UK (pc gaming) ESCAPISTS! HELP!!

I have really really really slow internet, I live out in the middle of nowhere in Hertfordshire. it took 4 days(!) to download the update for shogun 2. - roughly 8GB (can't play on live either)

Now that game has closed, where can I get retail pc games? Just looked around, Maplin have nothing, pc world has a very limited amount, HMV doesn't sell them anymore. as far as my local branches are concerned. The big supermarkets don't 'do' computer games. Gamestation only deals in old stuffs.


Tesco does PC games, although not very many.

Gamestation in our town does them but again, not many.

The best place i've found to get games is ordering them from Amazon. I know you have slow internet so it may take 20 minutes to order a game but it's simple and they have a lot.

Well, try Amazon. Especially if you stay only a few months behind you can save a load of money (got Darkness 2 for 18 quid + a few to import it to germany).

With GAME gone, your best bet is online (Amazon, or Shopto) despite your slow connection. Surely it wouldn't take that long to order a game online with slow connection?

ive seen some in PC world, why not look on Amazon/ebay or any other online retailer?

I think you are going to have to order online pretty much nowhere in the UK sells games now except specialist shops. Ok I am exaggerating as supermarkets have a limited stock of games in their bigger stores and there is HMV (but maybe not for much longer) but if you want a decent selection you will have to go online and shop around like Amazon and Play etc.

Dont bother with PC world they are for all intents and purposes Currys now in everything but name and their game selection is piss poor especially (and ironically) their PC game selection unless you want a barbie game,WOW,sudoku or plane/train simulator 20000 you will probably be out of luck.

You might also try Blockbuster. But mail order is probably your best bet.

As off the last time I checked Sainsburys and Tesco carry PC games though the selection isn't great. PC World also stock them so that's a possibility. Amazon and Zavvi are great if your connection will enable you to use them.

you'll have to order them online, I think. Amazon is great for that sort of thing: they have most everything on the market and they're very reliable.

Providing that they deliver to your area, which they should, Amazon is your best bet for games. They have the best prices compared to most retail game sellers.

:( Huffffff sadness has ensued. My connection isn't too bad to completely deprive me of normal sites. Just streaming or significantly large downloads. The 2 months behind thing is something I already do. Ah well.

Thank you everyone.
Much appreciated.


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