List your favourite video game genres from most to least favourite.

List in order your favourite genres from greatest to least out of this list of "essential genres" I've made.

Here's mine.
1. jRPGs(included s/tRPGs)
2. Platformer
3. "Action/Adventure"
4. Fighting
5. Scrolling Shooters/Shoot em' Ups
6. Life Simulator
7. Racing Game
8. Puzzle Game
9. Rhythm Game
10. Survival Horror
11. Real Time Strategy
12. Western RPGs
13. Third Person Shooters
14. First Person Shooters

You can of course modify the "essential list" if you so like. I'm going enjoy it if I see some lists very similar to mine.

Everything you listed goes somewhere in the vicinity of 1-100. #101 would be sports games. #102 is racing games. I like pretty much any game but those that fall into those two categories. Sure, you get a gem every now and then, but for me, the rest are complete shit.

My own opinions. Sue me.

Anything below 10 I won't enjoy. If I missed anything it's because I haven't played it or don't remember playing it.

1) Action RPGs
2) Experimental games
3) First person shooters
4) Action adventure
5) Sandbox games
6) Action horror
7) Parkour platformers
8) Action puzzlers
9) Creative games
10) Metroidvania 2D platformers
11) Isometric turn-based RPGs
12) Rythm games

Also, in order, my favourite examples from each of those genres are as follows:

Fallout: New Vegas, Journey, Half-Life 2, Shadow of the Colossus, Saints Row The Third, Dead Space 2, Assassin's Creed II, Portal 2, Minecraft, Iji, Fallout 1, and Audiosurf.

1) RPGs (doesnt matter if they're western, japanese or just action, so long as they're good)
2) RTS games (I suck at them but I just love them)
3) Action/adventure games
4) Sandbox games
5) Action/adventure games
6) Puzzle games
7) Shooters

All the rest

Following your list as a template, mine goes a little like this:

1. jRPGs(included s/tRPGs)
2. Western RPGs
3. Platformer
4. "Action/Adventure"
5. Rhythm Game
6. First Person Shooters
7. Racing Game
8. Scrolling Shooters/Shoot em' Ups
9. Life Simulator
10. Puzzle Game
11. Fighting
12. Third Person Shooters
13. Survival Horror
14. Real Time Strategy

I'm crazy for RPGs. I love Dragon Age, but I gotta admit that's the only Western RPG I like. Final Fantasy stuff still is my favorite.
Platformers overall have my attention as well as action/adventure games.
I also love games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero even though they're pretty much dead now.
I do enjoy playing a quick match of Gotham City Impostors every now and then. Maybe even MW2 if my friends are up for it.
I also like some racing games like ModNation Racers or, why not, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.
The Sims are good but their latest entry (Sims 3) was kinda tedious to play. The Sims Bustin' Out is still my favorite.
Catherine and Portal are pretty good but pretty short. I hate short games.
Fighting games? Let me put it this way: I get blisters when I play fighting games.
Third person shooters are alright...except they don't flow as easily as a FPS. I'm not a big fan of shooters overall to begin with.
I HATE horror games. I'm paranoid enough as it is.
The thing about real time strategy games is that it feels like a task, playing the game, I mean. Some games do it well (FF12 for me) but some others just make me wanna give up immediately (Advance Wars).

These are just my thoughts. I know there's more out there than the games I listed as examples. But again, my two cents.

1. WRPG's.
3. Action/Adventure.
4. Sim games (not The Sims, I mean like Football Manager games. I've wasted years of my life dragging Accrington Stanley through the divisions to premiership glory).
5. Beat'em'up.
6. Survival Horror.
7. Third Person Shooters.

And ones I don't really like/never play.

8. RTS.
9. FPS.
10. Platformer.
11. Scrolling games (haven't liked them since the mid 90's).
12. Racing games.
13. Sports games.
14. Puzzle games.
15. Vast majority of Indie games.

