The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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Murdered by a bunch of sadistic evil dark eldar. At least they didn't take me alive.

Or if RTS games don't count then I'm fairly sure I was last killed by bizarre water - glitch thing in Skyrim. I landed in water and the screen spazzed out then booom, no life. Its been happening every time I go in water since the most recent update >.>

Uh...My Sim died in a puddle of his own urine after having sex with every single one of his roommates...3 girls and 2 guys. If I am to die like this...I have no idea how I'd feel. Bad way to go, and I'd be a complete scum bag for cheating on people...But I would have just had sex with five different people all in the same day...

I'm very conflicted on how I feel about this...

Cool, I am going to get killed by a crit sticky. Greaaaaat.

Wait, i'm calling bullshit! Last time i died in a game was Red Dead Redemption when Marston fell into water and spontaneously died. I can swim though. Very well, i might add. What, do i spontaneously turn water soluble?

I shall be torn asunder by a bunny.
Man I suck at that game.

Killer Croc chow in Batman AA




Mauled to death by a cougar. Something tells me that it's gonna be painful.

Assassinated in Crusader Kings 2. Apparently executing my brother kind of pissed off my vassals (or at least one of them). In my defense however, my brother was a jerk.

So if that means I get to rule the Byzantine Empire IRL, I can deal with dying that way.

Disgaea 4- Getting kicked into the air and juggled for 20 hits by a cat girl before getting slammed down from 100 feet up. At least by this same logic, I'll be revived and given the opportunity to grind some and then give life another shot.

Also, captcha- she's a witch. I'm glad they're getting a sense of humor

I was playing Armored Core V and I went out of the combat zone. In other wirds, when I die, I'll be piloting a giant robot, and for some reason, the combat zone game mechanic will have leaked into real life.

Executed by a Phantom in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer. Well at least it'll be quick.

My last "death" came at the hands of TYGER soldiers led by Hugo Strange while failing to pickpocket them. Being gunned does not sit well with me.

oh um, then apparently I'll have already died 2 minutes ago via gunfire because I was playing Achron and accidentally died during a mission when I was about a minute forty in the past. I was still able to rewrite the timeline and stop it from happening permanently and giving me a game over, but that was still technically the last time I died in a game. So I guess it was pretty painless since it never happened from my perspective?

Whoo! Time travel!

Last game i played. UFC undisputed 3, so i'm not going to die but my head will be knocked off by Mirko Cro Cop.

Died by a reaper's, cannibal grenade, while fighting off a banshee and brute
not a bad way to go
very dramatic

Heat death, not the most exciting way to go.
(It was my hunter in dwarf fortress)

Exploded by a tank shell. Yeah thats fast.

So I'm going to die in a hail of bullets... I don't think I'll be respawning though :(, (mw3)

Fell off a lighting railway onto a stage. Hitman: Blood Money, I will either get away with broken legs leaving me paraplegic for the rest of my life or die from extreme shock due to immense pain

Death by zombie infection through bite in hand. Project Zomboid. That sucks.... Sitting in a room hoping you'll be the exception and survive, holding on to hope while preparing for the worst, IE placing a shotgun with 1 shell and a note infront of the toilet before locking oneself in.

Pyramid Head:
Wait, i'm calling bullshit! Last time i died in a game was Red Dead Redemption when Marston fell into water and spontaneously died. I can swim though. Very well, i might add. What, do i spontaneously turn water soluble?

Maybe you hit your head on the way down? Possibilities are endless! Your foot gets stuck in that nasty blue mud and slowly get pulled down beneath the surface :3

Having one leg damaged by a mine, then being blown to pieces by a shotgun trap (New Vegas)

Having one leg damaged by a mine, then being blown to pieces by a shotgun trap (New Vegas)

That's better than me, I fell off a cliff in the Zion valley.

I got downed and automatically resuscitated (but not killed) on the Turian moon in ME3's multiplayer.
The last Geth and I got into a punch-out which left us both in a critical mess, we both backed off and raised our guns to shoot each other at the exact same time. He died instantly and I was downed but got instantly revived by the end of the wave, I never even hit the floor before I was brushing myself off and preparing for the next wave.

Before that I died in Splinter Cell: Conviction's Co-op campaign.
I jumped through an office window to ram a guy who walking in on us with a shotgun, as we were hacking a computer in a server room. I subsequently got incapacitated by several others entering the room, all with sub-machine guns. Instead of laying there, bleeding out, I sat up clutching my wound and let rip with my pistol into the rear of the terrorists who were approaching my buddies position. When the smoke cleared I bled out before he could get to me.

Falling on a large spike??? Bummer, I think it was electrified too. :(
Now I regret playing littlebigplanet with my girlfriend's younger sister :P Fun game though.

Monster Girl Quest. Not painful at all really.

Since when was the Experimental MIRV around IRL?! I NEED IT FUCKING NOW.

From Mass Effect 3 - I will climb a ladder, and when I reach the top the world will fade to black. It will never return though, as the "universe" has crashed for about the millionth time.

What a way to go.

I'm more of an RTS player so...

I was playing Dwarf Fortress. And.... Well I ran out of drinks... so I started making them... then the stupid dwarfs had filled all the barrels with food... so I then made more barrels... they then filled these with food... So they all dehydrated...

So if that is what happens then fuck.

If not I died many times in Skyrim to Dragons (damn you deadly dragons mod).
So probably one of those.

I've never died in a videogame, does this mean I will live FOREVER!?

Punched in the back by a Husk while i was shooting some Blue moon mercs. (ME2 FYI)

Not very gallant or heroic, I sighed when I died from that again :[

Killed by my friend repeatably in Mortal Kombat. So picture any of the horrible animations that accompany death in that game.

Died of radiation poisoning after running out of Rad-X, shit...not a good way to go :-/

Let me think... the last two games I played are one where you can't die, instead you get knocked out. I think the last death in the one before that I exploded. Haha, that took entirely too much thinking for such a simple question. But yeah, I can deal with exploding. At least it's quick.

Shot in the head by a drag queen. At least I can be pretty certain not many people can boast that. Yay?

I got stuck inside some weird textures or something in Mass Effect 2 and couldn't move, and was shot down by some dudes as a result.

...that's interesting.

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