Shag, Marry or Holiday? *Gamer edition*

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Holiday with Estelle from Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky since she's adventurous, energetic, hilarious, and for being a just plain awesome person.

Marry Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. She has kindness and understanding down to a T as well as having a warm and pleasant personality while being strong and independent. I couldn't think of anyone else.

Shag Ayane from Dead or Alive. Come on, do I need to explain this one? She's practically memetic.

Holiday: Nameless traveler from Journey. That would be rad.

Marry: Chie Satonaka from P4. Already decided, I want to spend the rest of my life with that girl.

Shag: Viola from Saints Row 3 because... yeah.

Cool I love games like these, I used to play them with my friends in school.
This is going to be hard though so let me give it some good thought. I wouldn't want to get this wrong...

...20 minutes later this turned out to be a hard question for me.

HOLIDAY : I would go on holiday with Andrew Ryan from Bioshock of course! Too the bottom of the sea! A man I really respect and love for a fictional character. Also one of my favorite games. Honourable mentions: Sander Cohen also from Bioshock. :) AND Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII, though I have put him in *Holiday*, he could go anywhere on my list, I'm sure we would work best as friends though.

MARRY : I would marry Rikku from Final Fantasy X and X-2, I have loved that character since first seeing her at my friends house while I watched him play. I love her personality and her style. Honourable mentions: Tira from Soul Caliber series and Aya Brea from Parasite Eve Series.

SHAG : I would shag Dante from the DMC:Reboot. I know, I know it isn't out yet, but this is just a shag, who cares if I don't know anything about him other then him being a badass. Most people would pick the original white haired Dante over the reboot, or even Vergil, but I really like Dante's new design, he is pretty much my type of guy. I also like the girl in the trailer, but I don't know ANYTHING about her yet. Honourable mentions: Catherine from Catherine *mmm* and John Marston from Red Dead Redemption. Broke Back Mountain anyone?


Holiday: Alistair from DA:O. It will be the gayest time two straight men could ever have together.

Shag: Isabella from DA2... Yep. No downsides except the likelihood of waking up without a wallet.

Marry: I was going to say Aela the Huntress, but then she can be a bit of a bitch at times. Bonnie MacFarlane seems like she'd make a good wife, actually.


Holiday: Mordin Solus. I want him to run tests on sea shells so badly. Second runner up is Garrus, because he's my bro.

Coming soon to theaters near you, Weekend at Mordin's.

... Too soon?


Marry: Chie Satonaka from P4. Already decided, I want to spend the rest of my life with that girl.

I agree with this 100%.

Mine shall be...

Holiday: My Saints Row The Third character, it would be a fun time.

Marry: Chie Satonaka from Persona 4 just because she it the character I have ever cared most in a video game.

And shag would be Miranda from Mass Effect 2.

A pretty nice list.


Marry: I can't really think of one I'd want to marry more then my wife so I will just keep her.

Nice save there mate.

Shag: Lilith Aensland instead of Morrigan. I've got a thing for girls with short hair.

Marry: Tali

Holiday: Garrus, Dante, and Varric. WOO EPIC PUB CRAWL

To all three it has to be Ashley Williams from Mass Effect.

My Shepard wants to take her on holiday, shag her rotten the whole time and then propose marriage at the end. Jesus, after all they hell they've both mutually gone through one would think they'd earned something like that.

Otherwise my three answers are:
Holiday: Cortana
Shag: Ivy (Soul Calibur)
Marry: Still Ashley.

Let's see...
Holiday....this one is rather difficult, I don't go on vacations. Probably Jak from the Jak and Daxter game/s. I just think he'd be cool to hang out with.

Marry....I'd go with Thane but well...yeah...most of us know how that goes. Garrus is a very close second but so many have said no it's gotta be Garrus. He's intelligent, romantic, I think he'd make an awesome husband. And a good dad to boot...not that I think humans and turians can procreate. But hey we could adopt. Little turian and human children both. My mother would so hate me for never getting pregnant. YAY!

And sex, because I think shag is a ridiculous hmm....The Overlord. He makes castles SHAKE when he fucks. You know it's gotta be good.

Holiday with GLaDOS, because I can break through the ice to her warm center :P
Marry Yuna, she's cute, and she would be easy to live with. (No horrible stupid FFX2 Yuna, she's crap)
Shag Morrigan from DA:O, because who wouldn't??

