Realisticaly: who would you be?

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Expendable goon, fighting to help the player character. If he is good enough, I may survive. But since these are video games, my AI is likely terrible so he lets us all die so he doesn't have to bother with having idiots running around.

At best in a normal universe, a support character.

At best in a universe with magic, God-Dictator of the Land of Evil.

At worst in a normal universe, a mook or redshirt.

At worst in a universe with magic, someone with rank but not in charge.

I would be this guy:

I'd be mercenary #3 out of 15 (It's a pretty sincere assassination attempt) hired by the main villain to ambush the protagonist midway through the game.


I'll take Belethor I will give you some of my best over the top sales dialogue and buy whatever you've got and sell it right on until I can afford my own lackey who will then run around town and cry out to all who walk by, "I work for Belethor at the general goods store!"

Leaving aside some variation of 'that guy who drops dead 5 seconds in' I'd be the quest-giver who wines about not being in possession of a certain item until some goody two shoes wonders by and offers to fetch it for me out of sheer ineffable altruism. :3 Or I'd be a store owner so I can be the one fleesing people for once. >:3

I'd probably be some sort of resistance member/ soldier or something, i'd do what i could to help, but i'd just be a regular, probably nameless NPC.

Well, if in Mass Effect, I would be random Marine #592, the one that gets killed by the reaper...

I'd probably a random mook. The kind you can one-hit kill.

I'd want to help with whatever the big conflict is, but I'd be completely useless in a fight, so I'd be a support character who communicates with the hero via radio to give him hints and advance the plot. I can only think of one support character like this having anything bad happen to them, Naomi Hunter, and even she was just arrested.

RJ 17:
Realistically I'd be an old school RPG NPC drinking inside a tavern at the bar that every time you click on me I say the same line: "*sigh* Times are tough..."

Almost makes you wish for nuclear winter, doesn't it? *sigh* I know the feeling :/

OT: I'd probably be the guy who tries to help or take the lead. Something like, "this way hero" and is then instantly struck by a bus, killed by a trap or eaten by wolves. Or I'd try to be a villian but just end up like Irving in RE5 or one of the psychos in Dead Rising.

I'd be that salarian video gamer in Mass Effect 2, complaining about how the new games are all about visceral combat and choices, and I miss when you had to remember to drink water.

If given powers, I'd constantly train to become the strongest weapon on the planet. And afterwards would likely attempt to form a legion of followers to take over the world. I wouldn't really be evil, I just want to play god.

A freedom fighter or militia of some sort, because that's what I'm into anyway.


I am terrified of dying
I don't like getting burned
Fire based weapons are fun as hell
I love wearing a helmet with my armor, and my helmet must look cool
I am relatively young but not some kid
When I get in the mood I tend to be reckless
If I were to be in an actual war, I might get lucky a few times because of my squad, then die horribly


I think I win this thread for being the most spot on, I am Ben Carmine

I'd follow the hero around, picking up what weapons he/she couldn't, and making sure he/she doesn't run out of ammo. In a pinch, I'm in a nearby shadow, ready to slide out a loaded weapon in a plot-critical moment.

I would like to be either an ONI officer or an ODST, trained as a sniper, from the Halo series. Chances are I'd just be a regular Marine though, but still would train as a sniper, and I'd certainly volunteer for the ODSTs anyway (volunteer only outfit, and crazy as they come...). After all, I may be going paintballing with mates from work next month, and my nickname for it (self-chosen) is 'Helljumper' - motto "Feet First Into Hell!", taken from the eries itself...

I'd probably a pussy-whipped joke of a villain, kind of like James - James from Team rocket - is.

<-- Look thataway

In a normal universe, I probably wouldn't be there at all. Why? Because nothing takes place in Canada.

Assuming I were though, I'd probably be a student or scholar at... wherever there are students or scholars (the imperial library, mage's guild, etc.). Possibly a thieves' guild fence or a tactical advisor or coordinator to some military commander. Or a spy, although you don't really see them that much in video games (but that's because they're doing their jobs).

And although I would go out of my way to avoid it, I'd probably die eventually, because for some reason, characters called Scott ALWAYS DIE in fiction. It gets on my nerves. Bah, who am I kidding, I'd change my name to prevent that.

I'm just hiding in my house. It's pretty well hidden; I doubt most players will ever find me.
I'll give the few that do a choice between my [Vintage Katana] or [Bone handled Knife], if they promise to not tell anyone I'm here.

Novice in the Followers of the Apocalypse, probably, or a husk in the ME universe.

I'd love to imagine I'd be one of those witty companions you can get in some team based games, but I wouldn't be useful at all. Then again, I'm sure that if I lived in a world where magic was possible, I'd at least attempt to learn it. I'd be a healer, because they're always useful.

Most likely, I'll be a random wandering NPC in a town. Just part of the scenery.

I'm the guy in this video who gets the cape thrown on him.

I'm probably the loyal friend. Depending on genre, I might be fairly useful, or I might be the first one down. If I survive, I'm PROBABLY not going to let my friends go out without protection.

Alternatively, I COULD function as a jack of all trades support character. I'm not skilled enough to be a specialist, but I know a lot of minor crap.

I'll take Belethor I will give you some of my best over the top sales dialogue and buy whatever you've got and sell it right on until I can afford my own lackey who will then run around town and cry out to all who walk by, "I work for Belethor at the general goods store!"

Yeah, apparently that lackey's only job is chopping firewood outside the store.

As for me, I'd be the Italian mafioso #4 who gets shot in the face when Max Payne goes jumping around a corner with bullet time.

I would teach the tutorial so that people could go out and actually change the world we live in because I'm not the "chosen one" I just know what needs to be done.

hmmm. Someone like kelly champers form ME 2.

Expect less kinky.

And a Bro.

I'd be the guy selling the giant novelty dildo bats and mascot costumes to the protagonist and their friends.

Probably one of the nameless faceless NPCs that gets run over or bludgeoned to death by a gigantic dildo just for the lolz

Remember, we are not responsible for what the Saints et al do with our products. We are just the suppliers. Though, we do find it hilarious.

I'd like to be all Serious Sam, but, I'm just not that good. Maybe, the so-called "Doom Marine". Or Zapper. Well, maybe a little better than Zapper. But, I'd totally be ready to fight!

I'd be the crazy son-of-a-bitch working out of an NCR garage[1] trying to revive automobiles and aircraft. Possibly a questgiver if driving a car is to happen in the game, most likely a junk merchant/flavor character as far as a game goes.

[1] if I were in DC I'd be at rivet city trying to get that P51 that's in the museum to fly again. lol aircraft carrier


I could try to be genre savvy and make crazy requests of oddly dressed people who will invariably do them for me for the experience it gives them. "Hey, I always wanted to taste dragon meat. If you kill one, could you get some for me?"

I would be Conrad Verner.

id be a carmine. loyal, well liked and a decent soldier but prone to being the leeroy jenkins of the group and die a horrible gorey death.

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