Realisticaly: who would you be?

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So, as much as we might like to imagine ourselves as the hero or badass villain in a particular game, it's pretty much a fact that the vast majority of us would fall way too short of that ambition.

So, in realistic terms, who would you be in any given video game? From a nameless background dude getting stabbed by a demon, to some merchant or sidekick, or even Kratos if you happen to be Chuck Norris in real-life, who would you be?

I would be the nameless background dude being stabbed by a demon.

Actually, it's debatable whether or not the demon would even bother.

Dammit . I'm thinking of cool characters i would be and i find non . Not many awsome black characters that i look/act like in video games . Hmm the closest i can think of is Sahz from Final Fantasy 13 , when i have my Afro . Now that i think about it , we are quite alike ...

I'd end up being like Joker from Mass Effect. Extremely helpful in one particular area, but aside from that, is mainly useless and only looked to for sarcastic comic relief.

I would be one of the background characters in the Mass Effect series that never moves or speaks. Maybe working aboard the Normandy.

A hellish existance maybe, but I would probably get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I helped save the Galaxy without actually doing anything.

I'd be the guy who follows the hero down a dark alley, conks him on the head with an anachronistic lead pipe, and flees the scene. I'm probably going to die anyway, so I'm at least going to take the rest of the world down with me.

Gordon Freeman, I'm a physicist, and I'm handy with a crowbar.

random citizen what ever that found cowering in a corner somewhere who then dies shortly after being discovered by the heroes

i've always been pretty sure about this, and for a number of reasons: monkey island 2's wally b. feed. without a doubt.

Realistically, I'd be one of those NPCs you see at academies in RPGs, talking about how tough classes are right now. Engineering is awesome.

That random zombie that is trying to eat you.

Or a bartender in fallout.

The guy who makes a promise to the main character and then pussies out, and runs away.
What? No one lives longer thanks to running into a battle or something.

Probably a merc in the fallout world.

Or a town guard.

Whichever had the best pension.

Some random NPC who lives in a town, sheltered from the legions of dark forces in front of the gate.

I'd be a medic. Kind of obvious, since I'm going into the medical field (physician's assistant). I'd pretty much be a Follower of the Apocalypse.

A newbie member in the NCR. I mean, I'd be shit, but at least I'm trying to do good dammit.

I would be somewhere along the lines of good old patches the hyena. I can handle myself but I would much rather kick you down a pit from behind and walk off with your belongings.

I'm a decent writer, I could pull off a male Emily Wong.

Probably one of the nameless faceless NPCs that gets run over or bludgeoned to death by a gigantic dildo just for the lolz

I'd be the person the hero talks to on the headset, giving them info and screaming their name when I think they died. Snake?! Snake?! Snaaaaaake!!!!

Realistically I'd be an old school RPG NPC drinking inside a tavern at the bar that every time you click on me I say the same line: "*sigh* Times are tough..."

I'd be the background character having an inane conversation about the mudcrab I saw the other day. Maybe I'd sell some spells, too.

I would be a scholar in the local University of Magic.

Anyone remember the level in the original Deus Ex that took place in China?

Remember the part where you infiltrate the VersaLife building?

Remember the poor bastard stuck in a cubical farm doing data entry well past closing time?

That'd be me. /sigh.

I would probably end up as that member of the supporting cast who explains complex, niche, or basic control concepts to the main character.

"That's a demonic cave spider. Stun it with the charge shot when its eyes glow red and then strike it on the-

What do you mean you 'don't know how to charge your shot'? For fuck's sake..."


I'd be the guy on the left.

No not Shepard

Farther left.

A corpse, probably.

Some crazed gunman shooting everything and anything because he has long since decided in the mass chaos that is the world that everyone is his enemy.

Hero promptly kills him as he has turned to evil.


Be the random chewed up corpse in dead island thats tied to the bed.


Be the pilot in that jet fighter scene in BF3.

Never the hero too much self sacrifice and risk involved. But I have flown planes and I am a damn good shot.

I would be very much like Rebecca Chambers I would imagine.

I'd be brave, but still very much scared. I'd be smart, but naive. I'd be careful, but i'd also be young and careless sometimes.

I would try my best, but at the end of the day I'd probably need a Billy Coen to help me out.

The Hero - I do stuff like that IRL ;)

Im not sure, depends on the game. If its RPG-ish, probably a merchant or something? With a gun under the counter though.

There's a video game called Devil Survivor. That game is about a total lockdown of all of Tokyo due to a demon invasion.

Would I be one of the powerful demon tamers who took up being a summoner for peace and good? Nope.

Would I be one of the ne'er-do-wells who use their summoning powers to try and get money and food? Nope.

...Honestly, I'd probably be the guy who already had enough food in his apartment to last the week and would just stay in my apartment with the doors locked. You never hear about those people in that game.

I would be the guy who randomly pops up to give the hero worthless hints.

I'd be one of the resistance fighters following Gordon Freeman and promptly get killed in about 5 seconds.

The skull servitor from Space Marine, only useful for the most menial of tasks.

I would be one of those scientists that hangs out in the mission hub and produces all the biochemical-related tech that the hero upgrades. I would hide in a cupboard when the bad guys inevitably attack. My extremely well-honed hide-and-seek skills will save me so I can give exposition about the attack. My conversation with my fellow scientists about obscure Sci-fi shows will run on loop when the hero lingers in the hub building. It'll be awesome.

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