Marry: Aerith Gainsborough - She seems like a nice girl that you could bring home to your mother... if she wasn't DEAD

And the problem is?

Holiday: Murray, the evil demonic skull. Always wanted to go on an adventure with that little bugger.

Marry: The king of all cosmos. Think of all the benefits you could get from that! Also, dat crotch-plate!

Shag: Master Hand. Let's be honest, it's better to aim for something I have a chance with.

Holiday: Oghren (DA:O). Sure alot of the holiday would be impossible to remember and the hangover would be lethal but I still can't imagine I would be short on anecdotes.

Marry: Morrigan (DA:O). Awesome voice, looks and wit combied with a general hatred for anything unless it can prove it shouldn't be hated, yeah I'm sold.

Shag: Liara (ME). Anyone else curious as to what that nervous system melding would be like...well I'm sure I could get some use out of biotics at the very least.

Holiday - Shun Akiyama (Rich, playboy and good in fights.)

Marry - Alicia Mechiott (Kind, gentle, caring, great baker and shes a mystical kick ass death dealing warrior princess....type, thing)

Sex - Vanille (Shes a red head, shes cute, shes upbeat and shes weird, sue me)


Holiday: My Star Trek Online character. Set course for Risa.
Marry: Either Chihiro from P3, Bianca from DQV, or Terra from FFVI, all three of those ladies are just so cute and loveable. I adore all 3 of them.
Shag: I wouldn't. I don't do meaningless sex.

Holiday: Kirby, who wouldn't want to spend a holiday with a world devouring beast in a fluffy pink body?

Marry: Juri Han. Shut up, she's hot. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about defending her cause she could hold her own against anyone.

Shag: Morinth. Yeah yeah, she'd kill me, blah blah. Worth it! Plus it would be a unique way to go. Or we could stick with fooling around and completely invalidate that so HA.

Cheese Burger captcha? You hungry?

Fuck: Miranda Lawson
Holiday: Nathan Drake (it would be tons of fun adventures!)
Marry: Liara
Kill: That whiny kid from God of War III (I wouldn't really kill her, but I'd send her away for a bit)

Holiday - Zelda, lets face it, she's whisked off to new locations every few years.

Marry - Alyx Vance

Shag - Miranda from ME2/3.

Holiday- I would almost certainly choose Zidane from FF9 actually. Heh. Iunno, just seems like he would be likely to being me on an awesome pirate adventure through the skies and we would get into all tonnes of mischief. Also, the tail? Awesome convo starter to pick up chicks on holiday.

Marry- Ugh, there are so many eligible female leads available for this one! I'd say Zelda, but the cross dressing thing might just get a little too weird. Hmmmm. Celes from FF6, I think. Shes strong, intelligent, proud, independent, but also has a good heart and a real soft side.

Shag-That cat chick Felicia from Darkstalkers. Don't you judge me!

Shag- Fang from FF13. She'd be dominant but I think that would make it better somehow.
Marry- Farah (Sands of Time Farah). She's smart and has a decent personality.
Holiday- Adam Jensen. We could go out at night, drink whiskey and smoke while wearing awesome trenchcoats and since he's got all those augmentations, he'd be the perfect back up in a bar fight.

Holiday- I would go with Tali, because you don't HAVE to sleep with her but oh would I. Also getting to spend time with her would be awesome, sadly I couldn't have kids with her so won't marry.

Marry-Liara- I liked liara in ME1 but in 2 at the end of the Shadow Broker DLC she really got me to like her. Plus the fact that she would outlive me as well as any children I would have is a plus.

bang-Rikku from Final Fantasy 10- reason, cause she is Rikku.


no idea, for all three. seen a lot of characters over the years that 'would be awesome to ______ with'. ^^;; kinda the problem with gaming for long as i have.

Lets see
Holiday.... Sissel from ghost trick
marry- Kat from breath of fire 2
weird crazy sex.... I guess Felicia from darkstalkers

captia: thats enough (how true)

Holiday - Garrus. Because CAN-ibrations would go down.

Marry - Tali'Zorah, because she's sweet as a button and surprisingly sexy in ME3.

Sexytime - Lilith from Borderlands, because those eyes (and other anatomical pairs =3) hit my switches like a goddamn freight train.

