The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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Smashed into bits by the fist of a house-sized, unrecognizably deformed cripple in a wheeled life-support system. (Silent Hill: Downpour)

Unless I die immediately, I really can't see this being anything short of an excruciating death.

I got exploded while in the pilot seat of a giant Mech...

Actually, I can't think of a more satisfying death.

It might hurt a little, but it would so totally be worth it.

Bludgeoned to death with a giant, telekenetically thrown tomato. Great. Just... Great.

My car lit on fire during the bank robbery in GTA4. I didn't bail in time, a relatively quick and painless death.

So I'm going to have my soul forcibly removed and put in a doll to be used as entertainment for a sadistic child (Fate/Stay Night). Well, thankfully it's the best death that Ilya gives me, thank god I'm past day 3.

So because of me a person like Ilya exists in the world - damn it Richard, wrong person!

I was charged at by a Brute while trying to revive a teammate.
I think that's a good way to go. I was trying to do something good.

So I'll get minigun'd by a heavy weapons guy from TF2

not a that bad way to die.

Being slashed by a giant lightning-charged sword.

Death by the turrets in the last boss fight in Deus Ex. After you know what to do, all the boss fights in that game are actually disapointingly easy, and I was playing as a hacking with stealth support pasifist. Until than though it was impossible.
Oh yeah so, I'm going to be shot to shit with little bits of me all over the place. Then what's left of my torso and body will be left to bleed to death while the bastard turret continues to shoot my barely living body.

Or getting stabbed to death by mutant in Rage, but I got revived so I don't think that counts.
So, I'm going to be stabbed to shit with disease covered broken bits of glass. I'll either be left to saccom to the diseases or I'll be eaten.

I jumped down an elevator shaft in Aion, thinking I could glide safely to the bottom but things didn't go as planned.

...This translates far to easily into the real world and now I'm uncomfortable.

I fell in a pit of Lava.

There is no Lava nearby so if I just avoid going near any active volcanoes I shall be immortal.

Shot in the face by an enemy sniper while trying to sell some guns. Out of all the deaths in TF2, that one's actually kind of plausible.

Burnt to death by the wall of fire in the last level of Braid, sounds badass.

So, I'm going to die by Jiralhanae? Huh. I can think of worse ways to go, if I take as many of them out with me as possible...


oh great, i get to fall about 120 meters and land in a pool of lava, so that all of my stuff melts and is therefore irretrievable

EDIT: oh no wait, i played tf2 most recently, and i don't know how i died, save that it was caused by lag spike. before that it was probably multiple self inflicted deaths via ulapool caber

Stabbed with a shovel in RE5. Fan bloody fastic

As I recall, I drowned while trying to make a tunnel down into the ground from under the ocean at the edge of the world in Terraria.

being Fus Ro Da'ed off of a mountain?


Oh, the deathclaws. So many deathclaws! Everywhere deathclaws...

At least it was an honorable death. On second thought, no it wasn't.

Shot through the head by a lascannon?

Quick, and space marines exist. Fucking win.

Fell though the earth trying to climb trees in the jade Forrest on my paladin.

Well, at least i get to see pseudoChina

Getting caught inside an Armored Core as it violently explodes from the inside out. Ooh, that's gonna hurt.

...sprayed with "godIdon'twanttoknow" juice by the Lying Figures in Silent Hill 2.

More disgusting than painful I hope...

game: heroes of might and magic 3

Death: as a general in the field. In a glorious defence against an unexpectedly large counterattack. On their own battlements we stood, in a stronghold we ourselves conquered only a day ago. I spurred on my men as we fought tooth to nail against hydras, gorgons, and other vile beasts. Alas, their numbers are overwhelming and I soon found myself amongst the last of the living. And I my final moments I could not help but wonder... When did I last save?

Painfulness: conveniently, heroes never seem to die in this game. They either flee the battle or are captured. Apparently, beast armies are surprisingly civil towards prisoners of war.

I was stabbed with a giant knife by a huge wedding dress wearing zombie thing chasing me up a tower of icy blocks.

If nothing else, my death will be interesting.

I think I turn into a walking tree and get killed by a flying banana...

(Maokai getting killed by a Soraka autoattack in League of Legends)

Could be worse.

Or if that doesn't count then i'll just get shot up during a bank robbery because i took cover on the side of a door frame rather than outside the entrance.

Putting a grenade into my mouth and detonating it, spraying my brains around the entire room.

(Thank you Postal 2)

Ha I remember that. I was trying to figure something out, but then that happened and I couldn't get it to go away.

A small green creature sneaked up behind me and exploded, killing me instantly.

Well, at least it'll be quick, albeit messy.

Getting blown up by a walking, nuke launching, robot, thing?

I guess that's ok.

Roommate reset the router, causing me to disconnect from the TF2 server I was on.

Could be worse..just lose connection w/ reality for about 45 seconds and then poof your gone.

Running towards a sniper while we are both on top of a fuel storage tower that is over 50 meters high, he gets a lucky shot, i spread my arms and legs out, and go flying off the platform pinwheeling to my death, WHILE BEING SHOT AT BY 5 HELICOPTERS WITH DUEL MINIGUNS.

God I love Just Cause 2.

Beaten to death by zombies, from Dead Island.

Head got caved in by a Thunder Hammer wielding servant of the Corpse Emperor.

Chaos for life.

Eaten by the Wall of Flesh.

Not cool.

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