"Hero Mode" Engaged!

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So we've all had moments like this (unless you're terrible, in which case...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry): Your team has had a sudden upset and now victory rests squarely on YOUR shoulders. Lesser men (or women) would buckle under the pressure. But no, not you. See, you're made of tougher stuff. A heart of steel, a titanium skin and an adamantine skeleton. You thrive under pressure; it's time to go out there and be a big damn hero. So what are your "Hero Mode" moments?

I've had a few that I'm kinda proud of. I've been really into the ME3 multiplayer since it came out and I can't tell you the number of times I've pulled a Silver or Gold win out of my ass at the last moment. I think my favorite one sofar comes down to winning a Silver match on my vanguard after the whole team went down on round 10. I medi-gelled up and managed to take down 2 Brutes, 2 Banshees, 4 Ravagers, and I have no clue how many Maurauders and Cannibals while capturing a control point.

This happens Ever so often when i play UMVC3 . My team is x-23 , doom and storm . X-23 strives on point , with assists she is amazing . On the other hand , when shes the last one standing she has a BIG disadvantage . Now , in a recent game i was going up against team awsome ( read:dante, virgil , wesker ). I managed to lose both my doom and storm , leaving me with x-23 at half life , which means as soon as i get hit , i will die. I had nothing to lose and auite frankly didn't expect to last 5 seconds . I don't know what happened , my opponent must have ( rightfully) thought the game was his , or i just started playing x-23 exceptionally well , but i managed to make one of my best comebacks ever . I was doing shit with x-23 i never done before , taking risks and having them hit their mark. Cross ups i never managed to do i did them . It was such an invigorating feeling. It was not a time for thinking but for going into action. My back against the wall , and nothing to lose , i gave it my all and came out victorious .

Now if only i could always play like that , i wouldn't be half bad .

I buckle so fast under pressure it's unreal. When I get the slightest hint that things are depending on me, I trip over the nearest pebble, fall, break my neck and accidentally set off the bomb. And start the zombie apocalypse. And kill that transport full of children. And drown the puppy.

If you want me to pull out amazing heroics, give me time to get comfortable and for fuck's sake don't let me know I'm my team's only hope.

Well, there was this one time in MW2 where I single-handedly overcame a 1000 point deficit thanks to a few lucky breaks and an AC130, then someone else took out the last guy that put us in the lead right before time ran out, leaving us at 7000-6900. Managed to make a camping asshole on the enemy team rage as a result. Glorious.

Most of mine took place 5-6 years ago in Counter Strike Source, but those times are long gone. I remember in particular I was alone with 8 CTs converging on T spawn on cs_office, armed with an MP5 and Deagle I took out all 8 people in the space of 5 seconds. Not one bullet him me. Funny thing was everyone on the server bet there money on CTs winning lol.

Left 4 Dead survival mode in the Mall area with the car. About 7 minutes in everyone except me is dead. We figure thats it for this attempt but I (somehow) manage to hit adrenaline, heal up and proceed to last another 4 mins alone getting Gold for myself and two friends.

It was completely insane there must have been at least 3 tanks in the map as well as god knows how many specials. But because I had a grenade launcher (then managed to grab an auto shotty when it ran out) I was able to keep the specials off me.

Where my last character died at LARPing, the monster's shield wall was holding fast and our guys were beginning to drop. So I lead the charge through the enemy lines, smashed the undead down, we charged for the necromancer... Who bought them all back up again, everyone pulled out, I was stuck behind enemy lines without any help, got my legs hacked at. So there I was, lying on the ground without any legs I noticed the ones that jobbed me thought I was dead so they joined the shield wall, I started crawling towards my weapons which I had dropped when I went down, looked over my shoulder and saw three of them marching menacing towards me, I crawled faster, picked up my sword, downed one until of course they overwhelmed me. It was epic.

This happen twice in Guild Wars-

Both took places in different final bosses, one at the end of Prophices and the other in Nightfall. To sum it up all of my party members were killed while I was the last one alive. If I died than we had to restart the final mission again which the mission itself is a pain in the arse to begin with.
No I did not single handily fought the boss by myself but lucky for me my characters (Ranger in Prophices and Ritualist in Nightfall) both had revive skills on them. The problem is the final bosses were alive and my party corpses were near them.
On my Ranger I had a revive skill called Rebirth is a long range skill so I was safe enough to revive my teammates while not luring the boss itself. I however didn't had that skill on my Ritualist. Instead I got him near to the boss to lure him as I quickly summon my spirit to be bait. The boss went to attack my spirit as I quickly run pass him and revive the rest of my party.
Both resulted in everyone were revive and we somehow manage to defeat both bosses in the end (I mean they both have death penality so their health and energy were lower down abit).

