The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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Car crash in Burnout. Could be worse, I suppose.

great so im going to be swarmed by giant spiders! not my idea of a pleasant death...

Travelling at 1845km/h in an anti-gravity craft? Fuck. Yes.

Do Thresher Maws hurt much?

So i gett my ass handed by a couple of people with a Bastard Gun?

Pummelled to death by a mutant while I run repeatedly into a wall for 10 seconds while being pummelled...Damn.


I was just playing Dead Space.


I was torn apart by... "devourers"? (I think that's what they're called) in the trial for Guild Wars. Essentially giant scorpion monsters.

Not a pleasant way to die, though I was resurrected...

I'm gonna get sprayed in the face with acid, kicked in the back of the head with a pointy plastic foot and as I try and escape a bed-frame monster (the abstract daddy) is going to do what appears to be mate with my head 'till I die?!

If only Jaaaaaames Sunderland wasn't so dim, I only would've only been cleaved in two...

I got punched by Saxton Hale. Oh boy thats gonna hurt

A Stormcloak smashes my head in with a Warhammer..... Well ow.... *Sadface*

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo...... *BOOM*.

A red zapper is going to smoke me while I'm joy-riding in a jet pack.

Ah, well... I made it over a kilometre with the thing!

stick run, a facebook game. bumped my head on a crate. that's goddamn embarrassing >_<
or a "real"game, I got exploded as pyro by a soldier., so it'd be a rocket, TO THE FACE!

Everything is going to be really still for a long time, then I'm going to drop to the floor. It looked relatively painless. *Sigh* A bad internet connection killed me in Guild Wars.

I slide off a broken level of a construction site, with very little stamina, and most likely fell to my death.
At least I have soda and two bottles of water.
I imagine falling 6 stories could be a bit painful, hopefully I can catch something, but I'm about to become a post-apocalyptic stain on the sidewalk.
I like I am Alive, it can just be a real bitch sometimes. Plus, I used all my pitons, so I'm screwed when I go back.
Yay for resource management.

Shot to absolute shit by a turret in Deus Ex: HR.
I'm gonna tick the box marked "Painful".

Gunned down the second I'm about to toss a grenade at a propaganda trailer? So hardcore.

NEVER go toe-to-toe with an ogre in Grimrock. It won't go so well for you.

well I will fall 3000 ft before getting sucker punched by a flaming bat and then land in a pit of lava.

Awesome that means I get to be shot by a camper when I round a corner. Damn MW3 campers....

Shooting, and ripping in half many mobsters with tentacles. I will be shot to death in a carnival. Darkness 2.

I hijacked a military jet, blew up a water tower, and then dinked a lamppost trying to land it on a highway and exploded.

I love Just Cause 2.

i sacrafice myself to delay 2 or 3 geth primes so the rest of my squad gets to the evac shuttle and gets out?

well atleast im a badass

Force-Pushed into a fire. Epic.

I knew that I should have stopped playing the moment my team won the round. I'd been shot in the head maybe half a dozen times as an infected, that would have been fine, quick and easy. But noooooooooooooo I thought I'd keep playing, despite the fact that I hate being a survivor in versus mode, so now I'm going to die in a violent mob attack and have my ears, nipples, lips and eye lids ripped off by zombies.
Thanks OP.

I think I was playing Castlevania. In that case, getting knocked into a pit. Not too interesting, but hopefully not too painful either.

I'm going to be blown apart after trying to board a 'seemingly' inactive space hulk while exploring deep space - I can live with that - Probably pretty quick, painless and cool

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space FTW!

Lord Gwyn stabbing me with his giant ass fire sword again. Beats being eaten by the treasure chests I guess.

Getting riddled by hundreds of shots from several gods.

Yep, totally played Realm of the Mad God.

At least death would be quick and probably painless.

Well, at least it's probably better than getting eaten by a god that judges the entire planet.

Are there dragons in real life?
(Crafting a "few" iron daggers and upgrading equipment armor/weapons, had crafting set on, Dragon decided the forge wasn't hot enough, dead before I could blink)

Then by this thread's logic, that means I will never die...


Technically I didn't die in a ME3 multiplayer match; just didn't make it to the extraction in time. So I guess I get overwhelmed by reapers. Made a hell of a last stand at least.


DragonLord Seth:
So the Fleshpound sodomizes me? Joy...

what game is that?

Killing Floor, this is the Fleshpound. High health, massive damage and when you piss him off he goes super fast. My entire job as a Medic is basically piss him off so he sodomizes me and not my friends, because the Medic gets massive buffs to armor as you level up.
Oh, and the filename originally is "Lookatmeyoudie", which is the entire truth with this fucker.

I will be run over by Mad Mel in Borderlands
This wont be fun...

Drat. Fell down a dark hole in Dark Souls. Actually, I'm glad it's that rather then anything else in that game. At least it's quick I suppose XD

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