My Game Just Screwed Me Over

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My first real soiree into video games, the first one that led to many others.
Pokemon Crystal.
I had just caught Raikou, the last legendary dog that was still eluding me, I decided to save and quit, and upon loading it up the next day it said the game save had been corrupted.
I was four Pokemon away from completing the Pokedex.

Something similar happened with my brother and his Pokemon Blue. He had just caught Articuno and his game corrupted. Oh the tantrum he threw... He hasn't picked up a Pokemon game since. As for myself, I can't really think of a game that has screwed me over. I think I should count myself lucky.

In New Vegas I was doing the vault with the plants & when I released the gas & blew up the vault I lost ed e. I guess the explosion blew him into a wall & he got stuck,and my last save was entering the vault.I didn't want to re-do it so I haven't played it since.

i have obsessive saving disorder to the pont were i had saved over 500 time's in skyrim. Its ridiculous i hard save whenever the game quick saves because i dont trust it, i save before a combat section, kill all some enemy's save again, kill loot those enemys save again, kill the rest of the enemy's save loot all their stuff, then save again

i need help

I remember only the first Gothic. This game has it's share of bugs, but I experienced something that was pure madness when I went for the main boss. The end level had ONE frickin' door that will not open. Everything works as it should, except for this one door, meaning I played the game for about 40 hours, only to get stuck there. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Half Life 1 on the PS2 did that to me on the level Surface Tension. I had no power on my HEV suit and about 68 health. I saved in the middle of the pipeline that came out of a small vent withj water in it. Just afterwards, a solider threw in a incindiary satchel that kept killing me with it's flame that chased me to my death. Hiding in the water didn't help.

Then I realized that I had to actually duck while underwater to escape the flame.


captcha: mustachioed. That's what Gordon Freeman is. HE has a sweet mustache.

So as I've mentioned a couple of times here on the forums, I'm currently playing Fallout 3. It's a lovely game, lots of fun, and it's really cool how it's blended lots of different genres and playstyles in a single game. just screwed me over.

This part contains spoilers, so I'll put it in a tag, but essentially a mechanic of the game has left me unable to continue.

So let's talk about our gaming woes. When has a game screwed you over?

Yeah, I had a similar situation. That's why I now always keep two saves for the game I'm currently playing. I constantly switch between them. I'll save in game file A during one point, then the next time I have to save I'll save in save file B, then back to save file A, back to save file B, etc. It makes sure that I don't fall too far behind should something happen to the save file.

For my own gaming woe, I was 12 and playing Dark Cloud 2. I had worked VERY hard to make it to Emperor Griffin. Now, this game isn't exactly easy-mode, even now, so I worked VERY hard to get there. Then, my little sister decides she wants to play the game and...she saves over my file... ;_;

Fallout 3 and Fallout 3: operation anchorage.
it fucked the whole game up, and not because it was bad. first of all, the simulation is the funniest and most interesting thing i have ever played in a game for a long time, and it's very creativly constructed. but after you step out of the simulation it's just not the same.... because The Game is not as fun anymore because and now we are getting to it:

the chinese fucking stealthsuit, Hei Gui.

i'm not even fucking joking when i'm saying that you can, at 100 stealth skill, attack an enemy with a meele weapon, AND NOT BE DISCOVERED. it's like a stealth-boy, but more awesome.

also, the game is just awesome, but the second playthrough is just soooooo dull.

ALSO, it's so fun that some other games have become less awesome because it has themes close to it.

TL;DR fallout 3 is so awesome it's fucking itself up.

oh and OP, quicksave get. i locked it to , and . or z and x. be carefull and good hunting!

In Fallout New Vegas, it's literally possible to chainsaw someone to death and not be discovered by the guy right next to him.

Mass Effect 3. No, it's not that, so don't start.

After the Priority:Citadel II mission, I went and explored, did some scanning, then saved and headed off to do some multiplayer. Halfway through wave 3, my game crashes. So I boot it up again, deciding to play some more singleplayer. I load up the game, and my Shepard has gone to default look and had credits and exp reset to 0. Every other save on that character was the same. Had to reset from the start.

I had something similar happen to me but when I quit to the main menu and started my save up again it was fixed so :/

I've had games in the past, mostly on consoles, mess up saves or have general glitches or bugs that would completely ruin a play-through or destroy something I had been playing or working on for some time.

However, beyond that, I've never had anything like that happen; egregiously anyway; since then. Might be because I primarily game on PC now so any potential happenstance that might "screw me over" can be rectified by some means, but even so I can't think of anything that terrible in recent memory.

Though, I do recall a story by my old programming teacher back in high school who, while playing Thief, accidentally tapped his quick-save button whilst trying to jump across a gap. (pressing it in a panic when he realized he'd miss-jumped)

It was then, after going to his saves to load, he realized he had quick-saved over his only save file. In effect, every time he loaded he was in free-fall; seconds from death.

He explained that he ended up just starting the game over. This story was his way of showing that, even though it's a good idea to save often, be mindful of what and when you save your work.

Before you ask, yes the whole class laughed at him. And no, he did not appreciate it.

Dirty Hipsters:
In Half-Life 2 episode 1 I saved my game after a pretty intense gunfight, which left me with 8 health, and then promptly died to a sniper bullet. When I reloaded the save I found that I had actually saved a mere moment before the sniper fires, and that because I had saved in the open it was basically impossible for the sniper to miss, meaning that every time I loaded the game I would die within approximately 1 second. At least the previous save wasn't too far back.

That's one feature of the Half-Life games I wish more games followed. The dual auto-save. Would prevent a lot of aggravation for when, on the off chance, the game auto-saves at a really, really bad time.

D Moness:
Second playthrough some giant radscorpion came close to the hideout where you deliver the fingers. The npc ran outside to be never seen again >.<

Same thing happened to me I went in gave them the fingers and then the chief ran outside after a giant radscorpion and chased it over the hills and into legend, I would come back every once and a while but she never reappeared and no one mentioned it so I figured I'd better stay away. But that was annoying as hell I had a million goddamned fingers and no one to sell them to.

The only one I can think of was I was playing company of hero's with some friends and we were so freaking close to taking a command point that both sides had been wrestling to get for the better part of 2 hours and one of my friends lagged or so he said and accidentally dropped his artillery on us and only killed a few enemies, we were pushed back since he crippled us but eventually came back. After we team killed him of course.

In famous 2, got maybe 75% done with the game and on the last mission (the main mission) of an island and the game freezes; and it will ALWAYS freeze and there is nothing I can do about it which really annoys me cause it was my favorite game series.

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