These two evemt make me feel like a hero as they were dependant on me to not die and to revive them all.

I went full on Duke mode in Battlefield 3. The enemy had all the points and air superiority. After downing both enemy jets and their chopper I turned onto their tank emptied my rockets and guns into it before bailing. I then killed the engineer attempting to repair it and took out two snipers before retaking the point. Riding on the back of this my team then proceeded to sweep across the map retaking just over half the points after which both sides battled it out over the mid-ground.

Couple of weeks ago I was playing Resident Evil operation raccoon city, played that "Hero" mode. I of course chose HUNK, I just love stealth. Long story short, my entire team was pretty dead (heroes atleast). I was running away from Leon, Claire, Jill and Carlos using cloak when I could to escape them and regain my health, while my teammates were being slaughtered as your standard USS spawns. As luck would have it, I found a case which contained a grenade launcher. I picked that badboy up and started hunting down enemy heroes one by one before the time ran out. Cloak, sneak up to them shoot them with a grenade launcher, knock them down finish them off with Samurais edge.
Huge fluke on my behalf but damn that was fun. I dont think I will be able to repeat that anytime soon.

Ok... Where to begin...

Team Fortress 2, on the server i frequent most im considered a high priority target by all the regulars there due to my ability to lead by example and organise an awe inspiring defence or offence.

In the Resistane 2 co-op multiplayer... thing, i discovered and perfected a technique that would make the ever-feared Titans effectively harmless to anyone but me, giving my up to seven team-mates a free firing line.

Theres probably more, but theese are all i can think about right now.

"Hero Mode" is the exact reason I play Modern Warfare 3 Search and Destroy.

There's no bigger rush than watching your team get killed, have it six on one and think to yourself, "Wait, there's only six of them? That doesn't seem very fair for them..."

Sure, 75% of the time I get myself killed because they're actually working together but that 25% when they're not working together or I'm so very on (four bad guys in front; four bullets and no more bad guys) is gaming Nirvana for me. Maybe next time I'll go pistols only to give them a fighting chance.

It happened the first time I did the Battle of Xu Chang in Dynasty Warriors 4 as Shu forces.

Every single allied officer, soldier, stronghold and all of my bodyguards were dead and I was left all alone to fight off half the Wei army on hard mode without a fully levelled Liu Bei.

It took a long time but by the end, after many true musous and destroying every urn on the battlefield, I finally finished the battle with about 2 minutes left on the clock.

i did have this happen on ME3 the other day, was quarian infiltrator on wave 10 vs the geth on silver, had the stupid geth prime+rocket troopers take them out because they stupidly ran in trying to revive the teammates instead of letting me do my sabotage+cloak combo to save them


and so in the first probably 20 seconds those 3 were all dead, and I ended up getting all 4 devices shut down, taking out all the geth without using a single medi gel, all with a un-upgraded widow I. i felt pretty badass about it, as we won with full extraction the next wave.

(admittedly, the "roll mechanic" is really starting to annoy me that it's all on the same key..next to impossible to roll right in that split second you need to avoid a ravager/geth prime shot.

battlefield bad company when it first came out
everyone else were away somewhere I only had the first lvl assault rifle I then proceded to take out the entire squad that was assaulting the gold

I was playing Dark Souls and had been summoned to help out with Gwyn (final boss).
The fight was going fine until Gwyn got pissed and charged the host, knocking him down to about 15% health.
Gwyn backs off and the host uses humanity to heal.
However while he starts healing, Gwyn charges in again to strike the host.
So I run into the way and parry Gwyn's attack and riposte, killing him.
That was a great moment in my Dark Souls history.

Captcha: believe me.
What he said.

Techno Squidgy:
I went full on Duke mode in Battlefield 3. The enemy had all the points and air superiority. After downing both enemy jets and their chopper I turned onto their tank emptied my rockets and guns into it before bailing. I then killed the engineer attempting to repair it and took out two snipers before retaking the point. Riding on the back of this my team then proceeded to sweep across the map retaking just over half the points after which both sides battled it out over the mid-ground.

I remember back in the day we were playing Bad Company two doing a game of rush and we were down to 3 tickets and we had been damaging the control points because they were too entrenched, so I Rambo'd in on my recon blew away three dudes with my shotgun, dove behind the Com station, tossed a bunch of C4 on it and detonated it, destroying it. That opened up the last two points which we swiftly destroyed.

