The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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Meanwhile, in next week's edition of the 'Skyrim Express' :

The great hero Dovahkiin was found dead yesterday at the bottom of a waterfall near Markarth. It is belived that he jumped down to find pointy rock formations, apparently Dwarven Armour doesn't protect you from jagged rocks. So, our only hope of survival is dead and now Alduin is going to destroy us all. Because Dovahkiin's a tit.

Sith Emperor one shots me...well at least I can respawn 2 mins later and run off with Kira

Ooh. That depends on whether I technically died last...

(And if you can be said to die in Soul Calibur 2 - In which case...)

I don't know. Regardless of the exact game involved, I have the sneaking suspicion it involved falling a considerable distance...


Killed by Geth.

Oh wells.

Surrounded by Protoss Dragoons and slowly exterminated. This was StarCraft Brood Wars and I'm fairly certain it's very, VERY painful.

Got killed by a roaming band of Fendelian Soldiers in Tales of Graces f. Shouldn't hurt too much since the final blow was a headshot with their Fendelian guns.

Well, looks like about to get beaten to death in a boxing match with a soda-swilling Russian. Damn Punch-Out.

If that doesn't count, then I'm getting torn apart by a herd of Deathclaws.

...can I have the Russian?

Embarrassingly enough, it would be by walking backwards off a 200+ foot cliff in the western corner of Skyrim's tundra while fleeing from trying to kite a sabre cat.

So... I get killed by a crazed mutant that can fly...(demon from Metro 2033). Fun times...

Killed by Glados nuerotoxin.

At least it's hilarious...

I'm going to explode into a bunch of light bulbs after falling into a spike pit for the fifteenbillionth time. Fun.

Zerg rush?

Urgh, I hate bugs. Don't think I'll enjoy that.

Random bullet in my skull and or BLOODSUCKERS D'X
(Revisiting Stalker - SoC)

death by brain-sex with Morinth (your Ardat-Yakshi team member in ME2)

This, I don't mind.

So I will be beaten to death by Penguin's thugs in the Iceberg Lounge VIP Room after a spectacular 20 minute last stand.

Pretty cool way to go. Except for the fact that the killing blow came when my contr-- err, my brain didn't register who I wanted to hit next and a goon bopped me in the head with one of the sloppiest punches to ever happen in all of history.

Punched in the face by Saxton Hale? (Team Fortress 2 Vs Saxton Hale Mod) At least I wouldn't feel any pain, my brain would have been vaporized before the mighty Australian fist even made contact with the skin

Does tetris count cause if it does, then I will be crushed to death by the line piece that never came. If it doesn't, then that means a tusken raider out of KotOR is going kill me with his gaffi stick.

This is fun. An otherworldly entity killed me with a lightning ball in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I hope I'm not trying to exit area and get killed within 2 seconds of teleporting out.

I die in a clown costume with an arrow in my back. At least i`m sure i get a few last laughs from others with this.

Get shot trying to free a country from a tyrannical dictator, by causing civil unrest and crippling the county's military.

Sean Hollyman:
How did you die, in what game, and how painful do you think it's going to be?

I never died in a video game.....Ever.

Shot to death by 6 bandits. To the head at 3 meters distance. Painless!
You know, I'm pretty sure i would have died to that anyway.
Except less lethal so would bleed out for the last few minutes of my life in pure agony.

Dissolved alive by the acidic spit of a giant snail o_o. I picked a bad day for roguelikes.

Ganked by Tristana. Damned rocket jump

executed by an effing Banshee from ME3. I didn't make it out on that extraction because of that abomination...
sharp hand through the abdomen is not the way I wanna go out =[

Shot in the head from an AWP in CSS.
I'm cool with this.

I got owned by STAG in Saints row 3.

Apparently I'm going to die by a giant pink chainsaw being pushed right through my chest by a giant fatass nerd with daddy issues and a serious need to get laid.

Damn, my life is weird.

Marauder Shields. That's all I got to say about it.

Slowly succumbing the poison in my blood while wading through hordes of poisonous spiders, just after having used up my last antidote.

- Grimrock

Killed by a jackrabbit.

Rayman, I got impaled with some find of sharp spike on a bird, than I blew up like a balloon and exploded. I imagine I am going to find this a very painful death seeing the whole filling with air til I explode would be while conscious. The good side is once it happens Im dead.

How will i die from apples breaking the laws of physics and flying up in space when I'm doublejumping over trees? That'll be a odd death...

Decapitated by a burplap wearing spanish man wielding a chainsaw... fun times.

So, I'll be melted by an entire volcano worth of lava during a mad dash to a metal door.

And then I will inexplicably explode.

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