EA steals from Games Workshop

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And here I thought Command and Conquer was already dead.

Man, George Lucas gonna sue somebody!

Well... this isn't going to end well for EA.


Horrible thing to do, but if the were going to steal designs they couldn't find anything better than Warhammer?

Wow, that's nuts. Unless gw allowed it, that's copyright infringement there =D

To the topic at hand: yes, yes it is.

To your avatar: Goddamn that was a fun episode of Stargate SG-1!

Ok this shit has been settled guys shut up, it done with, over. You want to know my source look one page back.

Hmm, it looks like EA is really trying to earn its "worst company in America" title.

But as bad, evil and down right nasty EA are... they are nothing compared to the God Emperor.


They don't know what they have unleashed... lol

Fucking hell, they said that this was unintentional. And for god sake, it's bloody identical. Get it together EA, it's not as if you don't have enough money to come up with original ideas.

wow just throw some fucking orks on it why don't ya EA. what a bunch of dicks.

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