The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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Being killed by Leoric, the Skeleton King in the Diablo 3 beta.

Both my party and I were brutally beaten to a pulp by two (overly) strong wyvern-type monsters that breathed fire, shot multiple lasers from a single point in front of their mouths, and built up a giant circular shock-wave in the ground that negates the ability to dodge by quick-stepping unless you quick-step backwards (But by the time you realize, it is probably already too late) that also cast spells and fill in the gaps in each others' OP attacks and stagger you so you can't move leading to an extremely quick, painful death.
(The game was Tales of Graces f just in case you were curious. The bosses were strong, I was under-leveled, and it was my first playthrough. Probably did't help that I was playing on a difficulty slightly less than hard, but higher than normal, but it was no excuse for how badly those dragon-wyvern-whatever things kicked my ass. The Shame!!!! ..And if had used a better strategy, then I might not have had to blow through all of my life bottles and highly coveted peach gels)

Bailed out of the Helicopter in BF3 as it was getting shot down....forgot to deploy my Chute.

Maybe one of you can scrape me up off the ground and let my family know i love them lol

Unintentional suicide when attempting to jump from a rooftop to escape treacherous UNATCO soldiers. Expected to break legs, actually broke legs, pelvis, ribs, arms, neck, skull, and heart.

Deus Ex.

I was fighting in the crysis world with my nanosuit on. I was cloaked and I stumbled across an enemy. I immediately pulled out my gun, uncloaked, and went into armor mode. I shot the fool down before he realized I was even there. While enjoying my murderous rage I didn't know there was an enemy cloaked behind me, perhaps one of the friends of the man I just destroyed. He got behind me and jabbed a knife into my throat. As I fell the ground bleeding to death my life flashed before my eyes. I thought of all the people I had let down and the hundreds of victims I had killed. Overall, a pretty good life.

Got killed inside a BMP-3 from taking a Javelin missile in ARMA 2 :(

I imagine it would be fairly quick maybe.




Wow, I can't even remember the last video game I've played where if you lose you actually die.

Felicia, Dr. Doom, and Vergil triple ultra combo me to death... Vergil and Doom are pretty much one hit kills which is fine and not so painful but Felicia scratches and bites me to death! That's going to hurt like hell

Cut not quite all the way through by a broadsword from shoulder to waist in a samurai-style duel.

I put up a good fight anyway. Quite honorable, I'd say.

Game was Overgrowth alpha.

i got hit by a turtle shell... not sure how bad that would hurt or how it would kill me.

Driving way too fast in a 1954 sports car. Crash into a pillar. Killed instantly.

Better stay away from old time sports cars

Get swarmed by Ura in a dream.

I died in the Half Life 2 level "Anticitizen One," where you have to wait for some AIs to drop a bridge to let your team across. They, being the magnificent Valve AIs, decided to drop it ON ME. Thanks, you just killed the symbol of the resistance movement by dropping a bridge on him while he wasn't looking.

In real life... that'd be interesting. I get a bridge dropped on me? Can I be leading a resistance movement when it happens?

Syndicate: I ran out of ammo while shooting at some armored dude, then ran around for 5 minutes trying to figure out a way to kill him, couldn't find one and killed myself.

I will be decapitated after running into a tree.

Thanks Temple Run!

Magick'd to death by a lich while being generally assaulted by a whole bunch of other people?
Meh. Could be worse.

Struck by an emission in The Zone. This is going to suck.

... i lost to the lilith/lilim fight in MGQ2, so i guess i'm rape-harvested by legendary succubus twins for the rest of my life until i die of old age...
i can think of worse ways to go...


hard pressed to think of better ways to go though... >.>

By getting my planet taken over by a hostile culture!

Sins Of A Solar Empire.

Think the last way I died was getting boring old shot to death by bullets. :(

This is exactly why you shouldn't drink random unidentified liquids in dank dungeons......

I think I was rammed by a pig after dodging a piranha. Suits me for going down a rabbit hole in the first place.

I will fall off my horse and die during the final charge in a glorious but out numbered battle fighting the Turks. It was good to be Byzantine Emperor for awhile, but all good things come to an end.

fall damage from discovering an undersea ravine.

I somehow catapulted by a giant slingshot and toward a explosive. I can guess I won't feel anything during the impact.

I'll be killed by one of System Shock 2's hybrids.

I just got eaten by that tentacle thing locked away by the sacrificial dagger in Silent Hill 1. I forgot to put the ring on the chains... knowing what I did wrong in this puzzle, would I still be fated to die in that exact manner?

Fell off helms deep -.-

Note to self-avoid brush and or have friends check them for me.

So I'm going to be ripped apart by a Chaos Dreadnought? Hopefully I'll take out a few heretics while I'm at it...

I'm going to wake up in a transport helicopter flying towards an enemy anti-air emplacement for no discernible reason. Then we start taking fire and are radar-locked, as the pilot dies in his seat I'll bail out, calling for the other hapless passengers to do the same. I'll watch in horror from my 'chute as they all fall, seemingly unconcerned, to their fiery deaths. Then I'll be turned into Swiss-cheese by the triple-A before I can safely land.

The /kill command on Minecraft. A fellow admin used it on me. So I will just sort of die I guess...

Ummm... ME2.

Took Morinth's offer...

I can't tell if the real life equivalent is STDs or murdered by your lover...

Beaten to death with a giant hammer by a faceless soldier of a dystopian future government / alien world domination conspiracy. But at least I'll do a wicked slow-mo flip before my corpse hits the ground.

(Beyond Good & Evil)

Shot in the head while trying to stop a robbery -____- wow

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