What game(s) are you currently playing?

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Let's see...

Legend of Mana
Wild ARMs
Breath of Fire 4
Final Fantasy Tactics

Contemplating whether or not to get back into that soul-disintegrating grind of WoW again...

(insert Darth Vader 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO' here)

Going through all of last generations titles at the moment. Currently on Mafia II. Very good game.

Currently Medieval 2: Total War

Oh, and

Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword
Avadon: Black Fortress

Playing/reading/however one consumes visual novels, Fate/Stay Night again. But since I find it more akin to reading, Frozen Synapse, Dragon Age: Origins, Trine 2 are there too.

Soul Calibur V -- not as good as I thought I was.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 -- somehow, they made the writing way worse than I expected from the previous game.
Supreme Commander 2 -- bought two copies super cheap from amazon for my boyfriend and I, and we're loving it.
Minecraft -- will it ever end? Nope.
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions -- passively working my way through it. Loving it though.

Zelda. Various titles...

Currently playing Ocarina of Time on my n64 and eagerly awaiting my new Gamecube so I can replay Wind Waker and Twilight Princess

I've been playing Dark Souls (PS3) and Minecraft (PC), but my roommates just started playing World of Warcraft, they offered to send me a SoR and I accepted so I could experience the Cataclysm content (I quit playing right before Cataclysm was released). Let the addiction begin...again!

Skyrim - Freggen Awesome but occasionally grinds on my nerves. (Thugs have killed Uthgerd and my horse? Nooooooo or Helping someone fight a giant, accidentally blasting them with frost and having them rape me only to find the last save was an autoosave from 20 mins ago!)

GTA IV: TBoGT - Giving it a try all though I prefer the more serious side of GTA IV.

Fallout 3/New Vegas - These are definetly my goto games.

Tomb Raider HD (I am a glutton for punishment. Why I keep going back to her after she treats me so terribly, I'll never know)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. (Usually as my lunchtime break or when I am stuck in a line)

Ys I/II. (Still stuck on the bat boss, but I try to get past him every so often. Almost had him last time!)

Dance Central 2 (Part of my exercise regimen. Between this, walking and weight-lifting, I've dropped 20 pounds over the last month).

I'm still playing Mass Effect 3. I'm also The Witcher 2 and Batman Arkham City and 50 hours into Skyrim.

...And Angry Birds Space! Yeah, I can play hardcore and casual games, why not? :-D

The MoP beta, Actually doing some beta work like trying to break my class and do things that would normally get you banned.

Fallen though the earth a few times.

Silent Hill HD Collection - Liked SH2 more than 3 so far (I'm in the haunted house in 3, and I have beaten 2 twice before I bought the collection.

Silent Hill: Downpour - Feels more like a Silent Hill game then Homecoming did. It's still a decent horror game.

X-Com: Enemy Unknown and Terror from the Deep

Been trying a bunch of games at my friend's place to see what we can Let's Play together.

Dark Souls, Xenoblade Chronicles and Ocarina of Time 3D (still...)

World of Warcraft (always)
Team Fortress 2 (always as well)
Mass Effect 3

I plan to pick up Witcher 2 on steam as well in the next few days so something will have to drop. :(

Rhythm Heaven Fever. Yeap. It's fun, addictive, and mildly frustrating. I played for 4 hours straight yesterday, and I regret nothing! Judge me all you want.

