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So what game are you playing the most of right now? For me it's Brutal Legend. I remember thinking that it looked kind of stupid when it first came out, but now that I'm actually playing it I love it.

Witcher 2, Enhanced Edition. Never played the original. Still in the prologue, but so far it's a fair improvement over Witcher 1. Absolutely gorgeous too.

Just finished Legend of Grimrock, which was a good fun time and well worth the $13.

Next up is the first Guild Wars 2 beta event and the Civ 5 expansion.

Right now it's Fallout 3 for me. I've already hit the level 30 level cap and I still have so much to do!

Just completed Mass Effect 3 last night. Got my platinum trophy and I NEVER want to see Marauder Shields again! Hardest part on the whole insanity run.

So now I'm thinking it's a toss up between Journey, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill Downpour, KoA: Reckoning, Uncharted, and Uncharted 2. Probably going to be Silent Hill 3 since I already have half the trophies for it.

So what game are you playing the most of right now? For me it's Brutal Legend. I remember thinking that it looked kind of stupid when it first came out, but now that I'm actually playing it I love it.


Currently I LOOOOOVE Cerebella. Still learning the ropes and the Final Boss (while not as cheap as most boss fights) is still rather annoying. I can easilly get the achievements except for the Tutorial and Story Mode ones.

I also want to finish the 10 achievements in both Enslaved: The Odyssey to the West and Star Wars: Force Unleashed II.

This weekend I want to finish the last four Multiplayer Achievements in Halo: Reach and get further along in the Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Achievements.


I also want to get further along in Kid Icarus: Uprising (Treasure Hunt-wise) and get more trophies in Twisted Metal and Dark Souls (Damn, two hardest games to get trophies in so far T-T)

League of legends/Terraria/Project Zomboid are the 3 games I play alot of nowadays.

Can't wait for the official release of 0.2.0 on project zomboid :3

Grimrock and various roguelikes, but because Grimrock might not be playing nicely with my laptop's video card (apparently a patch for this is on the way) it might be TW2EE and various roguelikes soon. But I'll probably be coming back go Grimrock, because it's a really good game.

I am switching between Xenoblade Chronicles and the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. While absolutely adore Xenoblade Chronicles, playing for long periods gets very repetitive and Twilight Princess has those kick ass dungeons.

Prince of Persia Warrior within, i have only just started playing them finished the first one and moved onto the second now.

Well I did just beat Kirby's Epic Yarn. Great game that was, didn't expect it to be either. :)

I'm also currently playing through Pokemon Ruby. I never beaten the game and my brother found my old cartridge in my closet. Once I've beaten it, I can proudly say that I've played through every Pokemon generation.

After seeing yt-vids of the floating stage coaches in RDR i tried it myself. It works. I tried the cheats for the first time. That was fun for a few hours but since i already have 100% in sp there`s nothing really to do, just beeing a mean bastard and decimating townsfolk and the law.

Back on Fallout New Vegas.

Felt like wandering the wasteland and shooting people in the face.

I just got into League of Legends. Now I'm totally hooked, spent like 20 on a bundle and one insanely cute champion I just couldn't resist buying so I've pretty much paid for it as a full price game. There's always some idiot flaming but eh there are ignore lists for a reason, it's not like they're ever going to say anything useful in team chat I might need to hear.

Playing Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 (Online.) Resurgence added a lot of cool stuff, can't wait for more Skyrim content too!

Well, I've beaten Zapper: One Wicked Cricket... Trying the hard mode, now.

I've still got a ways to go in Half-Life and [Prototype]. In Half-Life, I've just gotten out of that garbage-crushing thing and found the most adorable weapon I've ever seen! Oh, and a laser. But, I'm stuck, now. (This has been happening to me a LOT in this game!) In [Prototype], I just helped the military for some odd reason. It's even weirder when you realize you can fly around with them while not being in disguise, or even being an armored monster with a blade for an arm, and they'll still sit with you. (This games makes very little sense, sometimes, but, it's rockin' awesome and full of freedom!) Got to a room that's full of gas that is harmless to humans, but dangerous to infected. Soon after Alex got in there, he started coughing, raising suspicion. Then, I think something crashed. I waited about five minutes for the black screen to go away. I'll have to figure out what to do with this, sometime.