1. Real Time Strategy
2. RPG, inc sci-fi, western any sub genre of rpg.
3. Point and click puzzle games
4. Survival Horror
5. First Person Shooters
6. Simulators (must be very good simulator)
7. Fighting games

anything below this is not worth mentioning especially
animae chrono trigger, zelda all that junk that deserves to be
put in the trash can.

Funny reading that none of the above posts actually consider R.T.S a good genre, need to play some Myth II soulbligher to change your mind peoples!

1. Third Person Shooters
2. Western RPGs
3. Real Time Strategy
4. First Person Shooters

Everything else I don't care about. *Mostly

I loves me them shootery games with the third person view and 'dem rpg elements.

RTS, well only because Starcraft, Warcraft and Homeworld series, the rest of it I don't really care for.

FPS, only for Bioshock 2 and Halo 3/Reach.

1: RPG (Includes roguelikes)
2: Action RPG
3: TBS
4: Adventure (Point and click and text parser based, graphical and text adventures)
6: Platformer (Both "pure" platformers and games like Megaman or Contra. Metroidvanias also go here)
EDIT: Stealth games, like Hitman and Death to Spies should go about here. I forgot.
7: FPS
8: RTS
9: Horror
10: Simulation
11: Action/Adventure
12: Puzzle
13: Rhythm
14: Fighting

I'm sure there's other more specific genres I forgot or just don't care about enough to put them on the list.

I love all genres too much to make a list, I would have to include every single genre since I don't hate any and there are too many, besides choosing which one I like more is hard, also I don't know how much is the actual genre and how much is just the game.
Besides as I was typing that list I kept coming up with even more genres and then had to re-arrange everything accordingly, until I got frustrated and deleted it because it's impossible to choose, I mean I love Run and Gun just as much as Platformers, RPGs, Action/Adventure, Turn Based Strategy, Racing games and Space-sims, BTW if that was the list all of those would be tied at #1 everything else would be tied at #2.


My list could not be more different methinks. Still, it really depends because virtually everyone before me has different prerequisites for what constitutes a 'genre' e.g. my definition of 'RTS' is actually quite narrow requiring a specific type of gameplay (a la C&C, DoW, Supreme Commander etc.) and while the TW series is typically bracketed in 'RTS', I don't consider it as such.

Anyway, I'll give you a list anyway, 'cos I'm so nice! *stupid cheese grin*

1 (joint) - Western role-playing (preferably sci-fi)
1 (joint) - Turn based strategy/Real time tactical hybrid (another way of saying I'm a TW fanboy)
1 (joint) - Third person action adventure
4 - First person shooters
5 - Platformers
6 - Real time strategy
7 - Third person shooters
8 - Japanese role-playing
9 - Simulators (naval ones, typically)
10 - Puzzlers

And 'genres' I won't touch with a barge pole:

Sports games, racing games, fighting games & beat 'em ups

1) Constructor/City Building games (Tropico, sim city).
2) Strategy/RTS/Grand strategy. Love strategy games in general so will just blob them all here, whether it be total war, xcom, romance of the 3 kingdoms or hearts of iron.
3)RPG (in the last few years it's been mostly western rpgs as hasn't been many JRPGS to catch my fancy, either way i'll bump them into the same category)
4)Adventure/Action game, especially if it has coop.
6)Horror games
7)Simulation games that don't fall into first 2 categories
8)Fighting games (this goes up to 3rd place if i'm playing with friends).
9)Dancing/rythm games
10)Shooter games (3rd person or 1st person, makes little difference to me. Either way playing dude shooting at other dudes, needs an element from another genre to hold my interest)
11)Racing games ( tend not to like them with odd exception: destruction derby and wipeout 2097 that i can think off)
12)Puzzle games (find them incredibly boring to play by myself, playing with friends though is fine with me)

Yeah, so my list is pretty similar to yours.


2.Whatever Katamari Damacy is.

Also this. This is pretty high up there.

