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Well, I buggered my Skyrim all to hell. Too many mods, too quickly, and I shot it all to pieces, and now I can't get even my old mod-working saves to work. Missing textures, missing entire pieces of the dungeons, missing characters, constant CTD, no Steam cloud save, you name it I broke it. So there goes 200 or so hours, but I guess its good because it gives me a reason to play again, and not muck it up this time.

So while I do a clean install of Skyrim, I've come to the Internet for help.

However, since the Skyrim Nexus and Bethesda forums are about as helpful for modding assistance on a large scale as a deaf Amish person is for tech support, I've come to the one place where I know people have at least played Skyrim. So in all your infinite wisdom Escapist, help me help myself into not mucking up my Skyrim, again.

Note: I know that the first thing someone is going to say is to use BOSS, but I think BOSS was actually part of the problem - considering it didn't recognize a good amount of mods and it didn't know what order to put things in.

What is to follow is a list of mods that I want to use/need to use, and I'd like some suggestions for other mods, and if possible for people to point out conflicts or things that could be done better.

2nd Note: My Desktop is fairly high end, and can run the game on Ultra fairly well, but I keep it at High just so I don't suffer any and don't beat the piss out of my PC.

So here is the list:

Mods I Will Be Using
Realistic Water and Terrain Textures (RWTT) or WATER
Caliente's BBBE Females Mod
Killer Kleo's Silly Huge Skimpy Armor Retextures - Because if I'm going to be staring at an ass for 200 hours, its going to be a fine ass.
Dragon Shout Overhaul - My own personal mod, designed to tweak some of the dragon shouts to more useful without overpowering them
Enhanced Soundtrack
Perk Tree Overhaul - Workshop Mod, lets you pick any perk in a tree so long as your skill is high enough
Soma's Archery Overhaul
Realistic Colors and Real Nights - RCRN Classic
Tougher Traps
Fall of the Space Core V1

Mods I Want To Use, But Might Cause Issues
Unofficial Skyrim Patch
ENB - Enhanced Blood
Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Deeper Snow
More Rain
Immersive Thunder
The Extrem Blood Texture
Combat Finesse
The Dance of Death
Quest: The Bigger They Are
Quest: And the Realms of Daedra
Unlimited Bookshelfs
Enhanced High-Level Gameplay
Real Glaciers
Enchantment Cleanser
Enhanced Distant Terrain
Moonpath to Elswyrh
Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Mods I'd Like
A house that doesn't conflict with the lore (too much), but also doesn't crash the game like the two I tried before (The airship and the boat)

A texture replacer that doesn't conflict with CBBE and KK's Armor, but that isn't the Bethesda High Res pack that breaks everything


Thanks in advance for the help.

Paragon Fury:
Caliente's BBBE Females Mod

Oh, you dirty little bugger.

Its a good good mod.

As long as you load the unofficial Skyrim patch first it shouldn't cause problems.

There's an armor mod that adds Triss' armor from Witcher 2, which looks really great (and not stupidly slutty like most armor mods on the Nexus). I believe it's for Calinete's BBBE.

You absolutely NEED UI and inventory fixing mods; Skyrim's inventory system is beyond retarded. I use SkyUI, Better Sorting, and Categorized Favorites.

I use PISE, a nice overhaul mod that makes Skyrim a bit harder with more spawns, higher level encounters, etc. Skyrim's pretty damn easy by the time you're level 10, so you might want to get it.

I've found the "Sounds of Skyrim" line of mods and the "Sexy Whiterun," "Sexy Riften," etc mods to be really nice in terms of making the world prettier and more atmospheric.

A Quality World Map is nice. The roads in the map are added by hand!

Balanced Magic makes it so that all destruction spells get better as you get more destruction perks (but are weak until you get those perks). Overall it makes novice and apprentice spells actually worth using. It also increases combat magic regen, which is ridiculously slow in Skyrim.

Some mods that change combat for the better:
Duel - Combat Realism
Better Archery Eagle Eye perk
Deadly Dragons
Faster Arrows

Some minor tweaks and fixes
3rd person animation tweak - run forward with bow
3rd person dual wield animation fix
Weapon and Armor Fixes
Shadow Striping Fix

Some other minor changes and cool stuff
Jaysus Swords - this guy made an awesome Fallout 3 mod adding lots of nice weapons
Possessive Corpses: No more lazy zombies
Deadly Spell Impacts
Smooth Blade Draw and Sheathe - so it doesn't sound like you're grinding rocks every time you draw your sword

edit: lulz, I'm an idiot. thought you wanted mod recommendations
edit2: as for your mod problem, what I did was I basically activated a handful of mods at a time, started with ones I really wanted and working my way down to the less important stuff. Between groups of mods I'd start up the game and make sure it didn't explode. Ran around outdoors and indoors, fast traveled, etc. I'm surprised BOSS didn't recognize your mods. I think it even told me how to order the small mods I made myself.

Are you using Nexus Mod manager to install the mods?

Its nice because it tells you which mods are overwriting which files and if you unsintall a mod that overwrote a file it put the original file back.

Hah, I was just done with modding Skyrim like hell. If you EVER consider it, dont get real 1st person, ever, ever, ever.. It's hell to uninstall.

For the house i suggest "Riverside Lodge", i just got it and it looks damn fine. It's also on the "top downloads" atm.

I would also suggest Tytanis just for the hell of it. Mod is so damn immense:

The "UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul" is a must for anyone. I like to have about 3 followers, put it on the hardest difficulty, and pretend Skyrim is like a dungeon crawler ala Ultima <.<. (plus you can level your companions, and see their skills)

Dovahkiin Relaxes Too is also a great mod. It has a few options i never really could be arsed to check into (not yet atleast), but the base of it is great. Basically you get a shout power (Dovahkiin wont shout, though) and when you use it, your character will start idling, it could be looking and reading a paper, sweeping the floors or if standing by a fire, warming his hands.

Just SkyUI:

Cloaks of Skyrim is also awesome because... Cloaks..

I like Ultra Realistic World Lighting, cause it adds some much needed color to the world, with zero performance loss (if your PC can run it, just get a proper ENB)

And ALL of the Sexy [insert city] mods, goddamn they are awesome, really! (you can find the entire list in the description).

Those are some I find good, i will get back to you, if i remember any other good mods!


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