My problems with the ending of Mass effect

I know that the forum has been clogged with this stuff but I have some issues which haven't been covered by the mass ranting which I would like people's input on.

So first off the Mass Effect Relay 'splosion thing. My issue isn't the 'force of a supernova' thing, I'm sure they exploded in a special way. My problem is the fact that so much Eezo has been spread across the galaxy that that's probably going to wipe out allot of organic life through cancer and the like. considering the tiny amount that it takes to cause cancer (like what happened on earth), and the fact that the relays are "a massive, blue-glowing element zero core" isn't that going to kill people anyway?

Second is the pure malevolence of the reapers. If these things have been build to "save" us, why are their methods so down right evil? From indoctrination to husks to....well pretty much all of the reapers methods and attitudes. They want to destroy us, not save us. This is the attitude of beings that see themselves as so far above us that we are insects beneath their feet. so how does the happy happy catalyst with its talk of 'saving us from our selfs' make any sense? These machines want to crush us and harvest us into me the catalysts attitude smacks of deception.

I was under the impression after ME2 (and Iv'e seen others draw similar conclusions) that the reapers are a sort of race that need genetic material to propagate, so they hibernate, then reproduce every 50k years by harvesting material and making new reapers. Doesn't this make more sense considering their methods? we seem to be their food.

Finally if this 'cycling' is for our own benefit, what happens when the resources run out? I know the galaxy is packed full of delicious minerals and raw materials ripe for exploitation, but how many times can dozens of civilisations grow up from nothing only to be destroyed again (along with most of their technology) before there aren't enough raw materials to support up and coming civilisations on the relatively small number of garden worlds that exist?

Thanks for your input! :)

You are right about resources being depleted, since all races are built along the relay systems. There are billions of stars, billions of planets blah blah, but if every civilization has been using the same path they would run out. If a race sprung up away from the relays and found another way around they'd not only escape the reapers, but have a massive supply of materials, planets to create a giant empire, and emerge with only the reapers to deal with. More over the reapers couldn't fight them as it seems they are just as dependent on the relays as their food was.

As for morality of the reapers, look at our own world. One man's evil is another man's good. The worst evils in the world were done with the best of intentions.


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