Also My friends and I have a Mario Party marathon planned for later this evening which will be fun. We've also been playing through Fatal Frame 3 together. Well more like, they make me play because they're all too scared. I'm planning on buying the second in the series and making them play that one. I shouldn't be the only one who has to be brave haha

At the moment, I'm spending bits of what little free time I've been getting playing the following:

Dota 2
MechCommander 2
Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity
Counter-Strike: Source
MechWarrior 2, 3, & 4

Dota 2 and Terraria are the more common right now. Mostly because I'm practicing to improve in one and contributing to several build projects in the other. (bet you can't guess which is which)

The others I've started playing again because new games for each are coming very soon. Really looking forward to SoaSE Rebellion, Sins of a Dark Age, MechWarrior Tactics, MechWarrior Online, Reign of Thunder, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Best part? Almost all of those are free-to-play. Yep. It's a good, inexpensive year to be a gamer. ;)

I'm replaying Fallout 3, with a specific purpose in mind to get me to actually finish it again. See, I'm going to play the bulk of the game as a super-good character, and then, at the end,

It'll be the most glorious Shoot The Shaggy Dog story ever. :D

FIFA 12, need to improve my Virtual Pro (Frank Zappa/Sheik Yerbouti) =P

Demon's Souls again, trying to get the Platinum Trophy. Very close now, just 7 more boss battles on NG+++ to go.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Silent Hill 1
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game
Hydrophobia: Prophecy

I liked them all, but the last one has horrible voice-acting.

I just finished Red Faction: Guerrila a few hours ago, I got it in 2010 but never finished it, its an awesome game and I just tried to replay Red Faction: Armageddon, its nowhere near as good, so I stopped playing it. Now, however, I'm stuck in the endless loop of "What to play next"....

Next week it's my birthday so I should hopefully be getting Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3 (Again) so they should entertain me for a while.

Mass Effect 2, and Jak and Daxter off the HD collection because it's a damn good game

I'm currently playing Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility and Mass Effect. I'm enjoying them both greatly.

fallout 3, because right now it's my favorite game of all time
Cod MW3, because I need to relieve some stress after school
skyrim, because it's Skyrim
DE:HR: because that was probably my GOTR for 2011
also TF2 because that game is the best


I probably won't even beat one of these before I mix up my list but:

Xenoblade Chronciles
Disgaea 4
Rune Factory Frontier

A few of those in my backlog as well. I'm playing Xenoblade Chronicles like I mentioned earlier, but I have Disgaea 4 and Solatorobo to play as well.

You have great taste in games :)

Mass effect 3 multiplayer - Teamwork multiplayer is more interesting than deathmatches constantly
Gotham city imposters - might be mostly deathmatches but what the heck I'm dressed like batman.
Binding of isaac - It's just so weird, and so addictive.

Fallout: New Vegas again.

And DC Universe Online, because free.

Apache Air Assault (for Xbox 360). I'm playing it on realistic settings so it's taking quite a few attempts to complete the later missions. I can't honestly recommend the game to non flight sim enthusiasts, but I like the helicopter control challenge.

Fallout 1.

Umvc3 and hyperdimension neptunia .

I am practicing my UMVC3 for a local tournament in june , plus it's a fun fast pace game that gets the adrenalin pumping pretty easily .

Hyperdimension neptunia , is a halarious and relaxing jrpg that helps take the edge off after playing UMVC3

Playing The Witcher and Arkham Asylum. I didn't like either of them the first time I tried playing them. The Witcher is much better this time around though. I still don't like Arkham Asylum.

ME3 multiplayer, building up credits to get a geth from the DLC as fast a possibe

to completion? (singleplayer campaign)
Doom 3 (gonna be followed by Resurrection of Evil expansion), Jade Empire and started giving Harbinger a try
Tribes: Ascend, Team Fortress 2 and Realm of the Mad God

after Jade Empire and Doom 3+RoE, I'm thinking of going for the Dragon Age series

Apache Air Assault (for Xbox 360). I'm playing it on realistic settings so it's taking quite a few attempts to complete the later missions. I can't honestly recommend the game to non flight sim enthusiasts, but I like the helicopter control challenge.

I must admit to being a flight sim enthusiast (I used to be more, though), but I have to say, this game is a BLAST with a friend in co-op mode, one of you flying, the other gunning. Give it a try.

World of tanks, Tropico 3, Dungeon Defenders

Can't wait for grimrock!

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