What could be made better in Dead Space 3?

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So for those of you that don't know, theres been alot of rumors about Dead Space 3 and a recent statement by EA that they plan on releasing the third installment in the series some time next year

Being an avid fan of the Dead Space games, I like how visceral cleaned up many of the problems the first game had in Dead Space 2 without harming the game itself. However I do feel like a few things could be improved upon. I would like you all to share what YOU think could be improved upon or changed in the next addition of the series

Most noticeably, the introduction of multiplayer in Dead Space 2 comes to mind for me. The multiplayer addition could have had great potential, but was considered lackluster at best and citicized as detracting resources and focus from the single player campaign.When I had first heard about multiplayer in the second game I was sure that if done right it could be a very unique and hellafun experience. What we got was a bunch of uninteresting maps, horrible weapon and other balance issues and a weird version of Left4Dead's versus mode.

I was personally surprised that they didnt just include a 4 person survival scenario(like nazi zombies etc.) that focused on teamwork. strategy and ammo conservation. While some might say the concept is overdone in many games i feel like taking this path, especially with a game like dead space, would be far more interesting then what they decided to go with. I hope that with dead space 3 they go with something similar

As for the campagin their were only a few things here and there that I found could be better. My biggest gripe was that Dead space 2 was more of a scifi adventure/survival game while the original was survival horror. However, the overal experience made this change welcome at times. Going back to the cramped corridors of something like the ishimura however, I feel would be rewarding

I wanna know what you guys think! please try to stay constructive as well

I am trying to think of something that could be improved from Dead Space 2. Trying REAL hard. But I honestly can't. As far as this new hybrid genre of "action survival horror" goes, Dead Space 2 got pretty much everything right.

I didn't play the multiplayer since it was locked behind an online pass (oh, EA, you so crazy) but I didn't really care, to be honest. However, what would be interesting is some co-op multiplayer. Say what you want about Resident Evil 5, it was damn good fun if you brought a friend along. The only issue I see with that is, regardless of whether it would be fun or not, adding a companion would kill the atmosphere somewhat, since the loneliness is what brings half of the fear.

Now heres the thing about co-op multiplayer. I would support it, but only if it was done in a very specific way. Making the campaign co-op I feel would detract too much from the suspense and sense of loneliness. If you think about it, one of the biggest reasons why dead space is popular is because of its isolation factor. You rarely have prolongued contact with NPC in the game as it is (most of them either die or are only around you for brief periods.

This is why i liked the introduction of the ellie character. She gave you enough resonance to care about her and develop the story but didn't detract from the isolation experience. Now the co-op approach wouldnt be wrong, but I think it would have to be done carefully. For example, creating a shorter seperate campaign or a shorter part 2 of the campaign where you have either an NPC or player controlled partner would make sense. As part of the main campaign though I question doing this

It not being made? That sounds good. 2 Resident Evil games in space was enough. Besides, with all the retcons in the 2nd one the internal lore is already shaky at best. The "happy" ending we got after the sequel seems like a perfectly natural endpoint for the series. Just let it die.

The pacing in Dead Space 2 was off, as was the gameplay compared to the original really.

The sequel was lacking in tension and was much more run and gun, perhaps make the player character more vulnerable too.


This is why i liked the introduction of the ellie character. She gave you enough resonance to care about her and develop the story but didn't detract from the isolation experience. Now the co-op approach wouldnt be wrong, but I think it would have to be done carefully. For example, creating a shorter seperate campaign or a shorter part 2 of the campaign where you have either an NPC or player controlled partner would make sense. As part of the main campaign though I question doing this

Thats how i think it should be done. A separate campaign like for portal 2 or splinter cell. Except maybe not just 2 isaacs with guns. Have the secondary character bring something different to the table like they did for fear 3, but better.