1.Western RPGs
2."Action/Adventure" Games
3.First Person Shooters
4.Puzzle Games
6.Real Time Strategy Games
7.Racing Games
8.Third Person Shooters
9.Fighting Games
10.Rhythm/Dancing Game
What can I say, I'm a sucker for character creation.

3) FPS
4) TPS
5) ARPG/action/adventure
6) JRPG (on the rare occasion that they actually make a good one)
7) RTS (Mainly Civ, Every other RTS is exactly the same as any other RTS (more than 1-3 anyway))
8) WW2 Flying (Not modern flight sims)
9) Racing
10)Fighting/dancing/music/Sport/platforming/survival horror/puzzle/RL Sims/FB games/iphone games/gambling games/sex sims/educational games. (everything I don't like)

I need no list. This wheel says enough.

I despise anything with too much conflict. I have nothing against non-military shooters, though.

As for most most preferred genre, I'll have to say genre mashups.

1. Action/ Adventure
2. RPG (Westen)
3. FPS
4. Scrolling Shooters/Shoot em' Ups
5. Platformer
6. Third Person Shooter
7. Strategy (Both turned base and real time)
8. Fighting
9. Puzzle
10. Suvial Horr.
11. JRPG
12. Life Simulator
13. Racing
14. Rhythm

1: RPG's (Not including JRPG's -.-)
2: RTS
3: Puzzles
4: Horror
5: FPS
6: Action/Adventure
7: Simulation
8: Racing
9: Sports
10: Dancing
11: JRPG's (Yes I would rather dance than play Final fantasy).

And thats it :/

2. Action/Adventure
3. TPS
4. FPS
5. Platformer
7. Survival horror
8. Fighting
9. Rythm/puzzle games
10. What's left on the list.

1. and most favourite is J-RPG (of course includes T-RPG)
2. Racing Sims.
3. Action/Adventure
4. TPS
5. W-RPG

My top-ten looks like this:

Western RPGs
3rd-party action
Party Games
1st-Person shooters
Arcade Beat-em-ups
Space Combat
1st-Person shooters

The genres I hate most would be simulated sport games and racing games. Also can't stand real time strategy games but that's probably because I've only ever played Starcraft and only had fun with it when I could tip the odds ridiculously into my favor. Arcade racing games almost made it onto my top-10.

Okay let's do this...

1. Action/Adventure - Nearly all of my favourite games are Action/Adventure.
2. Platformer - Have always like them since I was a little lad.
3. Western RPG - Always a blast to play, and i'm a sucker for character customisation.
4. Survival Horror/Horror - When they don't make me totally crap myself, I love them.
5. Strategy (both turn based and real time) - I like them for their depth and complexity.
6. Stealth Action - I like them even though I'm totally shit at them.
7. Japanese RPG - The recent games in the genre are not so hot, but the genre has tons of great gems.
8. Hack and Slash/Beat em Up's - Most are too repetitious for me, but I like a few.
9. First Person Shooter/Third Person Shooter - On the odd occasion, I like a game where I can just shoot someone.
10. Simulation - Most Simulation games, are too realistic to be much fun in my opinion.
11. Fighting - I just can't be arsed to learn all the crazy moves in these games.
12. Racing - Other than a few Futuristic racers, Racing games feel dull to me.
13. Puzzle - Most of the time, they just confuse the living hell out of me.
14. MMORPG - Kill this enemy, complete quest, get gold to buy shit, repeat to infinity.
15. Sports - Why play something you can do in real life?
16. Rhythm/Dance - Tap, Tap, Tap, ZZZZz...
17. MOBA - Terrible fanbase, Terrible games.
18. Sandbox - Minecraft, Gary's Mod, and Terraria...urg! What the hell is the Appeal here!?
19. Tower Defense - It's the same boring bloody game, copied a million times.
20. Visual Novel - If I want to read something, I'll read a god damn book, thank you very much.