I'm *generally* very good when I'm last man standing against a team in a search and destroy type game. I've had my entire team massacred in 5 seconds on Estate in MW2, and have taken out the 6 enemy players with nout but a M9. I'm normally bad at S&D, but I can reliably take out at least 4 enemies if I'm the last man. Times like that are the only good memories I have of MW2. Everything else is red, just pure, incomprehensible rage.

Battlefield : Bad company 2. Rush. The Harvest day map. Some idiot let the enemys ( who were defending) take our tank. Our team is down to maybe 5 tickets. I get on a quad and charge in. Lay down a smoke field, arm one MCom, run to the next one, arm it, and somehow they didnt manege to get a disarm. G-motherf******-G

In one game of HW:Cataclysm, I was playing with two human allies against three AI opponents, and one team member dropped out due to collection problems, which upset our whole strategy. Luckily, I was quite careful with my fleet, and had a lot of resources. I managed to make a hyperspace jump with my whole fleet right next to one enemy's mothership, attack it, and jump away again about half a second before the Planet Blaster missile of another AI opponent exploded amidst my fleet, then launched a Planet Blaster of my own, obliterating everything that one AI owned. While the other opponent's Blaster recharged, my remaining ally was able to weaken its forces, allowing me to send in my carriers with interceptors to protect my allies capital ships, and disable the AI's mothership's defences.

It was glorious. Had team member 3 not been dropped, the hyperspace assault jump would not have been necessary, and we might have continued our drawn-out series of skirmishes until every last asteriod had been consumed.

Team Fortress 2 as medic.

Now, being a heroic medic at the worst of times is mostly the same as being one at the best (sacrificing your safety for the good of the team to keep important allies alive long enough to push). The difference in Hero Mode is that if my team really is too incompetent to push even with my healing, I can still pull out my syringe gun and keep the enemy team at bay until they all respawn.

Why yes, I do recall one instance of the entire enemy team converging on me in Gears of War 1, after having lost all my comrades, and defeating them single handedly. That was quite a day.

Most of the time playing Pokemon. I'm getting hammered, but then I pull out a total monster and BA-HEAST my foe.

It happened while I was playing the ME3 multiplyer demo.

My team and I were on firebase white, silver, and for some reason halfway through wave 9 everyone starts dying. I'm too far away to save everyone and my shield is down. next thing I know, I see a succession of executions on screen and I start cursing.

I reload my shotgun and my submachine gun, get behind cover, and sit in that one spot picking off my enemies one by one while the data is loading. Guardians, Phantoms, Centerions all fell from my bullets.

At the end of the wave, when I pick off the last one, I start cheering on the mike and one of the guys starts going, "You're a girl? But you're good." Sort of killed the cheering, but I was too pumped to really give a damn.

Fuck yes, they just got their asses saved by the chick. That one moment made my entire week.


Techno Squidgy:
I went full on Duke mode in Battlefield 3. The enemy had all the points and air superiority. After downing both enemy jets and their chopper I turned onto their tank emptied my rockets and guns into it before bailing. I then killed the engineer attempting to repair it and took out two snipers before retaking the point. Riding on the back of this my team then proceeded to sweep across the map retaking just over half the points after which both sides battled it out over the mid-ground.

I remember back in the day we were playing Bad Company two doing a game of rush and we were down to 3 tickets and we had been damaging the control points because they were too entrenched, so I Rambo'd in on my recon blew away three dudes with my shotgun, dove behind the Com station, tossed a bunch of C4 on it and detonated it, destroying it. That opened up the last two points which we swiftly destroyed.

Rush pretty much writes it's own hero tales. I'd play more of it if it wasn't for the fact that Rush with a bad team can be very frustrating

I tend to be too suicidal about trying to save my own team members to get into the "hero" situation very often.

I'll charge into a whole pack of boomers (Gears 3) just to save a teammate at times. It's either be lucky and miraculously save them, or at least die in the knowledge that I tried.

Mass Effect 3 I haven't had such luck with. I've managed to do quite quite a bit of ressing with the infiltrator class, but in most cases they end up dying in the next few seconds anyway, and me along with them because I can't find a decent place to hide after my cloak drops.

In Team Fortress 2 years back I was playing as an Engineer, since nobody wanted to play a defensive role whatsoever despite us trying to capture a point while defending our own. The match was going on for hours, the longest I've ever played, and every time there was a push the opposite team would come through and just about manage to fend the attackers off.