As for what to improve, make it more psychologically scary, but i doubt they will. Just having the monsters in the first worked because they were new. 2 wasnt as scary i think because we had already been exposed to them before. If they just keep ramping up the action it will be no better than resi. Expand on the aspect of isaac going mental, that kind of thing.

yeah portal 2 did a very good job at that. Personally i wouldnt mind if they threw out the multiplayer and replaced it with an extra co-op campaign thing as mentioned earlier

I'd personally take away having all necromorphs drop something. Speaking of which, change up the necromorphs to act more terrifying. Also, Armor should feel like the only thing between you and death, play with that by having moments that take away your weapons or armor to solve a puzzle.

Change up spawn points too, not just in vents. Make then come out of doors or even just have them sleep.

It not being made? That sounds good. 2 Resident Evil games in space was enough. Besides, with all the retcons in the 2nd one the internal lore is already shaky at best. The "happy" ending we got after the sequel seems like a perfectly natural endpoint for the series. Just let it die.

If your read the last three logs in Dead Space 2 it hints that tiedman wasnt as bad as we thought he was. The logs also have a character called the "overseer" or something like that which is revealed as being the true head of the marker project. There are a few other logs (2-3 i believe) that have him in them. It wouldnt make sense for them to end the series after they began to introduce in my opinion Issac's biggest nemesis

Also if you watched through the credits of the game you here a message between the overseer and one of his underlings that undoubtaably points to another addition in the series. I believed the most important line in this was the overseer saying "tell the other locations that theyll have to pick up the pieces" This is definitly an indication

Oh and Visceral just released information that they were beginning work on the third installment just a few weeks ago

I am trying to think of something that could be improved from Dead Space 2. Trying REAL hard. But I honestly can't. As far as this new hybrid genre of "action survival horror" goes, Dead Space 2 got pretty much everything right.

Can't help but agree. The only thing that I can think of that needs improving is the multiplayer, and I don't really care about that.

One thing that worries me though; As typical sequels go, the stakes get raised. Now, in the second game the stakes were raised via the action being set on a giant, largely civilian space station instead of a mining ship. How are they going to raise the stakes further without losing all tension? Will it be set on earth, perhaps?

And the story? How will they stop it being the same story but bigger? That trick only works once, and with other plot points to back it up, something the second game got right.

Basically, this is the tricky third outing, they need to be real careful with how they play this. Some good plot points were raised last game, and they need to be followed up with good reasons for isaac to do so.

I was dissappointed with Dead Space 2. The first one had a level design that seemed logical, backed by the 3D map functionality. In DS2 the map layout was nonsensical. The plot also felt completely absent.

DS2 felt like a gallery showcasing monsters without any internal logic or consistency.

It's becoming a rare thing to see 3D games with levels and pacing that support the plot. I hope they bring that back in DS3.

And they should fix the ammo drops. When monsters drop ammo for the gun you are using, it feels broken. Proper weapon balance would be nice as well. Both games suffered a bit in that area.

A little bit more sensible story would be nice.

I'd like to see a persistent Co-op dynamic with both Isaac and Ellie (is that how you spell it?) in the third game, a-la gears of war where the game is designed to be co-op but the AI is smart enough to handle your partner should you play single-player. It'd be a nice change of pace from Isaac being completely alone in the first two. (But I guess I don't mind him being alone too much)

But other then that, nope. Weapons are fine and fun, combat is fine and awesome, some new necromorph types would be cool, lighting and scenery design is brilliant. As long as it delivers more of the goodness that Dead Space 2 had I'll be satisfied.

I am going to go against the grain and say NOT have Isaac be the only one fighting these things. I want to see drawn-out fights between the military and Necromorphs. Something akin to Aliens with the space marines. Set it on Earth, where Isaac isn't the only human trying to survive.
Does this mean that I want the whole game to be one big battle? No. As people have said, Isaac being alone is part of the thrill. But knowing he's not the only one fighting would be a nice change of pace, at least for me. Especially if the third game takes place on Earth, which I think it will. Maybe occasionally have him stumble into the middle of a fight and help out.