Hmm... Well I'm an American so I'm saying "Vacation" whether anyone likes it or not. Sticking with "Shag" though. What can I say? I love to curse but you Europeans are just right sometimes :P

Vacation: Mr. House from Fallout: New Vegas. I'm a sucker for long conversations with intellectuals, especially the ones who are trying their damndest to be genuinely good, but end up inadvertently being kinda evil anyway. Face it, House is evil. He's TRYING to be good, but he's failing.

Marry: I don't believe in Marriage because it's a religious institution and I'm a rabid Atheist (or well...anti-religious really) but if you mean a totally-monogamous long-term relationship with kids I guess I'd go with Faridah Malik, the pilot from DXHR. Something about the whole pilot/hacker/vigilante thing sounds EXACTLY like who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I'd be happier with longer hair, but if this is a choice for life, I'm choosing on personality.

Shag: Misty from Pokemon. Yes, I know EXACTLY how wrong and perverted that sounds and I DON'T CARE. I'd wait until she turns 18 (Based on the age of the series she should be freaking 30 by now lol) but still, I'd tap that faster than a Blastoise hooked into a Fire Hydrant.

And since it seems to have been shoehorned into this post...Kill: Also Mr. House. Just because he IS evil no matter what his intentions. I always favored the NCR, but I could see myself either choosing myself or even the Legion. Never Mr. House though. He just SEEMS wrong somehow. That said, this is a tie. I am equally likely to spend my one bullet on Bob Page from Deus Ex. The Illuminati was bad enough but at least it was a consensus rule of smart, level-headed people. Just about the only thing worse than that is having a lone dude like Page in charge. Might as well be Hitler.

Shag: Catwoman. I bet she has got some moves on her
Marry: Miranda Lawson. She is genetically superior think of how awesome my kids would turn out. (i know i'm so romantic)
Holiday: Harbinger. it would be one to remember :P

Holiday - Femshep while she's out of action between ME2 and ME3. She'd have lots of awesome stories, and if we went out dancing I wouldn't be the worst dancer :)
Marry - Alyx Vance. I'll be sure to do my part to help repopulate the world now that the reproductive suppression field is down.
Shag - Mai Shiranui for obvious reasons.

Ricky 49:
Shag: Catwoman. I bet she has got some moves on her
Marry: Miranda Lawson. She is genetically superior think of how awesome my kids would turn out. (i know i'm so romantic)
Holiday: Harbinger. it would be one to remember :P

Geek quote here, Miranda can't have children. No fun for you, huh :)

OT: My answers would probably be Garrus for holidays (he's just the coolest of all in the galaxy), Miranda for a shag (for self-evident reasons) and Ashley for marriage:)

Also, hello Escapist :D

Mr. Eos:

Also, hello Escapist :D


Hope you have a good time


Holiday: Any of the Normandy crew. Preferably Mordin Solus or Garrus.
Marry: Hanako Ikezawa. The picture might help explain why. OR, if that option was unavailable, Tali.
Shag: Shit. This one's hard. I'll have to go with Lilith from Borderlands.

Holiday: Dracula from Castlevania, just to beg at his feet for the gift of immortality. He'd probably laugh, call me a worm, than promptly kill me in a jet of hell-fire.

Marry: Chie or Naoto from Persona 4.

Shag: All my fellow Escapists in one giant life scarring orgy. But fist someone needs to program the game, until then my sweets, until then.


Shag: All my fellow Escapists in one giant life scarring orgy. But fist someone needs to program the game, until then my sweets, until then.

Hur yeah. I like this idea sailor.

Holiday: Kasumi Goto. Should be good.

Marry: Maria from Silent Hill 2.

Shag: Murphy Pendleton from Silent Hill Downpour. Why not?

Holiday: The Narrator from Bastion. BEST.HOLIDAY.EVER

Marry: Kasumi Goto from mass effect 2. I know she's a much less known character but I fucking love her!

Shag: Miranda Lawson from mass effect 2. Because...yvonne strahovski.


Andy Shandy:
Holiday: I'm going to go with the popular choice and say Dante, as it would be amazing
Marry: Alyx Vance - Because she's nice, beautiful and clever.
Shag: Miranda. Why?


I just love where they put the Investigate in that pic lol

As for me the following:

Holiday: Garrus. I need to go out shooting some cans with Space Batman.

Marry- Liara

Shag- Tifa from FF VII

i not ripping on you or anything but why do so may people have tifa fetishes?

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