Where do go to get your daily/weekly gaming news that is not the escapist?

So, besides here where else do you guys and girls go to get the latest and greatest in gaming info and why?

It doesn't have to be sites in general, it can be tv shows, mag subscriptions or even you tube channels

Gameinformer, Destructoid and IGN. Sometimes also a bit on Youtube (like the "Layne On..." series from The Gamestation) but the other sites always seem to be faster and more detailed I find.

Gamespot (for developer promos, not news)
GOG and The Witcher sites for their specific news

Ars Technica for general tech/science/gaming news, because the articles are well-written and go into much more detail than stuff on other sites I've seen.

That's about it. I don't put a huge priority on gaming news; usually I just let the new releases surprise me.

Mostly here, IGN or Kotaku.

As for youtube I watch a few personalities like Motley Musings for their Let's plays sketch and commentary.

Checkpoint. I get most of my news from LRR. Checkpoint on Monday, and Feed Dump on Wednesday. If they don't talk about it, I probably don't care.

Though I do get Pokemon news from Bulbapedia.


GOG and The Witcher sites for their specific news

GOG do gaming news? I was unaware of this. Or is it just basically press released for CD Project games?



GOG and The Witcher sites for their specific news

GOG do gaming news? I was unaware of this. Or is it just basically press released for CD Project games?

Just their own company news. You could call it press-release material, but it's usually more detailed than any "reporting" other sites do about them, barring the occasional exclusive interview.

Wired mostly. I don't keep up with a lot of game news these days

Giant bomb. That's pretty much all I need for news that are relevant to my interests.

Gamebanshee and RPG Codex seem to be the only ones that fall in line with my taste.

Xbox360Achievements for any Xbox specific news, and a few random gaming sites and their Facebook posts.


That's about it.

Eurogamer.net for me mostly - sensible writing and interesting features.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun cause they've got Kieron Gillian and it's nice to read some PC biased stuff for a change.

PC Gamer UK dead tree edition, cause it's good to read in the bath!

RPG Codex and Escapist are pretty much the only sites I visit as far as news go.

apart from some random Youtube browsing:

Kill Screen
and I buy the occasional EDGE

Destructoid mostly.

Well I get all of my gaming news from the Escapist. I should, and have been meaning to find another website but I haven't found one I like as much as the Escapist.

Here and at official blogs of publishers or developers that have upcoming games which im interested in.

IGN, sometimes I check the latest announcements on Gametrailers. Other than that I don't really keep up with gaming news like I used to.

I've tried other sites, but find that the only real stayers are The Escapist and Kotaku. I also watch IndieStatik and GamingNewz on youtube, along with having a subscription to IGN for the occasional "ooh, that looks interesting" moments.

I think that's about it though. Also if there are official pages for the games on Facebook i tend to "like" them there for their own updates as well.

RPS occasionally but mostly the escapist. Also while technically not news, I visit twenty sided prety frequently. It's the blog of Shamus Young who does some writing here and he tends to have good insight in to things going on within the industry.

Totalbiscuit is pretty darn good. I enjoy his ability to cut through the crap and identify key issues of the industry. He's about as far away from a payed mouth piece as you can get.

RPS, RPGcodex, Forbes' surprisingly pro-consumer gaming column.

I come here just to rant on the forums.

Well, to be honest, I don't get much game info from this site. Escapist is mostly for amusement. If I want to know something about a new or upcoming game, I'll just check Google or Wikipedia. Or listen to TB, he always has great first impressions and game news.

PC gamer, IGN, assorted blogs, gamespot, and a few other places that I alternately remember/forget about every few weeks.

Rock Paper Shotgun because I only play computer. Sometimes Kotaku but only if something interesting comes up in the news on my Steam library. PC Gamer can also be a treat every now and then.

Gamefaqs and Gametrailers, usually the message boards on Gfaqs are up to date on info.

Game Informer, mostly because I've been a reader for ten years but also because I'm personally connected now.

Epicbattleaxe.com is always worth a look. They do great podcasts and i like listening to these guys.

GamesRadar and Totalbiscuit.


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