Another thing I would like would be to be able to actually SAVE people if you're fast enough. That girl in Dead Space 2--the one you meet just as you enter the resident area who is then cut down--I killed the Necromorph attacking her before it had a chance to kill her, and she still fell over dead. Same thing with the Spitter that vomits on the nurse in the beginning. An example of what I'm talking about:
In Skyrim, there's a quest you can get in Markarth that starts out with a woman being murdered right in front of you. The second time I played it, I waited for the man to draw his weapon, then I attacked him. I expected him to be invincible, or for the girl to die anyway, but to my pleasant surprise I actually saved her and she was grateful. So I want situations like that.

I was pretty disappointed with DS2 in any case. I fucking loved 1. But I see this franchise going no other direction than even further from horror and more into action. Which is ok, since 2 was pretty thrilling. Ish.

So give us some giant monsters to kill, a lot of gore and some spectacular set pieces. As long as I'm not EXPECTING a horror game, which unfortunately was what I was expecting for 2.

More suspense.

I liked the multiplayer, its like L4D2's versus mode, except the infected get to choose their necromorph (more strategy) and the humans get better objectives than just "run away". What did people want? A deathmatch? A horde mode? I think the mode fit the suspense of the game perfectly, any other mode would've ruined the immersion. Imagine if Silent Hill had a horde mode.....

Isn't the leading rumour that they're going to make it a FPS? Yeah, no dice on that.

Get rid of the multiplayer for a start. Some single player games that have had multiplayer crowbarred into them have been surprisingly good (Ass Creed, ME), but Dead Space isn't one of them. Its supposed to be SURVIVAL HORROR! That kinda gets lost when you've got a whole squad of folk backing you up.

As much as I loved the first game (First game I actually played this gen) the second one just became a standard sci fi shooter. While the first game had many genuinely creepy moments (entering the engineering bay in chapter one for example), the second was basically just 'oh look, more necromorphs. Oh well. Pew pew pew.' And the ending sucked. I mean SUCKED. Terrible terrible design.

So yeah, just let the franchise fade from memory, thats what I say, before they truely ruin it.

I want it the focus more on atmosphere, scares, and story. The first game had a lot of scares, a decent atmosphere, and an interesting story shrouded in mystery. 2nd lost most of that (though they did make some improvements in areas of the story department, it was, as a whole, less interesting). Keep the gameplay, character-focused introspection (I loved how they expanded on Isaac's character in 2), and fantastic level/art design of 2, while making it scarier, more atmospheric, and giving it a better story, and I think we would have the best game yet.

EDIT: Oh yeah, make the levels make sense. Some were fine, some were just nonsensical. Also, bring back roaming around an area to find stuff, like the first one or RE4. I missed that in 2. D:

Hmmm, well I'd honestly like to see them do a survival horror game where you could do more to create and customize your own character. One of the things that I liked about say "System Shock 2" was the creation and customization system with a few differant ways to bypass the various problems and puzzles you found in the game.

I think "Dead Space" could actually benefit from a similar kind of design, as opposed to it's more linear path where there is only one way to proceed. Letting you say make your own crewman from a ship that inevitably comes under attack by Necromorphs and then adapt the skills and tools you decide to pick to the situation.

But then again, a lot of it is simply that I tend not to associate as closely with a character I'm given, than one I play myself. I find it odd that as mediocre a movie as it was that whole "Stay Alive" movie from a few years back with Elizabeth Bathoroy killing people through a video game, had a game at it's core that was a horror themed experience with character/avatar generation to me puts it ahead of anything out there now as loltastic as it was.

What's more, imagine if they say combined the character generation with say the psychoanalysis system from the Silent Hill remake, and then built the resulting mindscrews off of that. It would be an exploitable system, but that would be kind of fun to see what kinds of stuff the game produces based off of the personality you give your character (or what it thinks will get you, if you decide to answer honestly for yourself).

Of course this is all probably waaaay too technical for anything EA is liable to have in mind. I'm probably one of the few people who still has fond memories of "System Shock 2" and that's where a lot of this coming from. To me, it's intended successor "Bioshock" was interesting, but didn't really follow the same traditions that started with SS2, I generally felt like I had few options. As opposed to say having the abillity to proceed with a plasmid OR my hacking abillity, I'd be presented with something like a sheet of ice I HAD to melt with a fire plasmid, with the game giving me pretty much everything. A point which also took a lot of edge off of the whole "little sister" crisis because all you really needed were a couple of solid powers and you were set, it's not like all that many new options actually appeared with my skill points, "kill guys" is pretty much "kill guys" whether I just burn them to death, or electrocte them in water, having more options for happy, homicide fun time just doesn't really hold much temptation in of itself... but that's neither here nor there for the purposes of this discussion.

