The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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How did you die, in what game, and how painful do you think it's going to be?

Shoot many robots
I will die because I couldn't punch all the bullets
Seems pretty awesome though considering how slow the bullets move It'll probably take a lot of bullets and it'll be a pretty painful and slow death, like getting beaten to death with a spoon...

I died saving the universe from the Reapers.

Not as painful as the forums have been the past month.

Looks like I would have died in battle against a demonic army a la Warriors Orochi 3. Not really any more painful than any other death on an ancient battlefield, just a generic "took a bladed weapon to the back" type of deal.

Marauder Shields, may our duel be glorious.

fucking lag!

yep ive predictably been playing some MW3 but for some stupid reason have been on a red bar for the last few games so i decided to give up and try again later

In a pit of lava.


Putting a grenade into my mouth and detonating it, spraying my brains around the entire room.

(Thank you Postal 2)

The battery on my controller died while trying to rez a many bullets,rockets and flamethrowers to the face..ouchies

I am going to be killed by a Zombie king who usurped power from his stupid zombie nephew who thinks he's French. All while after breaking out of his dungeon.

I'm going to be blasted to pieces by dozens of tanks and helicopters converging on my position.

a run-away criminal that i am chasing down, after a tough fight she gets me with a brutal kill letting her sword come down my neck, (btw thats in skyrim i died. lucky me?)

Getting cleaved by a phantom black skeleton wielding twin katanas, followed by falling off a cliff. Painful until I hit the ground. Does sound cool though...

death by shoulder massage of death

or death by insanity

either way same death

I don't remember as all I've been playing these last few weeks is Street Fighter. That means I'm immortal.

I was picked up and impaled by the claw-like hands of a screaming Banshee, TWICE!!! and it screams.

Goddamnit. Danmaku with Cirno. I'm not even that big a fan of Touhou either.

Of course, the previous death was by failing to kick a door down and hurting myself instead, which is a much more glorious way to go. Got to keep an eye on your health in Nethack.

Headshot from a no-scoping .50cal in MW3 at about 15 meters. It'll be quick and painless. Good job to the guy who pulls it off.

Suicide in the enemy's spawn, at least they don't get any experience or gold for it *trollface*

Vanitas's Lingering Spirit from KH: Birth By Sleep. Bastard has a bad habit of tearing me to shreds within seconds of the match starting.

Oh well, at least it'll be quick.


Mein gott... I shall be slain by a last-minute bypass of my last-minute 8-man defense by the last half-dead enemy archer.

Why, oh, why aren't peaceful deaths of old age simulated in games?

Massacred by a massive invasion from the Timurid Empire.

Killed by a blood donation machine. Should be easy enough to live forever..

Game: Binding of Isaac

Being shot by balls of energy

I don't know what the last boss in half-life shoots at you.

Getting gored by a bunch of evil robots that are immune to conventional weapons. Goddamn...

Shot repeatedly in the head. Still, I died wearing a jetpack, so thats pretty cool.

I blacked out because my Pokemon got defeated?

Thats not so bad

i transformed into a werewolf but got showdown'd into a 5 second arrow by complete luck on the enemy's part. it didnt end well.

annihilated utterly by an imperfect clone of a friend's teacher crush who went on to become an energy vampire. oops.

I got slammed on the ground a few times and then tossed through the air by Nemesis.

......Sweet jesus that's gonna hurt. O_o

I think the last time I died was getting clobbered by a giant in Skyrim, so the real life translation of that is that for some reason Greg Davies is going to smash me with a mace.

So, I'm going to be diving into a hail of gunfire to save a large fallen friend, and just as I get him to safety get blown up by a rocket?

...I can work with that.
(Mass Effect 3 multiplayer - As a Salarian Engineer (so no invisibility for me!) healing a fallen Krogan teammate)

Rather limp ending awaits me, I fear.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. Whilst attempting to kill a guard that was passing by on this horse (I was on mine) with much poise and grace, I leapt from my saddle with by daggers blazing in the sun...

Missed the guard and his horse; momentum from the jump took me clean through and over a particular high part of the city to where both my legs were broken and death took me.

Songs shall be written about my heroic death. Songs, I tell thee!

Smacked to death by a Gatherer in Amnesia. Well that's gonna suck.

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