1. FPS or RPG -I grew up on Unreal Tournament so I love me a good shooter, but it depends on the game because I love fantasy settings with immersive worlds

2. Action/adventure -I would count TPS games in this category as well because they usually are. And hack and slashs fit this as well. MGS4 and Darksiders ftw

3. MMO -I LIKE STALE GRINDING HERP DERP CLEVER JOKE. I love mmos for the interaction with other people, all working together for a common goal. And the worlds are generally creative and immersive. Also this genre has some of the best boss fights on par with most hack and slashes (sometimes even require more skill to be honest)

4. RTS -I like to play with friends casually, because I hate competitive rts. Its all about the meta and not about the fun. I like building bases and armies and killing things. Simple pleasures. Starcraft 2, Age of Mythology, Sins of a Solar Empire, Supreme Commander 2, C&C, etc

5. Puzzle -not casual, but more like Portal and indie platformers.

6. Fighting -Again, not competitive, but I like Soul Calibur and Street Fighter. I can pull off a lot of the moves, but not like, 50 hit combos or some OCD shit like that.

7. Racing -Burnout = amazing. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is good too. Kart Racers? Ehhh maybe, depends.

Horror is too broad and the games can fit in any category really so I didn't put that up there. Also platforming is in lots of genres, even some FPS games have platforming, so I didn't use that either. But yea thats what I like and why I like it :D


everything else

platform games have their own special level of hate from me

1) WRPGs (fave is ME1)
2) Platformers (fave is Crash Twinsanity)
3) Future FPS (Crysis, Halo CE)
4) RTS (Warcraft III)
5) Action/Adventure
6) Puzzles (Hexic?)
7) Sports (FIFA)
7) Survival (Bioshock)

Mine can be grouped into sections of games that "feel" similar to each other:

GROUP 1 - My main choice

RPGs (consisting of):
- ARPG - Action RPGs - Loot collecting and monster smashing with story and character growth. Doesn't really belong in the RPG list - Diablo II, NoX, Dungeon Siege, Titan Quest, X-Men Legends, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
- WRPG - "Western RPGs" OR "World Centric RPGs" - Gives the player a world and says go live in it, often giving the player control over creating his or her character. Often fast paced combat, although controllable (pausing, VATs) in some way - Oblivion, Skyrim, Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age Origins, KoTOR, Fallout 3, The Witcher, Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Grand Theft Auto IV, Read Dead Redemption
- TRPG - "Tactical RPGs" - A blend of Turn based Strategy and RPG story/character growth - Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, Fallout, Tactics Ogre, Jeanne D'Arc
- JRPG - "Japanese RPGs" OR "Character Centric RPGs" - Gives the player a character or party and weaves a story around them; mainly turn based, menu driven, slower paced then its Western counterpart - Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Warrior VIII, Suikoden
- MMORPGs 1 - I only put this section here as there are only 2 notable exceptions to the MMO genre that I like, more likely because they closely resemble the first 2 RPG sub-genres that I like than MMOs typically do - EVE Online, Guild Wars

GROUP 2 - More "Actiony"/"Story" games

Action/Adventure - Exploring, Shooting, Story & Platforming all in one - Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Cadash, Castlevania, Pitfall
Shmups - Shootin' and Powerups - R-Type, Heavy Unit, Raiden, Contra, Powerup Forever, Soldner X, Galaxian
Brawler - Beat up waves of enemies, often with combos, set in levels with a big boss at the end. - God of War, Devil May Cry, Final Fight, Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Nightmare Creatures
First-Person/Third-Person Shooters 1 - Exceptions to the rule, the few within this genre that I find good. - Armored Core, Twisted Metal, Resistance, Gears of War, and to a small extent Dead Space.
Platformers - Jumpin' and Shootin' with level design being as important as the enemies you are shooting. - Mario, Wonderboy, Mega Man, Portal
Stealth Action - Thief, Tenchu, Metal Gear Solid