That said, I'm surprised there is going to be a "Dead Space 3" I thought the franchise got cancelled. It's survival in any form is a good thing though.

There are a few things that would be really awesome that they could do with DS3. I would love to see a return to more horror/scary than simply action survival. there are several ways they could do this all to great effect.
1) get rid of a lot of weapons. or at the very least, only allow Isaac to carry one at a time. one of the things that makes survival horror is the tension created by being vulnerable. I had a hard time feeling vulnerable crying around 4 weapons (some of which could one-shot almost anything). I went through the first game with only the plasma cutter, and limited myself to only one gun at a time in DS2 and felt like I had more fun because of it.
2) randomize when and where enemies show up. I played through both games more than once, but after the first time I knew what was coming, where it was coming from, what kind of necromorph it was going to be, ect.. using some sort of AI directer (kinda like L4D) would make later play throughs much more worthwhile
3) Lots more necromorph styles, part of the fun of horror is of the unknown, as of now many of the enemy types are known immediately.

While i never touched the multilayer i wouldn't say through it out quite yet. If there is anything in light of ME3 its that multilayer can be added to a single player game, and it still be good fun. if its done right. Its not easy to do, but it can be done.

They should either make it a proper horror game or just drop the pretence, turn on the lights and go with the action thing.

As it is now, the series is just an unremarkable but nicely polished third person shooter that insists on making the enemies jump out of closets.

There's some nice visual design in there though.

Dead Space 2 was awesome. The only real issue I had with it was the multiplayer, which was just...well, bad.

Chop out player controlled humies vs player controlled Necromorphs entirely. You could have it made by the best multiplayer dev in the world and there'd still be tons of issues.
Instead replace it with a coop mode like the OP said, however way too many coop survival modes consist of just standing in a corner shooting bad dudes, for hours. That really just doesn't feel like Dead Space to me. You need to go out there and kick some ass.

The more I think about it the more I feel Dead Space might be one of the few games which might benefit greatly from a full on coop campaign, so long as it's seperate from the main game and done well.

Take away a lot of weapons, stop relying on "ZOMG LOOK AT THE BIG UGLY MONSTER" and start working on tension. I felt some degree of fear twice through all of 2, and they were both jump scares.

You could start by making it scary. Like, that whole "Horror" part is pretty important, if you ask me.

It not being made? That sounds good. 2 Resident Evil games in space was enough. Besides, with all the retcons in the 2nd one the internal lore is already shaky at best. The "happy" ending we got after the sequel seems like a perfectly natural endpoint for the series. Just let it die.

Unfortunately, Visceral took the time to leave in a massive sequel hook after the end credits in 2. Also keep in mind this being a franchise overseen by EA, its likely going to get ruined at some point anyway.

Eh when you can go through the game quite easily with one weapon I don't think it can classify as survival horror so I say keep doing what they are doing. I think it should just pick what it wants as it seems to be hampering either the survival horror or the action aspect.

Firstly they can just eviscerate the multiplayer from the series. Unless theres going to be a simple online co-op mode, i see little or no future for multiplayer in the series.

Also if that leak reported on Siliconera holds true then we may be in for massive differences in the types of enemy were used to in the first two games[1], as well as a more open-world style of gameplay.

[1] Rail shooter spinoffs not included

I want them to make mistakes more punishing. Get sliced by a necromorph in the arm? Lifting up that gun to aim's gonna take a little longer, chin up sunshine, least you ain't dead. Sliced in the leg? Say goodbye to stomping, at least until you get to a machine that can heal up the cut (Cellular regeneration? Hell, it could even be a twist at the end of the game that using those actually infected you somehow, turning you into a new type of necromorph).

