Have you ever played through a game and completely missed a game play feature?

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My friend just asked me this on Facebook, and I want to see what you guys can come up with.

So, have you ever played through a game and completely missed a game play feature?

His example was: "I'm replaying Mass Effect 1 and I just learned that the vehicle has a canon and Right Bumper allows you to use abilities"

Mass Effect 3 uses Select on the 360 pad to quicksave.

Mass Effect 1 allowed me to add weapon mods. I learned this just before I fought Saren.

I finished played Spells of Gold without casting a single spell. And I know there were spells, but I couldn't any to buy. It turned out that you had to go to a temple and press Tab to see a list of spells. No button or real indication of that. I couldn't see anything like that in the manual either. I only found out because later I read a review that criticised the game for not making that obvious.

Oh I somehow didn't figure out how to change weapons or use powers during the whole of my first ME1 playthrough... I was a fucking retard when I was younger I assume. Pr0 pistol only run FTW!

And I never noticed the Pimp Stance in the first Dead Space so I got through the entire game with just the map. Not that hard considering it's pretty linear anyway. Though when you lose the waypoint for a while in DS2 i was quite happy about it since I could break out the map again!

I completely forgot about squad orders outside of powers in Mass Effect 1 and 2

I didn't figure out how to switch to Military Grade ammo in Metro 2033 until the Amoebas.

I didn't realize until the very end of The Darkness that "reloading" your pistols actually completely discarded them (and whatever ammo you had left) for new ones. I knew their appearance and such changed, but I honestly thought it was just for show >__>. I was running out of ammo constantly due to compulsive reloading.

78 hours into Skyrim, accidently wiped my saved. Started a new game and I found out you could use carriages to get to the main cities instantly instead of walking...

Mass effect 1 I did not even trip over any of the romance options, so I in essence had no lurve.

Is sort of odd how many of these are related to Mass effect.

The ability to turn in midair and flip off pursuers in Mirror's Edge was found by happy accident on my tenth or eleventh playthrough.

Also, you can do an immediate 180 degree turn in Silent Hill 2 and 3 by pressing both sidesteps simultaneously, found on the second playthrough of 2 by scare-induced fit. SHEESH, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN HANDY EARLIER.

I play Shin megaten devil survivor 1 twice, it wasn't until I played the sequel that I found out the first game had a skill pool of every skill I ever cracked. That stung a little...

The really long getting killed by a grapple animation in ME3 singleplayer were apparently quicktime events. I had no idea until I beat the game and played multiplayer.

When I was younger and only had a Gamecube, I managed to play all the way through Starfox: Assault without jumping.

Yes, I actually thought you could not jump.

In Metro 2033 I only realised after I had got to the last chapter that I could heal myself with medkits. I don't know how I missed that; I'm pretty sure it dose tell you about them, I just forgot shortly after. They would have made some of the more difficult fights much easier.

My first time through Deus Ex I didn't know you could heal specific parts of your body with the medkits... so I was running around with 5% on every part of my body... ready to get insta killed by a stray bullet at any moment...<.<

Yeah, when I was younger I used to play this old FPS called Blood. There was a certain enemy type that scared the shit out of me because I thought they were instant death. They were animated severed hands, influenced by Ash's hand in Evil Dead 2. I didn't know until years later that you could actually remove the hands from your throat when they attach themselves to you. Suddenly, they don't seem as scary anymore.

Dead Space uses X to quick heal...

My friend showed me after I beat the game on the highest difficulty!!

Skyrim: gone through 2 characters and finally figured on the third one that i could make iron bars and other things of that category...at first i thought that ore was for selling!
(man i felt stupid)

Apparently, you can run in Just Cause 2.

I completely forgot about the concept of enemy cards in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I went through nearly the entire game without those. It wasn't very easy.

That LB sprints in Skyrim.
It took me 4 characters and owning the game since launch to find out that you can sprint.
Suddenly I can get to places faster :D

When I started playing Supreme Commander, I thought that clicking the building within the unit producing building made a new one, so I never used it.

That meant I played my first dozen games with nothing but Tier 1 units. I lost a lot.

Isn't really a gameplay feature, but over 160 hours into Skyrim over 5 different characters and I never finished the main questline, not on a single character.

I'm pretty good at pulling up the wiki after a while, and really dig into the background of the game, boss strategies, fun things to do, all that jazz. So...not really? At least, none come to mind, unless we count that I didn't know you could play Skyrim successfully without a partner until I did a sneakypants playthrough.

Holding A in Fallout 3 & NV allows to drink continuously.

I went through Bulletstorm and didn't buy ammo or upgrades. I knew about it, but just wanted to see if it mattered.

Also, swapping ammo in New Vegas and the 1-0 mappable hotkeys.

That you can actually switch zoom levels of Sniper Rifles in Metal Gear Solid 1 + 2. Explains why i found the weapon to be pretty useless outside of boss encounters.

You can apparently aim down ironsights in Bioshock, something which would have come handy during some of the earlier parts of the game.

I didnt figure Bioshock had Iron sights until half way through my second playthrough. I didnt like them, not that I dislike Iron sights mind you, its just I thought the shooting mechanics in Bioshock were really weak, also it was annoying having to click the left stick to use it

It took me 20 odd hours to find out how to sprint in Skyrim...

You can apparently aim down ironsights in Bioshock, something which would have come handy during some of the earlier parts of the game.


*grumble grumble*

First time I played Resident Evil 4, I walked everywhere. I was after I defeated the final boss that I realized that I could run.

I went through Crysis 2 the first time not knowing that I could hold multiple explosive weapons at once or how to cycle through them. Until I figured it out in the middle of either my second or third playthrough, I'd just assumed the game was being really finicky about letting me equip rocket launchers and C4.

Holding A in Fallout 3 & NV allows to drink continuously.

And this just blew my mind. After hundreds of hours in both games, I never knew you could do that until right now. o_0

Well, at least this'll make getting irradiated for Moira in Fallout 3 go a bit faster from now on...

82 hours into Skyrim and I just figured out how to sprint.

I had logged many long days in Minecraft before a friend told me I can use L-shift to avoid falling off edges. That and sprinting. He changed my life.

It took me forever to realize I could fast-travel in Oblivion.

Oh the walking... So much walking...

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