The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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I'm gonna get the crap kicked out of me by a team consisting of Deadpool, Zero, and Phoenix Wright. That's gonna hurt, but be awesome at the same time.

Fall on a spike and explode in to giblets. Yeah, Poacher loves me so.

I took an energy sword to the face, then fell from a balcony and into the water below.

It's going to bloody well hurt alright.

The last time I died I got gutted by a Banshee...

Thank you, Sean Hollyman, for giving me nightmares for the next week. You're the best!

well, on the urealms stream we now have a thing going called dwarves vs zombies(monsters) and it's a whole when you die you become a monster and must kill the rest of the dwarves, i was an iron golem, so the way i will die is i will make my way through a fortress killing everyone in my path and destroying their sacred relic, being shot with hundreds of arrows until my body is finally shattered, well, i won't be forgotten in a hurry

I will be dive bombed to death by a gorilla-sized lunatic wearing a cardboard Batman mask and a gliding rig fashioned out of a tent.

That's from Gotham City Impostors. I'm thinking death by massive-falling-crazy-person doesn't sound too bad considering.

I kid you not, the last time I died was in fact, a telefrag. I was playing spy, and I was sapping a bunch of teleporters and some engineer went through one before I could sap it. At least it's a clean and quick death...

I fell in a pit of Lava.

There is no Lava nearby

that's what you think
-laughs maniacally-

i....fell into a bottomless pit in a haunted house filled with evil pigs. oh dear.

Died with a Plasma in Devil May Cry outnumbering me. They just won't stop multiplying, and on Hard it's a pain. I'm cowering at the prospect of Dante Must Die.

It didn't look too powerful, I imagine a laser beam would kill me instantly so not too bad.

I've been playing arkham city, so a street fight in which I will defeat several thugs with a mixture of knives and guns and car doors, only to be tazzed to death by some guy at the back of the mob.

Shot in the head by wesker . I guess this is the only time it's gOod that hes overpowered.

There's no "me" in Napoleon: Total War, but as for my main general...

Died in a cavalry charge led by myself and my personal guards in a last ditch attempt to break hundreds of enemy line infantrymen as my soldiers routed all around me. I guess that wouldn't be such a terrible way to go.

I'll be killed by a nightmare demon inside a giant egg on top of a mountain. Kind of awesome...

I'm going to jump off a very high tower in Constantinople thinking there will be a hay cart underneath to break my fall, will realise from the fact that I haven't started the diving animation yet that won't be a cart and will then extend my hookblade looking around in desperation for something to latch on to before fusing with the pavement of historical Istanbul.

Shot to death while trying to raid the weapons storage in the Police Station in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Boring but quick and I get some sweet augments before that too.

I am going to be killed by a Zombie king who usurped power from his stupid zombie nephew who thinks he's French. All while after breaking out of his dungeon.

what game are you playing? because that sounds frigging stupid as hell..... AND I LOVE IT!

as for me, i got shot. in the face. many times. straightforward, not particularly painful if the first one or 2 kills me, and quick if they have good aim (quick and painless here... whats the word? to say cannot have one without the other, but in one word)

As my Panther tank pokes the gun through a shrub, I fire upon an enemy and kill him, but as I do, an artillery shell crashes into the top of my tank, and I detonate.

Not the worst way to go, but if that's the case, our tech level will have gone to shit....

Getting ganked by Lina, Frost Archer, CM and SB in DotA. Why did that last one have to be there?

Looks like I get to go with style. I'll be surrounded by enemies, countering every sword attack and slashing their guts out and barely dodging crossbow bolts in time until one bastard gets lucky and puts a pickaxe in my head.
At least I won't suffer.
Wait.. I don't know if you can really call that a death, as it's from Dark Souls, where you're dead pretty much all the time. Damn it!
Uh, then it's the same as someone else said, some huge ass gorilla with wings body slamming me. Those assholes are way over powered.
Yeah, not very heroic after all.

Death by incineration due to fire spell cast by Thalmor douchbag. Joy.

Impaled by a Banshee, not the best way to go

Well I got impaled by a Banshee in Mass Effect 3 sooo, that isn't going to be very fun.

Killed by a blood donation machine. Should be easy enough to live forever..

Game: Binding of Isaac

You will die having all of your blood slowly sucked out.


Mobbed by an immense horde of cute, bobbly RO creatures.

I got beaten by Android 17 in DBZ Raging Blast 2..

..And I as playing as Bardock...


Blown up by stickybombs while trying to kill a rather large russian holding and firing a gattling gun at me...

At least it's quick

Covered in puke and surrounded by morons.

-Killing Floor

Ripped apart by a horde of screaming zombies. Somehow, I always knew.

Jumping off a tall cliff at the top of the highest mountain in the province while singing to myself "I Believe I Can Fly" because I was bored.

I was punched by an iron golem after running out of bullets. This one is gonna hurt.

I am going to be killed by a Zombie king who usurped power from his stupid zombie nephew who thinks he's French. All while after breaking out of his dungeon.

le Braaains... erm sorry

Being attacked by 3 dragons @ once. (a Storm Dragon, Aspect of Alduin, and Skeletal Dragon summoned by the Aspect)
The death blow coming from Ice Spike hail plunging into my skull from a shout of the Aspect of Alduin right as a burst of Lightning from the Storm Dragon and Fire from the Skeletal Dragon engulf me.

Aww. Deathclaws.

Capatcha: One fell swoop.
No doubt.

According to this thread, I'm going to get reckless with my sword powers and accidentally drain my host/wielder too much.

Looks like Kai Leng is going to stab me in the face in the near future.

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