They could mix it up quite a lot. No, i'm not going to ask them to "make it scary". I've gotten to the point where I know what kind of horror they're going for, it doesn't work for me but that doesn't mean the game isn't scary. Plenty of people shat bricks playing the game, these people happened to not be gamers who play horror games a hell of a lot. I'm ok with this.

Just needs better pacing horror-wise. The way they throw monsters at you almost every single minute hurts the horror/pacing a bit.

Oh and either fix the multiplayer or bin it completely. It was either Necros pinning the humans in the starting room for the entire game or humans breezing through the Necros like they were nothing. There was no middle ground 99% of the time.

The only part of the game that was genuinely scary, not warrgh jump scare! was the time where they let the monsters take a nap for 10 minutes and just had you wander corridors waiting for the monsters that never come.

More pacing like that kthx. They've proven they can do it rather effectively so try and go for that more often in DS3. Also the return of a certain "precision puzzle" (or something similar to it) near the end would be pretty sweet. Sweetly disturbing... Disturbing sweetness. The best kind.

Now I need chocolate.

There is nothing that I particularly disliked about either of the games... but the second definitely felt like an improvement. I'm also one of the few that really enjoyed the multiplayer, even though the servers were TERRIBLE.

More horror atmosphere, and NO ORIGIN!

I really like Dead Space as a game, but I kind of feel like its approach to horror is best summarized by the Ishimura level in Dead Space 2: claustrophobic industrial environment, some surprisingly effective "false alarm" scares from shorting lights or cleaning equipment falling over. The audio/text logs you find seem to imply that there's some kind of monster still on the ship, likely something you missed the first time which is going to make for a spectacular boss fight. Then the game gets bored and throws a couple thousand Necromorphs at you. It's not BAD per se but it does undermine the whole horror part. Right now, I hope that Dead Space doesn't just decide to embrace wackiness the way say House of the Dead: Overkill or Saints Row 3 did. As horror goes I think of Dead Space as being around on the level of the latter half of Aliens.

Creature Design- I read somewhere that the developers made a point of researching anatomy when doing the art design, the point being that enemies' monstrous features would just be re-purposed parts of the human body: tentacles made out of entrails, spikes and blades made from major bones. Whatever the case, I really like the monster design. The early versions of the "slasher" necromorphs have a ton of variation and some of the best models are horribly mutated while still easily recognizable as human. There's one model of basic slasher in DS2 that's basically female but one side of her head has started to open up into a venus fly trap construction. It reminds me of John Carpenter's The Thing and as monster design goes I can't think of higher praise. There's less variation in the greenish/black "enhanced" versions which I think is to the game's detriment. Then again that may be a story point, that all the necromorphs we've been seeing are an intermediary stage and given time the corpses will all evolve into something more distinctly "alien."

Boss Fights- I don't think I'm alone in thinking that the battles with the Hive Mind and Leviathan were two of the most awesome moments in that game, and I feel like that element was missing from Dead Space 2, there were some pretty great set pieces, but in my mind, there's nothing quite like the old fashion giant monster boss fight.

I just hope they don't fuck it up. Oh and it would be great if they went all out with the horror. This is the only (maybe last) EA game that I'm looking forward too. Just hope it isn't shit, I really enjoy the first two. :(

Maybe start out the game with a 15 minute long scene showing the Necromorphs taking over the Ishimura and the Sprawl. Of course show men and women screaming in terror as the Necromorphs storm down the halls ripping and tearing. They should show children getting turned into Necros from Infectors. Have these shots of people turning into different Necromorphs. It will fade to black. Main screen will appear with Issac standing there with Ellie.

More suspense.

Me: "About time Nicole popped up, isn't it?"
Me: "Hi honey!"

I wub the Dead Space games. If shooting the arms off a space zombie is wrong, I don't want to be right. I love the power nodes and the inventory system and giant viewer friendly holograms and punting monster babies. I'm even sort of engaged in the background reading material. But I wouldn't describe them as atmospheric or unpredictable, so they can't really build suspense.

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