeah that's right, my mistake.
Capcom is another company who I tend to dislike for being dicks but who have made a gaming series I enjoy, although Lost planet is the only series they do that I like.
Mixed them up with Ubisoft by accident then.

At least Activision don't use online passes

Since I'm a console gamer, I actually like Ubisoft.

Rayman: Origins was da' bomb.

Ubisoft can be huge dicks but I like several games they make. Lost planet, Prince of Persia and Assassins creed are all series I like. The PS2 Prince of Persia games based around the sands of time were some of my favorite games of the time.

Lot's of people like lots of games from all of those companies. Them being huge dicks is kind of what the topic is about. If people didn't like their games, nobody would care one way or the other.

The thing about Activision is I don't want any of it's games.

Sure I'm still sore about them running Guitar Hero into the ground with dozens of spin off games and every possible piece paraphernalia that they could flog that was even slightly related to it. But right now, to me, they may aswell not exist.

Ubisoft, I'm actually cool with. They've released a few games recently[ish] that I've enjoyed and their DRM seems to be taking a turn for the better.

EA on the other hand, they can still go fuck themselves.

If they make DeadSpace 3 Origin only, I think I might flip.

Ubisoft are getting better. PC port for Rayman Origins with the only DRM being Steamworks - the only place it's available.

And Origins is amazing.

Origins is cancer. I hate you now! :3 (Because you are so gonna care if some random douché on the internet hates you :P)

OT: Ubisoft created Assassins Creed. They get thumbs up for that. Good games all of them. EA can die. Activision used to be awesome... Dey gots too big for dem britches!

EA: The Dead Space games are a close as we're going to get to a AAA release of a non-pussy shooter in the vein of Quake or Doom (unconventional weaponry, no regenerating health, enemies with arcade-y roles). I don't find them scary, but I do find them fun.

Ubisoft: I had a ball with Assassin's Creed, though I've only played the first two.

Activision: I'm buying Prototype 2 used purely out of spite. Bobby Kotick can go fuck a cactus, he's not getting any of my monies. What? Don't look at me that way. This IS me being nice to Activision.

EA: They've published some of my favorite games like Dead Space 2 and Bulletstorm.

Activision: I still enjoy Call of Duty, especially Black Ops. Can't wait to kick more ass with Hudson and Weaver in the sequel.

Ubisoft: I'm not a PC gamer so I don't have as big a problem with them as most.

the registering of blizzard games on so you can re-download them wherever if you loose the disks, i agree with the OP, is one of the better things Activision has done in some time.

EA, well....... free mass effect multiplayer dlc? thats nice. but other than that..... i got nothing.

ubisoft...... well i don't play their games on pc so i dont have much problem with them in the first place. i also don't play much of their games anyway so no opinion to state here.

I can't say too much for the likes of Activision and Ubisoft outside of the former publishing the Prototype series and the latter allowing Ezio in SCV (who surprisingly doesn't suck [that much]). But I must say that I find EA's response to the torrent of "anti-gay" e-mails rather commendable, even if the timing is a little too convenient.

The good thing about Ubisoft is that it actually tries. They might have unfair rules for PC gamers, but at least I have fun with it... on consoles that is.

Hey, I like Ubisoft. Assassin's Creed 2, The HD re-release of the Prince of Persia trilogy, and Driver: San Francisco are three of the most legitimately fun games ever.

EA published the orange box, nuff said.

EA published the orange box, nuff said.

well the ps3 version which apparently was crappy compared to the other ones

There was that one year EA released Mirror's Edge and Dead Space, then went back to being utter shit.

Ubisoft deserve credit for AC and AC2.

Activision... CoD 4? And I haven't really enjoyed Blizzard's stuff since 2008.

I can't bring myself to dislike any publisher.

Purely because if I was running them i'd be doing the same damn thing to make money.

Instead I move my scorn on to the developers that create mediocre games.

Ubisoft made the PoP sands of times trilogy , and those were amazing games .

EA . Published dragon age 1 . And that was an amazing game . I really hope dragon age 3 is good . Althought it would be halarious is Dragon age 3 had the EXACT same ending as Mass effect 3.

Activision ... Well activision ... Uhhn ... They ... Hmmm... Well they grouped all the trolls and 13 year old screaming kids under one banner (CoD) so they are absent in other online games ... Does that count?

Ubisoft made Beyond Good and Evil and Rayman Origins. I have no problems with them.
EA made Spore and The Sims which are pretty good.
I haven't played any Activision games, though I have no problems with them. Call of Duty sells well, it would be stupid not to make more. I blame only the people who buy them.
I simply cannot fault a business for trying to make money. That's the only reason video games exist, after all.

Well, Ubisoft:
Beyond Good And Evil (!!!!)
POD (I think)
Prince Of Persia

Black & White
Command & Conquer

Did they publish Lost Vikings? I think they did. That's all their good games I can remember.

Funny...these are 3 of my favourite companies. A lot of my games I play over and over again are made by these 3 companies.

EA helped to bring me Dead Space so all is forgiven.

Resident Evil 5- Beaten down by a Plasma Cutter

Silent Hill: Homecoming- Got it's nuts ripped off by a Necromorph

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories- Got sucked out into space.

Amnesia: the Dark Descent- It fought the good fight, it tried really hard. It couldn't fight off Issac's mighty boot stomp.

They all used to be respected game publishers. There are numerous titles from all three companies that I have enjoyed in the past like Prince of Persia: SoT, Assassins creed 2 and most of EA and Activision's 6th generation releases . It's only in recent years that they realised that they were losing some money and everything went to shit. Any extraordinary achievements by them, if there were any, are hard to remember through the shitstorm of the past few years.

Da Orky Man:
EA, Ubisoft and Activision.

EA: i liked Amalur
Ubisoft: No More Heroes 1, just that
Axtivision: Prototype was amusing

Well, with Activision, they were in the development for Toy Story 2 and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: Action Game. Both of these games made up a great portion of my childhood. In more recent history, I have really come to enjoy [Prototype] and would also like to look into the new Wolfenstein, as well as Ultimate Spiderman and Spiderman: Web of Shadows (seems like [Prototype] with Spiderman) and see if they're any good.

Electronic Arts... Well, they've made what I have found to be the absolute greatest 007 games I have ever played. GoldenEye (any of the three versions) cannot compare. I also really enjoyed Lego Island Extreme Stunts. I think it's the greatest Lego game I have ever played.

Ubisoft, I don't know quite as much about. I might have heard this wrong, or else someone might have been totally yanking my chain, but, I think I've heard something about Ubisoft dropping DRM. Again, I might be dead wrong about this. I'm glad that they finally decided to give another shot at good ol' Rayman again (Yahtzee sure seemed to like it)! I also admire what they've done with Assassins Creed. Not many other developers these days would go so out of their way to put in so much culture and historical accuracy at the level Ubisoft does.

I also like how all of these developers are big on PC. I've got a few PC games from all three of them, old and new. Also, Activision is "Friends of Dolphins". I'm not really sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

I tried really hard to think of something, I honestly did. However, I cannot think of anything decent to say about any of them.
The only thing I can think of is that Activision made Mechwarrior 2 but that was back when it wasn't the same Activision it was now.


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