It got tiring after a while so I decided to go suicidal. Still an Engineer I sprinted into what had basically become no-man's land, shotgun in hand, at a time when only a few people were milling about. Somehow, luckily, I killed those few people off.
"Now what?" I asked myself, fully expecting to have died by now. "I know, I'll just place down a Sentry here for funsies and see what happens..."

What happened was a rush of other Engineers suddenly following my example, and laying a belt of rapidly-progressing Sentries that soon made the push for the enemy's base all the easier. There was lots of shouting and screaming from different voices "Sentry down on the left! Supercharged Heavy spotted!", it was the most I'd ever seen people band together like that in a game, and after several hours we managed to push through the the enemy's point and, still as an Engineer, I was there, wrenching the crap out of whoever dared to cross the path of my comrades, on the point as the last few seconds ticked away and, finally, BLU team won.

That was the happiest I've ever felt in a game, before or since.

i was playing Dead Island yesterday with my friend and that bit near the end where it has hall ways full of special infected and those fast fuckers.
I told him to just run though it as i had played the game before and just at the last stretch of the hallway, he gets hit in the back by a ram and is on the floor bleeding out, all he says is "im dead" with a sort of finality about it, when i come rushing back for him, dodge the same ram decapitate an infected and revive him. then leg it through the door where he slams it behind us.
It was awesome.

I won a game of speed CTF on reach by doubling our flag count in the last 3-5 minutes with my evasion skills.

Makes me think of a time when I was playing Dawn of war: Dark crusade. I started a 3v3 game and our third guy lagged out instantly. The game was now 2v3, my ally was playing as Chaos and I was the Tau Empire.
We won. It was glorious! They built up their forces and rushed us with the full might of their 3 players, we were outnumbered but held them off at a pass. Part of it was because they were sure they would win and tried to fight us at the pass we heavily fortified with mines, turrets,invisble drones that would pop out of the ground to eviserate any nearby infantry, giant battlesuits with rail guns capable of taking out tanks etc.

It felt so awesome to win that.
More recently I have had some awesome times in LoL, 60 mins in so the respawns are so long that whichever team has one person left standing would win, just a few members of each team left. That kind of thing. It's amazing how many people underestimate Veigar just because he doesn't look threatening.

I dunno if it really counts as "heroic" but a stand out moment was L4D on No Mercy. I was playing with this dude who kept ramboing forward leaving the rest of the team, who were mostly noobs but still, trying to poach all the special infected and kept needing to be bailed out. When we were climbing the lift shaft at the end I was covering the rest of team whilst they made the climb, oblivious to Johnny Rambo getting mauled by a hunter right next to me.

Needless to say that when I turned round and booted the thing off him, he was not impressed. He shot me so I blasted him back to the floor, then helped him up. We stared at each other for a tense few seconds and I said "no more of that, alright?". We carry on to the climax.

So there we are, fighting off the waves of zombies whilst the noobs mill about aimlessly, all the while nursing a deep loathing for one another. The Chopper arrives and the object of my emnity goes bounding off for it. I desperately try to help the noobs get out from being cornered by a tank but its a lost cause, so I head off towards the ramp.

The Rambo is laughing at me, rejoicing in my failiure. As the infected swarm me, a tank punches me and I go flying through the air. "ho hum, death", I thought but then I land in the helicopter. Me and the dickhead were the only two survivors to make it.

While I have plenty for Counter Strike and Bad company 2, I feel pressured to name a different game.

In a suicidal game of killing floor with six other people (pre hell on earth), we get off to a bad start. A stupid demo decides to launch a bunch of grenades really close to himself as two flesh pounds enter the room. One of the flesh pounds doesn't die and goes on to kill our medic and support. A firebug holds his own for all of three seconds before a siren sneaks up and scares him right into a scrake. The only two people left are me and another marksman, both level 6, and there were two hundred and twelve enemies to go.

By the end of the round, we had both run out of ammo and had to knife enemies to death.

I was playing a bit of TF2a while back (before it was free) and I was still a bit of a noob. I still am actually to be perfectly honest. Anyway, it was a CP game and we were at a complete standstill and had been for almost the entire game. There was only a bit over a minute left on the clock. I went scout and somehow managed to rush past the entire enemy team and capture the final point before they could do anything.
It was a complete bullshit win that we shouldn't have gotten but it was still awesome.

APB: reloaded.