I also just found a couple classics: Tomb Raider and The Ultimate Doom. So, I should be expected to start playing them real soon.

Just played through The Ballad of Gay Tony a second time. It was a blast, although I still haven't played Lost and the Damned yet.

Making a return to Skyrim. Also dithering around in Spore, but that's just my equivalent of Solitaire: something simplistic to play while listening to a podcast or something. It's surprisingly soothing to systematically exterminate every sentient race in a galaxy; I think I'm beginning to get behind the Reapers on this one.

ME3 Multiplayer, I've been having skyrim urges lately so I think I'll go play some of that

Currently it's DOTA 2. But I haven't been playing games that much lately anyway, I've been distracted by these very forums.

I am currently playing through the delightful game known as Silent Hill. I just want to give all the creatures a big hug ^-^ plus the music is so peacful.

Unreal Tournament 2004.

Easy to run on a laptop & loads of quad-jumping, vehicle-flying (and destroying), bloody fun.

Fallout 1. Along with a little Mass Effect 3 here and there.

I picked up the Burger Cat remake for iOS today, and I've been having some fun with it.

Outside of some app store titles, I'm not playing much of anything right now.

Finished mass effect 3 and loved every second of it. I got both trials hd and driver san francisco purely because I needed a change from my usual videogame routine of rpgs, shooters and fighting games. Trials hd is good fun but not something that I can play for more than an hour at a time (I've reached extreme difficulty and there is only so many times you can fault in the same exact way before you give up and call the game a cheating bastard.) Driver san francisco is a revelation, its pure fun but never immature. A ridiculous premise, a fun shifting mechanic and the best soundtrack I have ever heard in a videogame. Also I am thinking of picking up the witcher 2, it seems like its right up my alley.

Just finished Saint's Row 3 last week, but I've been playing a lot of League of Legends and NBA 2k11 lately. I'm thinking about making another skyrim character as well as playing Dragon Age 2 again.

Witcher 2 right now for 360, just hit Chapter 3 and yeah it's awesome.

Been playing Far Cry 2 again. It's plenty of fun when you look at it from a very tactical perspective and you plan every move. And once you know what you're doing.
Plus, it's got a great soundtrack

Persona 3 FES on the PSN, but when other people request the TV I'll probably play Mount & Blade Warband which I got earlier today, before today it was Team Fortress 2

It would be Skyrim, if it didn't love freezing my PS3 so much.

So it's one of my very favorite FPS titles; Urban Chaos: Riot Response.


As of late I've been constantly switching back and forth between Gotham City Impostors and Duels of the Planeswalker 2012. I've also gotten around to playing The Witcher 2. I bought it on launch but I actually never played past the intro. I find it very hard to get into, even though I love the game.

Recently got Twisted Metal and Saints Row the third. Hated the former, Loved the latter. Nothing original here but it's still really fun. Also the occasional Starcraft 2 game.

I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online lately, as far as free to play MMO goes it's good (not Guild Wars good, but let's be realistic here). Been playing it along side my bro, we have complimenting classes and are currently 6000 miles away from each one another so it's a good way to game + keep in touch.

Other than that I've been playing a bit of Silent Hunter 5, but I always end up wishing it was Silent Hunter 4.

Still Starcraft 2, followed by UMVC3 again, and also COD every time my friends want to play.

Dark Meadow and Max Payne on the iPhone

Love them both

Persona 3 FES on the PSN, but when other people request the TV I'll probably play Mount & Blade Warband which I got earlier today, before today it was Team Fortress 2

Sadly you have missed out on the greatest multiplayer experience Warband has to offer (Mount and Musket) we had an epic send off 250 player battle the other Friday.

If you end up liking Warband it might be worth looking into the new Napoleonic Wars DLC, it's where all the Mount and Musket players, events and competitions have moved to.

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