GROUP 3 - Usually slower based "building"/"thinking" games

TBS - Strategy without the action, usually controlling a small squad or group - Heroes of Might and Magic,
RTS - Strategy and Action, often with micromanagement - Sins of a Solar Empire, Seven Kingdoms, Warlords Battlecry, Star Wars: Empire at War, Starcraft, Warcraft
Grand Strategy - Strategy that is over and above normal turn-based strategy, often involving more micromanagement of resources over combat - Galactic Civilization, Civilization,
Vehicle Simulation - controlling the vehicle is more akin to real life - Gran Turismo, Microsoft Flight Simulator

GROUP 4 - Games to play with multiple people

Music - Where you "play" the music - Rock Band, Guitar Hero
Fighters - 1 on 1 style beat up the computer or another player. - Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage, Eternal Champions, Dead or Alive, Fatal Fury, Samurai Showdown
VS Combat - Competition against other people - Twisted Metal, Armored Core, Counterstrike
Driving - Racing cars down a track, beating the other racers - Rush, Need for Speed, Wipeout, RC ProAm

GROUP 5 - Games that are about building or creating something.

Construction - Build stuff - Minecraft
Adventure - Story driven "point-and-click" figure it out - Day of the Tentacle, L.A. Noire, Full Throttle, Heavy Rain
Puzzle - Simple "figure it out" games without the story - Tetris, Columns, Desktop Tower Defense
Simulation - Controlling something like real life - The Sims, Spore

GROUP 6 - The shit I generally never "choose" to play:

First-Person/Third Person Shooters 2 - Where it's all about shooting shit directly, often geared towards "team-play" and short "objectives" - Call of Duty, HALO, Battlefield, Counterstrike, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead
Sports Simulation - Yes, there are a wide variety of sports, but most I don't enjoy - Hockey, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Fishing, Golf, Pool etc.
Survival Horror - Survive while shitting bricks - Resident Evil, Silent Hill
MMORPGs 2 - Grind to the next level with other players - World of Warcraft, Age of Hyboria, Dark Age of Camelot, Final Fantasy XI, Rift
Rythm - Where you tap in time to the music - Elite Beat Agents, DDR
Party Games - Very casual, usually "wagglestick" variety games, no real depth, just designed to let everyone play around a TV - Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, Sly Cooper mini-games
Waggle Games - Less than useless games because of the disconnect of your actions to what actually happens on screen - The Shoot, Star Wars Kinect

1. Turn Based RPG (Both JRPGs and WRPGs)
2. Action RPG (Both JRPGs and WRPGs)
3. Point and Click Adventure
4. Action/Adventure
5. FPS
6. TPS
7. Platformers
8. Puzzle
9. Horror
10. Simulation/Construction
The ones I don't really like:
11. Strategy (Both turn based and real time)
12. Fighting
13. Sports
14. Flight Sims
15. Racing/Driving
16. Rhythm

1.2d platformer
2.action aventure
3.third person shooter
4.3d platformer
5.hack n slash
6.first person shooter
7.Rpgs (all of them)

Going with my worst 5 and best 5, the full list would be way too long.

Worst 5:
5: Complicated Number filled micro management games
4: Sports Games
3: Bullet Hell Shoot-em-ups
2: Ridiculously hard platformers
1: Turn Based RPGs (God I hate this genre, except pokemon.)

Best 5:
5: Grand Strategy (Stuff like Civ and Total War)
4: Rythym Games
3: Platformer
2: Western RPGs (Stuff like fallout, TES, Mass Effect)
1: FPS

1. RPGs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2. Fighting Games 3. Action Adventure 4. Sports games
I love my RPGs. I'll occasionally play other genres, but I don't play them for the most part. So the others just have apathy.
Notable exceptions include: Catherine, Mass Effect

Survival horror
Fighting games
3D platformers
Rythm games
3rd person shooters
Racing games
Sports games
Video games based on movies ( i decided this is a new genre , Golden eye 007 is an exception that proves the rule)
Party games


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