3 days ago i brought a sniper rifle in order to unlock some modifications. i wasn't the best shot and lost several missions.
as i wanted to change my equipment the mission alert goes of and i had to rush as backup to another mission.

on the death counter i saw that the team that had called me for help was getting killed excessively.

i was driving like hell and stopped once to look on the team load out.
my team was fighting against a group of six gold members. (thats the magic of apb.)

but i still went in, jumped out of the car and started to shoot the enemies.
the first shot instantly killed a crim, my second shot wounded another one and the criminal got shot by his team mate so i got a kill assist.
i rushed behind my car and shot the third criminal. he went behind a car but i shot a second time at his feet behind said car and killed him.
a fourth criminal comes out of nowhere shoots and hides behind the car the third crim was.
he had a saw and almost killes me.
i, in panic, shoot the car he is hidding behind and it goes off, taking him straight to hell. my team arrives and rushes to the objective they have to raid.
i stay behind and cover them, taking the rest of the enemy team out.

i get killed. respawn see my team mates on the death counter die. i rush in, kill 2 enemies with my car and finish the objective. the guy with the saw jumps me and kills me.
i respawn. the enemy team is almost at their drop off (we had to bring a briefcase to our drop off point while preventing the other team to get the briefcase to their drop)

i drive like hell to the enemy drop off, jump some meters before it out of my car, snipe an enemy sniper and get a message that i had killed an enemy with my car (what?)

i rush into the enemy drop off, one team member ambushes the enemy carrier but is killed. i shoot the enemy carrier with my hand gun and kill him, took the brief case, drop it, hide around the corner, quick snipe an enemy and finish him off with the hand gun.
then take the briefcase, hijack a car while under fire and escape with the car to our drop off. i see a red name flash on a roof top, i drive on, drop the case so a team member can pick it up and rush to another corner.
my team mates gets shot, i shoot the hidding crim in the chest take a second shot and kill the enemy sniper.
my team mate then proceeds to run with the brief case while i position myself on a roof.
i try to give him as much cover as i can until someone spots me and shoots me.
barely alive i look around to find out where the shot came from. i see an enemy rush to my other team mate close to my car.

i shoot the car i recently used and it goes off, registering a kill and a kill assist.

i then see where the other sniper tried to shoot me on the roof. i shoot while he changed his interest on my other team mates. i kill him.
my team mates are under heavy fire.- i shoot the enemies as best i can and get several kill assist but still the enemies seem to get the upper hand and i am running out of ammo. i jump down the roof and start shooting the enemies with my hand gun, killing 2.
then i rush to our drop and see the briefcase on it, grab it and try to fend off any enemies i encounter. a enemy rushes around the corner i shoot him. and one of my team mates finishes him off.

and then i get killed by the enemy sniper.

but almost instantly the 'you won. you completed a critical objective' screen pops up.
my only regret was that i could not flip off the enemy sniper while dying.

what follows were several friendship requests, 2 enemies trying to run me over with their vehicles (after a mission the enemy team cannot harm you) and several whispered messages
from the other team calling me a 'russian hacker faggot' , 'you should rot in hacker hell, cunt' and other nice things.

one particular enemy sent me almost half an hour whispered messages that he would track me down and rape me in real life or that the would get me perma banned and that he and his crew would come hunting for me in the game and so on.

i've never been that damn lucky in this game.
first off going from newbie to rambo with a new weapon then getting that many kills while avoiding many deaths and survive so many situations that others in my team could not survive almost with ease.
hell in the end result i had more kills than any of my team mates.

playing L4D2 on the helms deep map on expert with 4 friends. Epic music, Hard as hell, and everyone screaming.

Count on Corolla? To what? breakdown?

I've had moments like that in a number of games.
Tribes 2 and DotA spring most immediate to mind.

Tribes 2: Team Hunters: Never before had I been so adept with a Plasma Gun and Shocklance in my life.

I air-stabbed a 30 flagger Medium Armor out of the air mere inches from the beacon, then went on a Benny Hill roundup where every man on their team just couldn't quite hit me as I scooped up flags.
The one asshole who almost got me with a hard missile lock was denied by a timely flare grenade.
All of this in Assault Armor (not Scout), and all within the span of about a minute. My screen was blue and grey just about the entire time as six men (and one girl) rained Spinfusor and Grenade fire on me from everywhere above the valley I was collecting the flags.

I managed to scrounge up 27 flags, and dove for the beacon...capped just as I took a fatal Laser Rifle shot to the dome.

End score: 2231 to 2219
The last flag won it. By a nose (flag capture scores in Hunters aren't linear; each extra flag on the stack adds more points than the flag before it).

As for DotA: It was the little Keeper of the Light that Could, but that's another long long story. (hint; it involves some amazing forest ganks, where one man stalled 4 enemy heroes through clever use of the Blind spell, Dagger of Escape, and dual Illuminate positioning I wish I could replicate)

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